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Abbreviation : STM-BJ
Long Form : scanning tunneling microscope break junction
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Charge transport of F4TCNQ with different electronic states in single-molecule junctions. ---
2023 Cleavage of non-polar C(sp2)‒C(sp2) bonds in cycloparaphenylenes via electric field-catalyzed electrophilic aromatic substitution. CPPs, EAS, OEEF
2023 Conductance of o-carborane-based wires with different substitution patterns. ---
2023 Iminyl-Radical-Mediated Formation of Covalent Au-N Bonds for Molecular Junctions. ---
2023 Quasi-Free Electron States Responsible for Single-Molecule Conductance Enhancement in Stable Radical. ---
2023 SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins react with Au and Si, are electrically conductive and denature at 3 × 108 V m-1: a surface bonding and a single-protein circuit study. NTD, RBD, Si
2023 Single-molecule conductance studies on quasi- and metallaaromatic dibenzoylmethane coordination compounds and their aromatic analogs. DBM, DFT, LAs
2022 Charge Transport Across Dynamic Covalent Chemical Bridges. OPs
2022 Dual Modulation of Single Molecule Conductance via Tuning Side Chains and Electric Field with Conjugated Molecules Entailing Intramolecular O•••S Interactions. ---
10  2022 Efficient Intermolecular Charge Transport in pi-Stacked Pyridinium Dimers Using Cucurbit[8]uril Supramolecular Complexes. DFT
11  2022 Formation and Evolution of Metallocene Single-Molecule Circuits with Direct Gold-pi Links. DFT
12  2022 Interfacial electric fields catalyze Ullmann coupling reactions on gold surfaces. ---
13  2022 Single-Molecule Tunneling Sensors for Nitrobenzene Explosives. ---
14  2022 Transport Modulation Through Electronegativity Gating in Multiple Nitrogenous Circuits. Sg
15  2021 Capturing the Rotation of One Molecular Crank by Single-Molecule Conductance. ---
16  2021 Control of dominant conduction orbitals by peripheral substituents in paddle-wheel diruthenium alkynyl molecular junctions. ---
17  2021 Electrostatic gating of single-molecule junctions based on the STM-BJ technique. DFT, EF, VGS
18  2021 Mechanically Induced Switching between Two Discrete Conductance States: A Potential Single-Molecule Variable Resistor. Cp, DHBT
19  2021 Photo-induced carbocation-enhanced charge transport in single-molecule junctions. ---
20  2021 Single Dynamic Covalent Bond Tailored Responsive Molecular Junctions. DCBs, EGaIn
21  2021 Single-atom control of electrical conductance and thermopower through single-cluster junctions. POM
22  2021 Single-cluster electronics. ---
23  2021 Single-Molecule Charge-Transport Modulation Induced by Steric Effects of Side Alkyl Chains. DPP
24  2021 Single-Molecule Junction Formation in Break-Junction Measurements. ---
25  2021 Single-Molecule Junctions with Highly Improved Stability. SMJs
26  2021 Tracking Confined Reaction Based on Host-Guest Interaction Using Single-Molecule Conductance Measurement. NMR
27  2021 z-Piezo Pulse-Modulated STM Break Junction: Toward Single-Molecule Rectifiers with Dissimilar Metal Electrodes. ---
28  2020 Achieving Efficient Multichannel Conductance in Through-Space Conjugated Single-Molecule Parallel Circuits. ---
29  2020 Charge Transport in Sequence-Defined Conjugated Oligomers. ---
30  2020 Coenzyme Coupling Boosts Charge Transport through Single Bioactive Enzyme Junctions. FDH
31  2020 Connectivity dependent thermopower of bridged biphenyl molecules in single-molecule junctions. ---
32  2020 Electric Field-Induced Assembly in Single-Stacking Terphenyl Junctions. DFT
33  2020 Electronic conductance and thermopower of single-molecule junctions of oligo(phenyleneethynylene) derivatives. DHBT
34  2020 Enhanced coupling through pi-stacking in imidazole-based molecular junctions. ---
35  2020 In situ formation of H-bonding imidazole chains in break-junction experiments. ---
36  2020 pH-Activated Single Molecule Conductance and Binding Mechanism of Imidazole on Gold. ---
37  2020 Selective formation of molecular junctions with high and low conductance states by tuning the velocity of electrode displacement. DPB
38  2020 Single-Electron Currents in Designer Single-Cluster Devices. ---
39  2020 Single-Molecule Conductance through an Isoelectronic B-N Substituted Phenanthrene Junction. ---
40  2020 Using Deep Learning to Identify Molecular Junction Characteristics. ---
41  2020 Voltage-Induced Single-Molecule Junction Planarization. DPP
42  2019 Can One Define the Conductance of Amino Acids? MCBJ
43  2019 Potential-Induced High-Conductance Transport Pathways through Single-Molecule Junctions. NEGF, TFTPA, TPA
44  2019 Quantum Interference Enhanced Chemical Responsivity in Single-Molecule Dithienoborepin Junctions. DTB
45  2018 Conductance of 'bare-bones' tripodal molecular wires. AGs
46  2018 Dual Control of Molecular Conductance through pH and Potential in Single-Molecule Devices. ---
47  2018 In Situ Formation of N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Bound Single-Molecule Junctions. DFT, NHCs, SAMs
48  2018 Quantum Interference Effects in Charge Transport through Single-Molecule Junctions: Detection, Manipulation, and Application. MCBJ, PAHs, QIEs
49  2017 Electrochemical control of the single molecule conductance of a conjugated bis(pyrrolo)tetrathiafulvalene based molecular switch. BPTTF
50  2017 Reversible on-surface wiring of resistive circuits. ---
51  2017 Tuning the polarity of charge carriers using electron deficient thiophenes. TDO
52  2016 Beyond Molecular Wires: Design Molecular Electronic Functions Based on Dipolar Effect. ---
53  2016 Molecular Conductance through a Quadruple-Hydrogen-Bond-Bridged Supramolecular Junction. UPy
54  2016 Single-Molecule Conductance Studies of Organometallic Complexes Bearing 3-Thienyl Contacting Groups. MPVC
55  2016 Structure-Property Relationships in Atomic-Scale Junctions: Histograms and Beyond. ---
56  2016 Synthesis and Single-Molecule Conductance Study of Redox-Active Ruthenium Complexes with Pyridyl and Dihydrobenzo[b]thiophene Anchoring Groups. DFT, py
57  2015 Charge transport in C60-based dumbbell-type molecules: mechanically induced switching between two distinct conductance states. CS-AFM-BJ, MCBJ
58  2015 Single-molecule conductance in atomically precise germanium wires. ---
59  2015 The spontaneous formation of single-molecule junctions via terminal alkynes. DEB
60  2014 A comprehensive study of extended tetrathiafulvalene cruciform molecules for molecular electronics: synthesis and electrical transport measurements. CP-AFM, DTF, MCBJ, OPE, SAMs, TTF
61  2014 Charge transport and rectification in molecular junctions formed with carbon-based electrodes. ---
62  2014 Molecular diodes enabled by quantum interference. ---
63  2014 Promising anchoring groups for single-molecule conductance measurements. BTh, CN, MCBJ, OPE, py
64  2014 The synthesis of functionalised diaryltetraynes and their transport properties in single-molecule junctions. MCBJ
65  2013 Single-molecule conductance of functionalized oligoynes: length dependence and junction evolution. BT, CN, DFT, MCBJ, PY
66  2011 Creation of stable molecular junctions with a custom-designed scanning tunneling microscope. ---
67  2009 Superior contact for single-molecule conductance: electronic coupling of thiolate and isothiocyanate on Pt, Pd, and Au. ---