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Abbreviation : STOCs
Long Form : spontaneous transient outward currents
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Aging-Induced Down-Regulation of PKA/BKCa Pathway in Rat Cerebral Arteries. MCA, PKA
2022 Aldosterone-Induced Sarco/Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Pump Upregulation Counterbalances Cav1.2-Mediated Ca2+ Influx in Mesenteric Arteries. ALDO, MAs, MASMCs, MR, PM-SR, RyRs, SR
2022 MicroRNA-210-mediated mtROS confer hypoxia-induced suppression of STOCs in ovine uterine arteries. ISCU, miR-210, mtROS
2022 Modification of Fibronectin by Non-Enzymatic Glycation Impairs K+ Channel Function in Rat Cerebral Artery Smooth Muscle Cells. FN, ROS, VSM
2022 PKC Inhibits Sec61 Translocon-Mediated Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Leak in Smooth Muscle Cells. ---
2020 Gestational Hypoxia Inhibits Pregnancy-Induced Upregulation of Ca2+ Sparks and Spontaneous Transient Outward Currents in Uterine Arteries Via Heightened Endoplasmic Reticulum/Oxidative Stress. ER
2020 Reduced Ca2+ spark activity contributes to detrusor overactivity of rats with partial bladder outlet obstruction. DO, FKBP12.6, PBOO, RyR2, WB
2020 Ryanodine receptor subtypes regulate Ca2+ sparks/spontaneous transient outward currents and myogenic tone of uterine arteries in pregnancy. RyR
2019 Pregnancy Increases Ca2+ Sparks/Spontaneous Transient Outward Currents and Reduces Uterine Arterial Myogenic Tone. ---
10  2018 Chronic Prenatal Hypoxia Down-Regulated BK Channel Beta1 Subunits in Mesenteric Artery Smooth Muscle Cells of the Offspring. ---
11  2018 Melatonin activates BKCa channels in cerebral artery myocytes via both direct and MT receptor/PKC-mediated pathway. CAs, KV, PKC, PLC
12  2017 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase 2 mediates Epac-induced spontaneous transient outward currents in rat vascular smooth muscle. 8-pCPT-AM, Epac
13  2017 Maxi-K channel (BKCa) activity veils the myogenic tone of mesenteric artery in rats. CA, CASMCs, MA, MASMCs, MT, MTCA, MTMA, qPCR
14  2017 T-type voltage-gated Ca2+ channels do not contribute to the negative feedback regulation of myogenic tone in murine superior epigastric arteries. SEAs, SMCs
15  2016 Interplay among distinct Ca2+ conductances drives Ca2+ sparks/spontaneous transient outward currents in rat cerebral arteries. ---
16  2015 Chronic fetal exposure to caffeine altered resistance vessel functions via RyRs-BKCa down-regulation in rat offspring. MA
17  2015 Involvement of large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels in chloroquine-induced force alterations in pre-contracted airway smooth muscle. ACh, ASM, PAX, RyRs
18  2014 Aging increases capacitance and spontaneous transient outward current amplitude of smooth muscle cells from murine superior epigastric arteries. Old, SEAs, SMC
19  2013 Abnormal Ca2+ spark/STOC coupling in cerebral artery smooth muscle cells of obese type 2 diabetic mice. CASMCs
20  2013 Exchange protein activated by cAMP (Epac) induces vascular relaxation by activating Ca2+-sensitive K+ channels in rat mesenteric artery. cAMP, Epac, NOS
21  2013 Reduced vascular smooth muscle BK channel current underlies heart failure-induced vasoconstriction in mice. HF, VSM
22  2013 [Comparison of membrane current of vascular smooth muscle cells in brain artery of spontaneously hypertensive rats and Wistar rats]. BA, Ca, SHR, VSMCs
23  2012 Functional expression of SK channels in murine detrusor PDGFR+ cells. SMCs
24  2011 Potassium and ANO1/ TMEM16A chloride channel profiles distinguish atypical and typical smooth muscle cells from interstitial cells in the mouse renal pelvis. alpha-SMA, EYFP, ICs, NFA, SMCs, STICs
25  2011 Spatial organization of RYRs and BK channels underlying the activation of STOCs by Ca(2+) sparks in airway myocytes. RyRs
26  2011 [Changes in calcium-dependent potassium channels of isolated smooth muscle cells of the bladder in rats with experimental diabetes]. OBS, SMC
27  2010 Ca(2+) release induced by cADP-ribose is mediated by FKBP12.6 proteins in mouse bladder smooth muscle. SR, WT
28  2010 The technique of simultaneous recording calcium transients and spontaneous transient outward currents in arterial smooth muscle cells. LSCM
29  2009 Ca2+ sparks act as potent regulators of excitation-contraction coupling in airway smooth muscle. BiMPTs, STICs
30  2009 Ca2+-activated K+ current in freshly isolated c-Kit positive cells in guinea-pig stomach. IbTX, ICC-MY, ICCs, TEA
31  2009 Heterogeneity in function of small artery smooth muscle BKCa: involvement of the beta1-subunit. IbTX, SMCs, VSM
32  2008 A close association of RyRs with highly dense clusters of Ca2+-activated Cl- channels underlies the activation of STICs by Ca2+ sparks in mouse airway smooth muscle. RyRs, STICs
33  2008 Activation of high conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels by sodium tanshinoneII-A sulfonate (DS-201) in porcine coronary artery smooth muscle cells. Ca
34  2008 Cromakalim activates the K(ATP) and enhances spontaneous transient outward potassium currents in rat saphenous arterial myocytes. ATP, ATP
35  2008 Dendroaspis natriuretic peptide relaxes gastric antral circular smooth muscle of guinea-pig through the cGMP/cGMP-dependent protein kinase pathway. DNP, PKG
36  2008 Modulation of murine gastric antrum smooth muscle STOC activity and excitability by phospholamban. SNP
37  2008 [UTP regulates spontaneous transient outward currents in porcine coronary artery smooth muscle cells through PLC-IP(3) signaling pathway]. Bis I, CASMCs, PKC, PLC
38  2007 Characteristic of spontaneous transient outward potassium currents in vascular smooth muscle cells of porcine coronary artery. SR, VSMCs
39  2007 Effects of dendroaspis natriuretic peptide on calcium-activated potassium current and its mechanism. Ca, cGMP, DNP, RyR, SMCs
40  2007 Evidence that a Ca2+ sparks/STOCs coupling mechanism is responsible for the inhibitory effect of caffeine on electro-mechanical coupling in guinea pig ureteric smooth muscle. EFS, RyRs, SR
41  2007 Functional and molecular evidence for impairment of calcium-activated potassium channels in type-1 diabetic cerebral artery smooth muscle cells. ---
42  2007 Role of calcium mobilization in the regulation of spontaneous transient outward currents in porcine coronary artery myocytes. ASMCs, RyRs
43  2006 Intracellular cAMP: the "switch" that triggers on "spontaneous transient outward currents" generation in freshly isolated myocytes from thoracic aorta. ---
44  2006 Roles of CaM kinase II and phospholamban in SNP-induced relaxation of murine gastric fundus smooth muscles. CaM, NO, PLB, RyRs, SNP, SR
45  2006 The dietary flavonoid quercetin activates BKCa currents in coronary arteries via production of H2O2. Role in vasodilatation. ---
46  2006 Vascular physiology of a Ca2+ mobilizing second messenger - cyclic ADP-ribose. cADPR, ECs, RyR, SR, VSMCs
47  2006 VIP and PACAP regulate localized Ca2+ transients via cAMP-dependent mechanism. AKAP, PACAP, VIP
48  2005 TRPV4 forms a novel Ca2+ signaling complex with ryanodine receptors and BKCa channels. 4 alpha-PDD
49  2004 Calcium mobilization and spontaneous transient outward current characteristics upon agonist activation of P2Y2 receptors in smooth muscle cells. ---
50  2004 Calcium mobilization is required for peroxynitrite-mediated enhancement of spontaneous transient outward currents in arteriolar smooth muscle cells. 2-APB, ASMCs, RyRs, SR
51  2004 Diabetic dyslipidemia and exercise affect coronary tone and differential regulation of conduit and microvessel K+ current. CBF
52  2004 Regulation of muscarinic cationic current in myocytes from guinea-pig ileum by intracellular Ca2+ release: a central role of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors. cat, cat, cat, CCh, RyRs, SR
53  2004 RYR2 proteins contribute to the formation of Ca(2+) sparks in smooth muscle. RyR
54  2003 Beta 1-subunits are required for regulation of coupling between Ca2+ transients and Ca2+-activated K+ (BK) channels by protein kinase C. PKC
55  2003 Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release in cardiac and smooth muscle cells. STICs
56  2003 Identification of interstitial cells of Cajal in the rabbit portal vein. ICs, SMCs
57  2003 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors modulate Ca2+ sparks and Ca2+ store content in vas deferens myocytes. 2-APB
58  2003 Ion-channel currents of smooth muscle cells isolated from the prostate of guinea-pig. GPSMCs
59  2003 Multiple effects of mefenamic acid on K(+) currents in smooth muscle cells from pig proximal urethra. 4-AP
60  2003 Role of calcium-activated potassium currents in CNP-induced relaxation of gastric antral circular smooth muscle in guinea pigs. CNP, TEA
61  2003 Substance P modulates localized calcium transients and membrane current responses in murine colonic myocytes. GI, NKA, PKC, SP
62  2002 Agonist-induced phasic and tonic responses in smooth muscle are mediated by InsP(3). RyR
63  2002 Ca2+ signalling and Ca2+-activated K+ channels in smooth muscle. KCa
64  2002 Characterisation of the ionic currents in freshly isolated rat ureter smooth muscle cells: evidence for species-dependent currents. TEA
65  2002 Sarcoplasmic reticulum function and contractile consequences in ureteric smooth muscles. InsP3Rs, RyRs, SR
66  2002 Spontaneous transient outward currents arise from microdomains where BK channels are exposed to a mean Ca(2+) concentration on the order of 10 microM during a Ca(2+) spark. ---
67  2001 Capsaicin inhibits the voltage-operated calcium channels intracellularly in the antral circular myocytes of guinea-pig stomach. CAP
68  2001 Coupling strength between localized Ca(2+) transients and K(+) channels is regulated by protein kinase C. PKC
69  2001 Imaging of Ca2+ release by caffeine and 9-methyl-7-bromoeudistomin D and the associated activation of large conductance Ca2+-dependent K+ channels in urinary bladder smooth muscle cells of the guinea pig. MBED
70  2001 Local Ca(2+) transients and distribution of BK channels and ryanodine receptors in smooth muscle cells of guinea-pig vas deferens and urinary bladder. BKalpha, RyR, SR
71  2001 Muscarinic stimulation increases basal Ca(2+) and inhibits spontaneous Ca(2+) transients in murine colonic myocytes. ---
72  2001 Protein kinase C suppresses spontaneous, transient, outwards K+ currents through modulation of the Na/Ca exchanger in guinea-pig gastric myocytes. PKC, Tris
73  2001 Relationship of Ca2+ sparks to STOCs studied with 2D and 3D imaging in feline oesophageal smooth muscle cells. ---
74  2001 Role of IP(3) in modulation of spontaneous activity in pacemaker cells of rabbit urethra. STICs
75  2001 [Spontaneous transient outward currents in smooth muscle cells of the rat tail artery]. ---
76  2000 Dynamics of signaling between Ca(2+) sparks and Ca(2+)- activated K(+) channels studied with a novel image-based method for direct intracellular measurement of ryanodine receptor Ca(2+) current. RyRs
77  2000 Electrophysiological effects of endothelin-1 and their relationship to contraction in rat renal arterial smooth muscle. ET-1, STHPs
78  2000 Intracellular calcium events activated by ATP in murine colonic myocytes. ChTX, Xe-C
79  2000 Lysophosphatidylcholine triggers intracellular calcium release and activation of non-selective cation channels in renal arterial smooth muscle cells. LPC, ox-LDL, RASMC, STICs
80  2000 Mice with disrupted BK channel beta1 subunit gene feature abnormal Ca(2+) spark/STOC coupling and elevated blood pressure. VSMCs
81  2000 Purinergic activation of spontaneous transient outward currents in guinea pig taenia colonic myocytes. 2-MeS-ATP, PLC
82  2000 Small conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels are regulated by Ca2+-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in murine colonic myocytes. ---
83  1999 Activation of Ca(2+)-dependent K(+) current by nordihydroguaiaretic acid in porcine coronary arterial smooth muscle cells. NDGA
84  1999 Contribution of Ca2+-activated K+ channels and non-selective cation channels to membrane potential of pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells of the rabbit. STHPs
85  1999 Excitation-contraction coupling in gastrointestinal and other smooth muscles. AP, FDSs
86  1999 The effect of cyclopiazonic acid on excitation-contraction coupling in guinea-pig ureteric smooth muscle: role of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. CPA, EC, SR
87  1999 The influence of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ concentration on Ca2+ sparks and spontaneous transient outward currents in single smooth muscle cells. ---
88  1998 Comparative study of effects of isoproterenol and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide on voltage-dependent Ca2+ and Ca(2+)-activated K+ currents in porcine tracheal smooth muscle cells. ISO, VIP
89  1998 Effects of ruthenium red on membrane ionic currents in urinary bladder smooth muscle cells of the guinea-pig. Icaf, RuR
90  1998 Frequency modulation of Ca2+ sparks is involved in regulation of arterial diameter by cyclic nucleotides. SNP, SR
91  1998 Spontaneous transient outward currents and delayed rectifier K+ current: effects of hypoxia. ---
92  1998 Studies on the effects of anandamide in rat hepatic artery. EDHF
93  1997 Cytoplasmic Ca2+ mobilization and Ca(2+)-dependent membrane currents in dispersed bovine ciliary muscle cells. CM, VH
94  1997 Modulation of maxi-K+ channels by voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels and methacholine in single airway myocytes. ---
95  1997 Role of maxi-K+ channels in endothelin-induced vasoconstriction of mesenteric and submucosal arterioles. ET-1, IbTX, THs
96  1996 Activation of potassium currents by inhibitors of calcium-activated chloride conductance in rabbit portal vein smooth muscle cells. A9C, IAA
97  1996 Dissociation of subsarcolemmal from global cytosolic [Ca2+] in myocytes from guinea-pig coronary artery. Ca, Ca, Ca, SR
98  1996 Investigation of the effects of 5-nitro-2-(3-phenylpropylamino)-benzoic acid (NPPB) on membrane currents in rat portal vein. Ca, Ca, Ca, NPPB
99  1996 Spontaneous transient outward currents in smooth muscle cells. SR
100  1996 Tyrosine kinase-dependent modulation of calcium entry in rabbit colonic muscularis mucosae. ---