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Abbreviation : SW
Long Form : surface water
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Bacterial Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Biosynthesis in the East China Sea. DMSP, ECS, OSS
2021 Comparative study on the bacterial diversity and antibiotic resistance genes of urban landscape waters replenished by reclaimed water and surface water in Xi'an, China. ARGs, RW
2021 Determination of antimicrobial concentration and associated risk in water sources in West Bengal state of India. AMR, GW, WW
2021 Development of a high-throughput multi-residue method for analysis of common pesticides in aquatic environments by automated online solid phase extraction coupled with LC-MS/MS. DW, MQLs, SPE, WWEs
2021 High-performance meta-absorber for the surface wave under the spoof surface plasmon polariton mode. RCS, SSPP
2021 Microplastics contamination in pearl-farming lagoons of French Polynesia. MP, PO, WC
2021 Quality by design optimization of a liquid chromatographic-tandem mass spectrometric method for the simultaneous analysis of structurally heterogeneous pharmaceutical compounds and its application to the rapid screening in wastewater and surface water samples by large volume direct injection. AQbD, PhCs, TPs, WWTP
2021 Sources and migration of heavy metals in a karst water system under the threats of an abandoned Pb-Zn mine, Southwest China. Cd, Eri, GW, HPI, Zn
2021 Transition Metals in Freshwater Crustaceans, Tilapia, and Inland Water: Hazardous to the Population of the Small Island Province. GW, ICP-OES
10  2021 Using insights from water isotopes to improve simulation of surface water-groundwater interactions. GW, SWAT-MODFLOW-ISO
11  2020 Commonality of adherent-invasive Escherichia coli isolated from patients with extraintestinal infections, healthy individuals and the environment. AIEC, CA-UTI, CCs, DAEC, HI, IBD, STP
12  2020 Electrochemical oxidation of butyl paraben on boron doped diamond in environmental matrices and comparison with sulfate radical-AOP. BDD, BP, BW, EO, HA, ROS, UW, WW
13  2020 Molecular identification of Acanthamoeba sp. in Lake Buhi, Philippines ---
14  2020 Nitrate contamination and source apportionment in surface and groundwater in Ghana using dual isotopes (15N and 18O-NO3) and a Bayesian isotope mixing model. BH, HDW, MPE, SIAR
15  2020 Nitrate contamination of groundwater in the Lower Volta River Basin of Ghana: Sources and related human health risks. EC, GW
16  2020 Occurrence and seasonality of raw and drinking water contaminants of emerging interest in five water facilities. CEI, DW, DWTPs
17  2020 Patterns and predictions of drinking water nitrate violations across the conterminous United States. GW, MCL, SDWIS
18  2020 Pharmaceuticals as emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment of Latin America: a review. LATAM, PhACs, TWW, WW
19  2020 Power balance and efficiency of metasurface antennas. FBBF, GRBF, LW, MoM, MTS
20  2020 Reconfigurable Meta-Coupler Employing Hybrid Metal-Graphene Metasurfaces. PW, THz
21  2020 Waterborne protozoan pathogens in environmental aquatic biofilms: Implications for water quality assessment strategies. BW, iWQAS, OM-SAB, SAB, WBPP
22  2019 Assessment of the effect of urban pollution on surface water-groundwater system of Adi Ganga, a historical outlet of river Ganga. GW
23  2019 Enhanced photocatalytic removal of amoxicillin with Ag/TiO2/mesoporous g-C3N4 under visible light: property and mechanistic studies. AMX, B-g-C3N4, HW, M-g-C3N4, NPs, WWTP
24  2019 Metasurface Antennas: New Models, Applications and Realizations. BC, MTS
25  2019 Quenchers in advanced oxidation technologies for analysis of micropollutants by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry: Sodium sulphite or catalase? AOTs, ESI, LC, LC-DAD, MPs, NI, PI
26  2018 A novel sample preparation procedure for effect-directed analysis of micro-contaminants of emerging concern in surface waters. CECs, SPE
27  2018 Arsenic contamination, subsequent water toxicity, and associated public health risks in the lower Indus plain, Sindh province, Pakistan. CR, CRI, GW, HCA, HQ, PCA
28  2018 On the risks from sediment and overlying water by replenishing urban landscape ponds with reclaimed wastewater. RW
29  2018 Permafrost thaw and implications for the fate and transport of tritium in the Canadian north. GW
30  2018 Seasonal and spatial variations in the occurrence, mass loadings and removal of compounds of emerging concern in the Slovene aqueous environment and environmental risk assessment. APIs, CEC, RQs, SPE, TP, WW
31  2018 Soil degassing during watering: An overlooked soil N2O emission process. SUW
32  2018 The influence of algal organic matter produced by Microcystis aeruginosa on coagulation-ultrafiltration treatment of natural organic matter. AOM, DOC, EOM, IOM, LPUF, NOM
33  2018 The occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in Slovenian and Croatian wastewaters and receiving Sava river. CECs, HBP, WWTPs
34  2017 Applicability of the direct injection liquid chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric analytical approach to the sub-ngL-1 determination of perfluoro-alkyl acids in waste, surface, ground and drinking water samples. DW, GW, ME, PFAAs, PLS
35  2017 Comparison of pharmaceutical abatement in various water matrices by conventional ozonation, peroxone (O3/H2O2), and an electro-peroxone process. DOC, DOM, E-peroxone, GW, SE
36  2017 Effects of sulfate on heavy metal release from iron corrosion scales in drinking water distribution system. DWDS, GW, IRB, SRB
37  2017 Erbium concentration anomaly as an indicator of nuclear activity: Focus on Natural waters in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. GW
38  2017 Full-State Controls of Terahertz Waves Using Tensor Coding Metasurfaces. PW, THz
39  2017 Monitoring a large number of pesticides and transformation products in water samples from Spain and Italy. HRMS, TPs, WW
40  2017 Multi-Elements in Source Water (Drinking and Surface Water) within Five Cities from the Semi-Arid and Arid Region, NW China: Occurrence, Spatial Distribution and Risk Assessment. Cd, Cr, DW, EC, MEs, TN, TOC
41  2017 Multi-wavelength lenses for terahertz surface wave. NSTM, SWLs, WDM
42  2017 Nanoparticles of WC-Co, WC, Co and Cu of relevance for traffic wear particles - Particle stability and reactivity in synthetic surface water and influence of humic matter. Co, DHBA, NPs
43  2017 PAHs behavior in surface water and groundwater of the Yellow River estuary: Evidence from isotopes and hydrochemistry. GW, NCP
44  2017 Photonic surface waves on metamaterial interfaces. ---
45  2017 Pyrosequencing analysis of source water switch and sulfate-induced bacterial community transformation in simulated drinking water distribution pipes. CCA, DWDS, GW, RDA
46  2017 Zero-valent aluminum-mediated degradation of Bisphenol A in the presence of common oxidants. BPA, HP, PS, ZVA
47  2016 Environmental persistence of Tulane virus - a surrogate for human norovirus. ABS, GW, HuNoVs, SS, TV
48  2016 Holistic risk assessment of surface water contamination due to Pb-210 in oil produced water from the Bakken Shale. ND, PW
49  2016 Insight into the risk of replenishing urban landscape ponds with reclaimed wastewater. RW
50  2016 Investigating the formation and toxicity of nitrogen transformation products of diclofenac and sulfamethoxazole in wastewater treatment plants. DCF, SMX, TPs, WW, WWTPs
51  2016 Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in fish with different feeding habits inhabiting a shallow lake ecosystem. BS, OCPs, PBDEs, PCBs, POPs, SPM, VTG
52  2016 Suitability of different Escherichia coli enumeration techniques to assess the microbial quality of different irrigation water sources. ---
53  2016 The effects of organic fouling on the removal of radionuclides by reverse osmosis membranes. Cs, Sr, SRNOM, WW
54  2015 Biotransformation of pharmaceuticals in surface water and during waste water treatment: Identification and occurrence of transformation products. EWW, TPs, WWTPs
55  2015 Occurrence and fate of tetracycline and degradation products in municipal biological wastewater treatment plant and transport of them in surface water. ATC, DPs, EATC, ETC, MBWWTP, TC
56  2015 Perfluorooctanoic Acid Degradation Using UV-Persulfate Process: Modeling of the Degradation and Chlorate Formation. PFOA, UV-PS, UW, WW
57  2014 Groundwater-surface water interactions in the hyporheic zone under climate change scenarios. GW, HZ, OM
58  2014 Investigation of pharmaceutical metabolites in environmental waters by LC-MS/MS. EWW, SRM
59  2014 Multi-residue analytical methodology-based liquid chromatography-time-of-flight-mass spectrometry for the analysis of pharmaceutical residues in surface water and effluents from sewage treatment plants and hospitals. DW, HSP, STP
60  2013 Bacterial community of biofilms developed under different water supply conditions in a distribution system. CODMn, DWDS, GW
61  2013 Groundwater phosphorus in forage-based landscape with cow-calf operation. GW, NNS
62  2013 Tailor the surface-wave properties of a plasmonic metal by a metamaterial capping. TE, TM
63  2013 Trace metal in surface water and groundwater and its transfer in a Yellow River alluvial fan: evidence from isotopes and hydrochemistry. GW, NCP
64  2012 Effects of effluent organic matter characteristics on the removal of bulk organic matter and selected pharmaceutically active compounds during managed aquifer recharge: Column study. DOC, EfOM, FEEM, LC-OCD, MAR, OM, PhACs, WWE-dom
65  2012 GIS-based models for water quantity and quality assessment in the Jucar River Basin, Spain, including climate change effects. GW, WFD
66  2012 Multi-class determination of personal care products and pharmaceuticals in environmental and wastewater samples by ultra-high performance liquid-chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. EWW, ILIS, SPE
67  2011 Multi-class determination of around 50 pharmaceuticals, including 26 antibiotics, in environmental and wastewater samples by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. EWW, ILIS
68  2010 Detection of bacterial indicators and human and bovine enteric viruses in surface water and groundwater sources potentially impacted by animal and human wastes in Lower Yakima Valley, Washington. GW, UF
69  2010 Photodegradation and toxicity changes of antibiotics in UV and UV/H(2)O(2) process. CIP, DW, OTC, pCBA, UW, V. fischer, WW
70  2010 Pixel level optical-transfer-function design based on the surface-wave-interferometry aperture. OTF, SWIA
71  2010 Tangential-flow ultrafiltration with integrated inhibition detection for recovery of surrogates and human pathogens from large-volume source water and finished drinking water. DW
72  2009 Modeling of surface-wave discharges with cylindrical symmetry. ---
73  2007 Evaluation of UV irradiation for photolytic and oxidative degradation of pharmaceutical compounds in water. LGW, LP, MP, PhACs, UV
74  2007 Selecting scenarios to assess exposure of surface waters to veterinary medicines in Europe. VMP
75  2006 Occurrence and genetic diversity of uncultured Legionella spp. in drinking water treated at temperatures below 15 degrees C. GW
76  2004 A chemiluminescence flow immunosensor based on a porous monolithic metacrylate and polyethylene composite disc modified with protein G. CL, FIIA, HRP, PMT
77  2004 The status of drinking water in Ontario, Canada (1992-1999). GW, ODWO, PWW
78  2003 Interlaboratory comparison of extraction efficiency of pesticides from surface and laboratory water using solid-phase extraction disks. DW, SDC, SPE