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Abbreviation : TA
Long Form : tail-anchored
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A TRCky TA protein delivery service snubs the UPS. ---
2021 Capture and delivery of tail-anchored proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum. ER, GET in yeast
2021 Deubiquitinases USP20/33 promote the biogenesis of tail-anchored membrane proteins. PQC, TMDs
2021 Endoplasmic reticulum membrane receptors of the GET pathway are conserved throughout eukaryotes. ER, GET
2021 Molecular basis of tail-anchored integral membrane protein recognition by the cochaperone Sgt2. GET, IMPs, TMD
2021 Sequence-based features that are determinant for tail-anchored membrane protein sorting in eukaryotes. TMD
2020 An Endoplasmic Reticulum ATPase Safeguards Endoplasmic Reticulum Identity by Removing Ectopically Localized Mitochondrial Proteins. ER, SA
2020 Generation of Arabidopsis lines with a red fluorescent marker for endoplasmic reticulum using a tail-anchored protein cytochrome b5 -B. Cb5-B, ER, SP, TMD
2020 Mutations in GET4 disrupt the transmembrane domain recognition complex pathway. ER, TRC
10  2020 Prototypic SNARE Proteins Are Encoded in the Genomes of Heimdallarchaeota, Potentially Bridging the Gap between the Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. SNARE
11  2020 Quality control pathways of tail-anchored proteins. TAD-C, TAD-M
12  2020 Structural Basis of Tail-Anchored Membrane Protein Biogenesis by the GET Insertase Complex. EMC, ER, GET
13  2019 A trap mutant reveals the physiological client spectrum of TRC40. ER, TRC
14  2019 Cooperation of mitochondrial and ER factors in quality control of tail-anchored proteins. ER, ERAD, ERMES, OMM
15  2019 Mitochondrial AAA-ATPase Msp1 detects mislocalized tail-anchored proteins through a dual-recognition mechanism. GET, IMS
16  2019 Msp1 Clears Mistargeted Proteins by Facilitating Their Transfer from Mitochondria to the ER. ER, OM
17  2019 Retro-2 protects cells from ricin toxicity by inhibiting ASNA1-mediated ER targeting and insertion of tail-anchored proteins. ER, MOA, TRC
18  2019 Structural analysis of chloroplast tail-anchored membrane protein recognition by ArsA1. ER
19  2019 The Ways of Tails: the GET Pathway and more. SRP
20  2019 The WRB Subunit of the Get3 Receptor is Required for the Correct Integration of its Partner CAML into the ER. CAML, ER, TMs
21  2019 Triplet-pore structure of a highly divergent TOM complex of hydrogenosomes in Trichomonas vaginalis. Homp19, HSP, LECA, SAM, TOM, TPR, TvTom
22  2018 A structural perspective on tail-anchored protein biogenesis by the GET pathway. ER
23  2018 An RK/ST C-Terminal Motif is Required for Targeting of OEP7.2 and a Subset of Other Arabidopsis Tail-Anchored Proteins to the Plastid Outer Envelope Membrane. CTS, OEPs
24  2018 Analysis of tail-anchored protein translocation pathway in plants. ER, GET
25  2018 Discrimination between the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria by spontaneously inserting tail-anchored proteins. ER, ESI, MOM, Syb2, TRC
26  2018 Pex19 is involved in importing dually targeted tail-anchored proteins to both mitochondria and peroxisomes. ---
27  2018 Targeting of tail-anchored proteins to Trichomonas vaginalis hydrogenosomes. ER, TMD
28  2018 The ER membrane insertase Get1/2 is required for efficient mitophagy in yeast. ER
29  2018 The ER membrane protein complex promotes biogenesis of sterol-related enzymes maintaining cholesterol homeostasis. EMC, ER, SOAT1, TMD
30  2018 The GET pathway can increase the risk of mitochondrial outer membrane proteins to be mistargeted to the ER. ER, GET, MOM, TMs
31  2017 Bacterial tail anchors can target to the mitochondrial outer membrane. OM
32  2017 CAML mediates survival of Myc-induced lymphoma cells independent of tail-anchored protein insertion. CAML, ER
33  2017 In search of tail-anchored protein machinery in plants: reevaluating the role of arsenite transporters. ---
34  2017 Loss of GET pathway orthologs in Arabidopsis thaliana causes root hair growth defects and affects SNARE abundance. ER, GET, KO, SNARE
35  2017 Msp1 Is a Membrane Protein Dislocase for Tail-Anchored Proteins. ---
36  2017 Multiple pathways facilitate the biogenesis of mammalian tail-anchored proteins. ---
37  2017 Predicting the targeting of tail-anchored proteins to subcellular compartments in mammalian cells. TMD
38  2017 Tail-Anchored Protein Insertion by a Single Get1/2 Heterodimer. ---
39  2017 The AAA protein Msp1 mediates clearance of excess tail-anchored proteins from the peroxisomal membrane. ---
40  2017 The ATPase activity of Asna1/TRC40 is required for pancreatic progenitor cell survival. ER, MPCs
41  2016 Development of a prediction system for tail-anchored proteins. TMD
42  2016 Evidence for Amino Acid Snorkeling from a High-Resolution, In Vivo Analysis of Fis1 Tail-Anchor Insertion at the Mitochondrial Outer Membrane. ---
43  2016 Mice lacking WRB reveal differential biogenesis requirements of tail-anchored proteins in vivo. Stx5
44  2016 Multiple selection filters ensure accurate tail-anchored membrane protein targeting. ER, GET
45  2016 Mutation of wrb, a Component of the Guided Entry of Tail-Anchored Protein Pathway, Disrupts Photoreceptor Synapse Structure and Function. GET, OKR
46  2016 Structural and Functional Insights into Small, Glutamine-Rich, Tetratricopeptide Repeat Protein Alpha. SGTA, TPR
47  2016 Targeting of tail-anchored membrane proteins to subcellular organelles in Toxoplasma gondii. TMD
48  2016 The Charcot Marie Tooth disease protein LITAF is a zinc-binding monotopic membrane protein. LITAF
49  2016 The GET System Inserts the Tail-Anchored Protein, SYP72, into Endoplasmic Reticulum Membranes. ER, GET
50  2016 Tryptophan-rich basic protein (WRB) mediates insertion of the tail-anchored protein otoferlin and is required for hair cell exocytosis and hearing. ER, IHCs
51  2015 Mechanism of Assembly of a Substrate Transfer Complex during Tail-anchored Protein Targeting. GET
52  2015 Protein targeting. Structure of the Get3 targeting factor in complex with its membrane protein cargo. GET, TMDs
53  2015 Structure of a BAG6 (Bcl-2-associated athanogene 6)-Ubl4a (ubiquitin-like protein 4a) complex reveals a novel binding interface that functions in tail-anchored protein biogenesis. BAGS
54  2015 The emerging role of calcium-modulating cyclophilin ligand in posttranslational insertion of tail-anchored proteins into the endoplasmic reticulum membrane. CAML, ER, GET
55  2015 The zebrafish pinball wizard gene encodes WRB, a tail-anchored-protein receptor essential for inner-ear hair cells and retinal photoreceptors. pwi
56  2014 An investigation of the effect of membrane curvature on transmembrane-domain dependent protein sorting in lipid bilayers. ER, GUVs, TMD
57  2014 Crystal structure of ATP-bound Get3-Get4-Get5 complex reveals regulation of Get3 by Get4. ---
58  2014 Differential gradients of interaction affinities drive efficient targeting and recycling in the GET pathway. ER
59  2014 Hydrophobic handoff for direct delivery of peroxisome tail-anchored proteins. TMD
60  2014 Msp1/ATAD1 maintains mitochondrial function by facilitating the degradation of mislocalized tail-anchored proteins. GET
61  2014 New insights into the targeting of a subset of tail-anchored proteins to the outer mitochondrial membrane. OMM
62  2014 Structural and functional characterization of ybr137wp implicates its involvement in the targeting of tail-anchored proteins to membranes. ER, GET, TPR
63  2014 The conserved AAA-ATPase Msp1 confers organelle specificity to tail-anchored proteins. ER, Get, OMM
64  2014 The protein targeting factor Get3 functions as ATP-independent chaperone under oxidative stress conditions. ROS
65  2014 WRB and CAML are necessary and sufficient to mediate tail-anchored protein targeting to the ER membrane. ER, GET
66  2013 CDK7 regulates the mitochondrial localization of a tail-anchored proapoptotic protein, Hid. IAPs
67  2013 Endoplasmic reticulum targeting and insertion of tail-anchored membrane proteins by the GET pathway. ER, GET
68  2013 Precise timing of ATPase activation drives targeting of tail-anchored proteins. Get3
69  2013 Structure of the Sgt2/Get5 complex provides insights into GET-mediated targeting of tail-anchored membrane proteins. GET, NT, Sgt2, UBL
70  2013 Tail-anchored PEX26 targets peroxisomes via a PEX19-dependent and TRC40-independent class I pathway. TMD
71  2013 The mechanism for molecular assembly of the proteasome. ---
72  2012 1H, 13C and 15N assignments of Sgt2 N-terminal dimerisation domain and its binding partner, Get5 Ubiquitin-like domain. GET, Get5_UBL, UBL
73  2012 A portrait of the GET pathway as a surprisingly complicated young man. GET
74  2012 Biogenesis of photosynthetic complexes in the chloroplast of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii requires ARSA1, a homolog of prokaryotic arsenite transporter and eukaryotic TRC40 for guided entry of tail-anchored proteins. ARSA, TOC
75  2012 Chloroplast envelope protein targeting fidelity is independent of cytosolic components in dual organelle assays. ---
76  2012 Ergosterol content specifies targeting of tail-anchored proteins to mitochondrial outer membranes. ER, MOM
77  2012 Get1 stabilizes an open dimer conformation of get3 ATPase by binding two distinct interfaces. ---
78  2012 Molecular machinery for insertion of tail-anchored membrane proteins into the endoplasmic reticulum membrane in mammalian cells. CAML, ER
79  2012 Nucleotide-dependent mechanism of Get3 as elucidated from free energy calculations. GET
80  2012 The complex process of GETting tail-anchored membrane proteins to the ER. TM
81  2011 A biochemical analysis of the constraints of tail-anchored protein biogenesis. ER
82  2011 A conserved archaeal pathway for tail-anchored membrane protein insertion. ---
83  2011 Ca2+-calmodulin inhibits tail-anchored protein insertion into the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum membrane. ER
84  2011 Cooperative and independent activities of Sgt2 and Get5 in the targeting of tail-anchored proteins. ---
85  2011 EBV protein BNLF2a exploits host tail-anchored protein integration machinery to inhibit TAP. ER
86  2011 Functional characterization of the essential tail anchor of the herpes simplex virus type 1 nuclear egress protein pUL34. HSV-1
87  2011 Interaction of modified tail-anchored proteins with liposomes: effect of extensions of hydrophilic segment at the COOH-terminus of holo-cytochromes b₅. Hcytb5
88  2011 It takes two to Get3. ER
89  2011 Structural basis for tail-anchored membrane protein biogenesis by the Get3-receptor complex. ER
90  2011 Tail-anchor targeting by a Get3 tetramer: the structure of an archaeal homologue. GET
91  2011 The mechanism of membrane-associated steps in tail-anchored protein insertion. ---
92  2011 The mechanism of tail-anchored protein insertion into the ER membrane. ER
93  2011 WRB is the receptor for TRC40/Asna1-mediated insertion of tail-anchored proteins into the ER membrane. CHD5, ER
94  2010 A chaperone cascade sorts proteins for posttranslational membrane insertion into the endoplasmic reticulum. ER, TMDs, TRC
95  2010 A ribosome-associating factor chaperones tail-anchored membrane proteins. ER, TMD
96  2010 Asna1/TRC40-mediated membrane insertion of tail-anchored proteins. ER
97  2010 Distinct pathways mediate the sorting of tail-anchored proteins to the plastid outer envelope. ---
98  2010 Mitochondrial redox metabolism in trypanosomatids is independent of tryparedoxin activity. TXNs
99  2010 Remote origins of tail-anchored proteins. ---
100  2010 Structural characterization of the Get4/Get5 complex and its interaction with Get3. ---