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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Comparative Study on Suitability of Model-Free and Model-Fitting Kinetic Methods to Non-Isothermal Degradation of Lignocellulosic Materials. FWO, KAS
2021 A Switching-Type Positive Temperature Coefficient Behavior Exhibited by PPy/(PhSe)2 Nanocomposite Prepared by Chemical Oxidative Polymerization. CBH, PhSe, PhSe, PPy, PTC
2021 Adsorption Performances and Electrochemical Properties of Methyl Blue onto CoFe₂O₄ Nanoparticles. MB, SAED, TEM, VSM, XRD
2021 An eco-friendly NP flame retardant for durable flame-retardant treatment of cotton fabric. ASMPEA, EDS, FTIR, LCs, SEM, XRD
2021 An efficient, economical, and easy mass production biochar supported zero-valent iron composite derived from direct-reduction natural goethite for Cu(II) and Cr(VI) remove. BET, FTIR, SEM, XPS, XRD, ZVI
2021 Analysis of paint traces to determine the ship responsible for a collision. ATR-FTIR, DTG, SEM-EDS
2021 Aqueous Sol-Gel Synthesis of Different Iron Ferrites: From 3D to 2D. AFM, SEM, TIP, XRD, YIG, YIP
2021 Assisted phytostabilization of Pb-spiked soils amended with charcoal and banana compost and vegetated with Ricinus communis L. (Castor bean). BWC, EDS, FESEM, FTIR, MDA, PJC
2021 Beach-cast Sargassum cymosum macroalgae: biochar production and apply to adsorption of Acetaminophen in batch and fixed-bed adsorption processes. FTIR, pHpzc, SEM
10  2021 Bioactive Three-Dimensional Graphene Oxide Foam/Polydimethylsiloxane/Zinc Silicate Scaffolds with Enhanced Osteoinductivity for Bone Regeneration. mBMSCs, SEM, XPS, XRD
11  2021 Catalytic effect and mechanism of in-situ metals on pyrolysis of FR4 printed circuit boards: Insights from kinetics and products. IB, LP, WPCBs
12  2021 Construction of a Phytic Acid-Silica System in Wood for Highly Efficient Flame Retardancy and Smoke Suppression. CCT, FTIR, LOI, PA, SEM-EDS
13  2021 Convenient synthesis of copper(I) halide quasi-one-dimensional coordination polymers: their structures and solid-state luminescent properties. DFT, PXRD
14  2021 Coupling of electrocoagulation and powder activated carbon for the treatment of sustainable wastewater. DTA, EC, EF, EPD, PAC, PSD, SVI, WWPAC, WWTP
15  2021 Design and analysis of interactions in ionic liquids based on procaine and pharmaceutically active anions. DFT, DSC, IR, MD, NMR, VFT
16  2021 Effect of brominated flame retardant on the pyrolysis products of polymers originating in WEEE. ABS, BFRs, EGA, FTIR, GC/MS, HIPS, PC, PP, TBBPA, WEEE
17  2021 Effect of Exogenous Auxin Treatment on Cell Wall Polymers of Strawberry Fruit. DTG
18  2021 Effect of Naphthalene-Based Superplasticizer and Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer on the Properties of Sulfoaluminate Cement. BNS, CSA, PC, SEM, XRD
19  2021 Effect of Preparation Method on the Catalytic Property of Calcined Ca-Al Hydrotalcite for the Synthesis of Ethyl Methyl Carbonate. CO2-TPD, EMC, ICP-AES, XPS, XRD
20  2021 Effect of Preparation Methods on the Adsorption of Glyphosate by Calcined Ca-Al Hydrotalcite. ICP-OES, XRD
21  2021 Efficiency of Twin-Screw Extrusion of Biodegradable Poly (Butylene Succinate)-Wheat Bran Blend. ANOVA, DoE, DSC, DTG, MFR
22  2021 Efficient utilization of coal slime using anaerobic fermentation technology. ---
23  2021 Establishing the Carbonation Profile with Raman Spectroscopy: Effects of Fly Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag. FA, GGBS, PC, SCMs
24  2021 Evaluation of the Mechanical and Biocidal Properties of Lapacho from Tabebuia Plant as a Biocomposite Material. DMA, DSC, PLA
25  2021 Experimental Investigation on the Mass Diffusion Behaviors of Calcium Oxide and Carbon in the Solid-State Synthesis of Calcium Carbide by Microwave Heating. ICP, MW, SEM, XPS, XRD
26  2021 Fabrication of anti-scaling HDPE/fluorinated acrylate polymer/nano-silica composite for landfill leachate piping system. AFM, CA, EDS, HDPE, PVC, SEM
27  2021 Facile fabrication of chitosan-based adsorbents for effective removal of cationic and anionic dyes from aqueous solutions. CTS, EDS, FTIR, MB, PAA, PAM, RBR, SEM, XRD
28  2021 Facile preparation of sulfhydryl modified montmorillonite nanosheets hydrogel and its enhancement for Pb(II) adsorption. FTIR, MMTNs-SH, SEM
29  2021 Gamma sterilization of collagen/hydroxyapatite composites: Validation and radiation effects. DSC, FTIR, SAL, XRD
30  2021 Geometrical constraints of thermal dehydration of β-calcium sulfate hemihydrate induced by self-generated water vapor. semi-closed
31  2021 Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Extracellular Extracts from Aspergillus japonicus PJ01. FTIR, MIC, SEM, TEM, XRD
32  2021 Influence of Torrefaction on Biomass Devolatilization. ---
33  2021 Initial-alkaline motivated fermentation of fine-sieving fractions and its effect on properties of cellulosic components. CCA, FSF, FTIR, VFAs, WWTPs
34  2021 Isolation of alkaliphilic calcifying bacteria and their feasibility for enhanced CaCO3 precipitation in bio-based cementitious composites. MICP, SEM, XRD
35  2021 Low temperature photoluminescence and solvatochromic studies of organic hybrid 4-methoxybenzylammonium chloride (4-MBACl). 4-MBACl, DTA, FTIR, FWHM, Imax, PL, XRD
36  2021 Magnetic metal-organic framework MIL-100 (Fe)/polyethyleneimine composite as an adsorbent for the magnetic solid-phase extraction of fungicides and their determination using HPLC-UV. Fe, Fe, FESEM, FT-IR, LODs, RSD, TEM, VSM, XRD
37  2021 Magnetic, Electronic, and Mechanical Properties of Bulk ε-Fe2N Synthesized at High Pressures. f.u, Ms
38  2021 Magnetically Recyclable Wool Keratin Modified Magnetite Powders for Efficient Removal of Cu2+ Ions from Aqueous Solutions. BET, EDS, EDTA, FESEM, TEM, VSM, XPS, XRD
39  2021 Multiple Amine-Contained POSS-Functionalized Organosilica Membranes for Gas Separation. APTES, BTESE, MMMs, POSS
40  2021 N-acylhydrazone Derivative-Loaded Cellulose Acetate Films: Thermoanalytical, Spectroscopic, Mechanical and Morphological Characterization. ACT, DSC, XRD
41  2021 Nanometal Dust Explosion in Confined Vessel: Combustion and Kinetic Analysis. PERC, XPS
42  2021 Preparation and Properties of Hydrophobically Modified Nano-SiO2 with Hexadecyltrimethoxysilane. FTIR, HDTMS, SEM, WCA
43  2021 Preparation of Ag NPs and Its Multifunctional Finishing for Cotton Fabric. CA, DLS, E. coli, FTIR, PMA, S. aureus, SEM, TEM, UPF, UV-vis, WRA, XPS, XRD
44  2021 Preparation of functionalized graphene and ionic liquid co-doped polypyrrole solid phase microextraction coating for the detection of benzoates preservatives. FTIR, GC-FID, HS-SPME, PPy, SEM
45  2021 Preparation of Poly(acrylic acid-acrylamide/starch) Composite and Its Adsorption Properties for Mercury (II). DLS, FTIR, SEC, SEM
46  2021 Properties and oxidation of exhaust particulates from dual fuel combustion: A comparative study of premixed gasoline, n-butanol and their blends. HRTEM, RS, XPS
47  2021 Quantification of tire wear particles in road dust from industrial and residential areas in Seoul, Korea. EGA, NR, SBR, TRWMPs
48  2021 Statistically optimized pentazocine loaded microsphere for the sustained delivery application: Formulation and characterization. DDS, FTIR, PTZ, PXRD
49  2021 Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable and antioxidant phosphazene-tannic acid nanospheres and their utilization as drug carrier material. EDX, FTIR, HCCP, SEM, TA, XPS
50  2021 Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyethyl cellulose copolymer modified polyurethane bionanocomposites. FT-IR, HTPB, IPDI, SEM/EDX, XRD
51  2021 Synthesis of Novel Arginine-Based Flame Retardant and Its Application in Lyocell Fabric. FR-lyocell, FTIR, PHRR, TG-FTIR, THR, XPS
52  2021 Synthesis, Structural, Morphological and Thermal Characterization of Five Different Silica-Polyethylene Glycol-Chlorogenic Acid Hybrid Materials. CGA, SEM, SPC, XRD
53  2021 The Influence Mechanism of Ettringite Crystals and Microstructure Characteristics on the Strength of Calcium-Based Stabilized Soil. C-S-H, FTIR, SEM, XRD
54  2021 The Influence of Neem Oil and Its Glyceride on the Structure and Characterization of Castor Oil-Based Polyurethane Foam. NOG, PU
55  2021 Thermal Decomposition Kinetics and Compatibility of 3,5-difluoro-2,4,6-trinitroanisole (DFTNAN). DFTNAN, DSC
56  2021 Thermodynamics and kinetics analyses of high CO2 absorption properties of Li3NaSiO4 under various CO2 partial pressures. CO2, CO2, CO2
57  2021 Thermosensitive Drug Delivery System SBA-15-PEI for Controlled Release of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Diclofenac Sodium Salt: A Comparative Study. AFM, DSC, IR, NSAID, PCCS, SA-XRD, TEM
58  2021 Triazole-directed fabrication of polyoxovanadate-based metal-organic frameworks as efficient multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts for the Knoevenagel condensation and oxidation of alcohols. EA, PMOFs, PXRD, SXRD
59  2021 Use of quantitative 1H and 13C NMR to determine the purity of organic compound reference materials: a case study of standards for nitrofuran metabolites. AHD, AMOZ, AOZ, CRMs, KF, qNMR, SEM, SI
60  2020 (Ag)Pd-Fe3O4 Nanocomposites as Novel Catalysts for Methane Partial Oxidation at Low Temperature. EDS
61  2020 A 3D-polyphenylalanine network inside porous alumina: Synthesis and characterization of an inorganic-organic composite membrane. CA, DCM, NIR, PA-NCA, SEM, SI-ROP, THF
62  2020 A comprehensive new study on the removal of Pb (II) from aqueous solution by şırnak coal-derived char. BET, DTG, FT-IR, RSM, SEM
63  2020 A core-shell structured alginate hydrogel beads with tunable thickness of carboxymethyl cellulose coating for pH responsive drug delivery. ALG, CMC, FTIR, SEM
64  2020 A New Environmentally-Friendly System for Extracting Cellulose from Corn Straw: The Low Temperature Laccase System. IR, LTLS, XRD
65  2020 A study on preparation of modified Graphene Oxide and flame retardancy of polystyrene composite microspheres. DOPO, HRR, PS, THR
66  2020 Adsorption of Cellulase on Wrinkled Silica Nanoparticles with Enhanced Inter-Wrinkle Distance. FTIR, TEM, WSNs
67  2020 alpha-Gluco-oligosaccharide in the research and development of a polymeric material for modified drug delivery. DSC, FTIR, GOS-alpha, SEM
68  2020 Alternative lithium-ion battery using biomass-derived carbons as environmentally sustainable anode. EIS, SEM, TEM, XRD
69  2020 Analysis of Four Solvatomorphs of Betulin by TG-DTA-EI/PI-MS System Equipped with the Skimmer-Type Interface. BE, DMF, EI, MS, PI
70  2020 Analysis of Iron Oxide Reduction Kinetics in the Nanometric Scale Using Hydrogen. KAS
71  2020 Analysis of Thermal-Mechanical Properties of Silicon Dioxide/Polyvinylidene Fluoride Reinforced Non-Woven Fabric (Polypropylene) Composites. SEM, XRD
72  2020 Application of a neural fuzzy model combined with simulated annealing algorithm to predict optimal conditions for polyethylene waste non-isothermal pyrolysis. PE, SA
73  2020 Biodegradation Pattern of Glycopolymer Based on D-Mannose Oligomer and Hydroxypropyl Acrylate. DSC
74  2020 Characterization and functional assessment of alginate fibers prepared by metal-calcium ion complex coagulation bath. LOI
75  2020 Characterization of Fe5(AsO3)3Cl2(OH)45H2O, a new ferric arsenite hydroxychloride precipitated from FeCl3-As2O3-HCl solutions relevant to arsenic immobilization. XRD
76  2020 Comparison of the Hydration Characteristics of UltraHighPerformance and Normal Cementitious Materials. NC, SF, UHPC, XRD
77  2020 Comprehensive Analysis of Mechanical Properties of CB/SiO2/PVDF Composites. CB, EDS, PVDF, SEM
78  2020 Corrosion-Resistant Steel-MgO Composites as Refractory Materials for Molten Aluminum Alloys. HSM
79  2020 CuO/PbO Nanocomposite: Preparation and Catalysis for Ammonium Perchlorate Thermal Decomposition. AP, DSC, EDS, SEM, TEM, XPS, XRD
80  2020 Curing Behaviors of Alkynyl-Terminated Copolyether with Glycidyl Azide Polymer in Energetic Plasticizers. ATPET, BDNPA, DOSY-NMR, GAP, GPC, PTPET, XPS
81  2020 Customizing hydrothermal properties of inkjet printed sensitive films by functionalization of carbon nanotubes. IR, MWCNTs
82  2020 Deterioration Process of Concrete Exposed to Internal Sulfate Attack. DSC, EDS, SEM, XRD
83  2020 Development of a graphene oxide-poly lactide nanocomposite as a Smart Drug Delivery System. DLS, EE, RAFT, ROP, ROS, UV-vis
84  2020 Development of Novel Polyamide 11 Multifilaments and Fabric Structures Based on Industrial Lignin and Zinc Phosphinate as Flame Retardants. FR, HRR, KL, LL, MARHE, PA11, THR, Tmax, TTI, ZnP
85  2020 Dynamic pyrolysis behaviors, products, and mechanisms of waste rubber and polyurethane bicycle tires. PUT, TG-FTIR
86  2020 Effects of a solid formulation containing lectin-rich fraction of Moringa oleifera seeds on egg hatching and development of Aedes aegypti larvae. DSC, FTIR
87  2020 Efficient pyrolysis of ginkgo biloba leaf residue and pharmaceutical sludge (mixture) with high production of clean energy: Process optimization by particle swarm optimization and gradient boosting decision tree algorithm. PSO-GBDT
88  2020 Enhanced and Heteromolecular Guest Encapsulation in Nonporous Crystals of a Perfluorinated Triketonato Dinuclear Copper Complex. ---
89  2020 Environmentally superior cleaning of diatom frustules using sono-Fenton process: Facile fabrication of nanoporous silica with homogeneous morphology and controlled size. EDTA, EDX, SDS, SEM, SF
90  2020 Ethnic hair: Thermoanalytical and spectroscopic differences. DSC
91  2020 Experimental Study of Hydration/Dehydration Behaviors of Metal Sulfates M2(SO4)3 (M = Sc, Yb, Y, Dy, Al, Ga, Fe, In) in Search of New Low-Temperature Thermochemical Heat Storage Materials. RE, TCHS
92  2020 Explosive property and combustion kinetics of grain dust with different particle sizes. CC, MIT
93  2020 Extraction of Low Methoxyl Pectin from Fresh Sunflower Heads by Subcritical Water Extraction. DE, DSC, FTIR, GalA, LSR, MW, RSM, SWE
94  2020 Facile fabrication of Cu(II) coordinated chitosan-based magnetic material for effective adsorption of reactive brilliant red from aqueous solution. FTIR, RBR, SEM, VSM, XRD
95  2020 Facile synthesis of a high efficiency and durability L-citrulline flame retardant for cotton. FR, LOI, NMR, SEM, XRD
96  2020 Features of Structure and Properties of pнeмa-gr-pvp Block Copolymers, Obtained in the Presence of Fe2. DTA, HEMA, PVP
97  2020 Flame Retardancy and Thermal Behavior of an Unsaturated Polyester Modified with Kaolinite-Urea Intercalation Complexes. APP, CONE, DMSO, FTIR, KUIC, LOI, SEM, UP, XRD
98  2020 Formation of high amylose corn starch/konjac glucomannan composite film with improved mechanical and barrier properties. FTIR, HCS, KGM, SEM, WVP, XRD
99  2020 Formation of persistent free radicals in biochar derived from rice straw based on a detailed analysis of pyrolysis kinetics. DTG, FWO, KAS, PFR, RS
100  2020 Fused Deposition Modeling of Poly (lactic acid)/Macadamia Composites-Thermal, Mechanical Properties and Scaffolds. FDM, FTIR, MS, SEM, XRD