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Abbreviation : TGEV
Long Form : transmissible gastroenteritis virus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A portable, 3D printed, microfluidic device for multiplexed, real time, molecular detection of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, transmissible gastroenteritis virus, and porcine deltacoronavirus at the point of need. CoVs, PDCoV, PEDV, qRT-PCR, RT-LAMP
2021 Acoustical Slot Mode Sensor for the Rapid Coronaviruses Detection. Abs
2021 Activation of Interleukin-1beta Release and Pyroptosis by Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus Is Dependent on the NOD-Like Receptor Protein 3 Inflammasome in Porcine Intestinal Epithelial Cell Line. GSDMD, NLRP3, pro-IL-1beta
2021 APB-13 improves the adverse outcomes caused by TGEV infection by correcting the intestinal microbial disorders in piglets. ---
2021 Bioinformatics Analysis of Spike Proteins of Porcine Enteric Coronaviruses. HR1, HR2, PDCoV, PEDV, SADS-CoV
2021 Coating with Hypertonic Saline Improves Virus Protection of Filtering Facepiece Manyfold-Benefit of Salt Impregnation in Times of Pandemic. FFP
2021 Coronavirus transmissible gastroenteritis virus antagonizes the antiviral effect of the microRNA miR-27b via the IRE1 pathway. ER, IRE1, miR-27b-3p, miRNAs, SOCS6, ST
2021 Data standardization implementation and applications within and among diagnostic laboratories: integrating and monitoring enteric coronaviruses. LIMS, VDLs
2021 Decreased NHE3 activity in intestinal epithelial cells in TGEV and PEDV-induced piglet diarrhea. PED, PEDV, TGE
10  2021 Detection and Genetic Diversity of Porcine Coronavirus Involved in Diarrhea Outbreaks in Spain. PDCoV, PEDV, SeACoV, SeCoV
11  2021 Evaluation of the Effect of Inactivated Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus Vaccine with Nano Silicon on the Phenotype and Function of Porcine Dendritic Cells. DCs, MSNs
12  2021 Genetic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in Guangdong, China, between 2018 and 2019. PDCoV, PEDV, RV, SADS-CoV, SeCoV
13  2021 Genome-scale CRISPR screen identifies TMEM41B as a multi-function host factor required for coronavirus replication. CoVs, KO, TMEM41B
14  2021 Hypericin Inhibit Alpha-Coronavirus Replication by Targeting 3CL Protease. alpha-CoV, FRET, PEDV
15  2021 Hypochlorous acid solution is a potent antiviral agent against SARS-CoV-2. HClO, SARS-CoV-2
16  2021 Isolation and Characterization of a Porcine Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus in Northeast China. CoV
17  2021 L-Leucine Promotes STAT1 and ISGs Expression in TGEV-Infected IPEC-J2 Cells via mTOR Activation. Leu
18  2021 Melatonin and other indoles show antiviral activities against swine coronaviruses in vitro at pharmacological concentrations. COVID-19, PDCoV, PEDV, SARS-CoV-2
19  2021 Novel universal primer-pentaplex PCR assay based on chimeric primers for simultaneous detection of five common pig viruses associated with diarrhea. CP, PCV2, PEDV, RVA, UP, UP-M-PCR, UP-S-PCR
20  2021 Porcine enteric coronaviruses: an updated overview of the pathogenesis, prevalence, and diagnosis. CoV, PDCoV, PECs, PEDV, SADS-CoV
21  2021 Replicative capacity of four porcine enteric coronaviruses in LLC-PK1 cells. CoVs, PDCoV, PEAV, PEDV
22  2021 The knotty biology of canine coronavirus: A worrying model of coronaviruses' danger. alphaCoV, CCoV
23  2021 The Murine Reg3a Stimulated by Lactobacillus casei Promotes Intestinal Cell Proliferation and Inhibits the Multiplication of Porcine Diarrhea Causative Agent in vitro. ETEC, L. casei, PEDV, PoRV
24  2021 Transmissible gastroenteritis virus ORF3b up-regulates miR-885-3p to counteract TNF-alpha production via inhibiting NF-kappaB pathway. Bcl10, DE, IPEC-J2, KEGG, TGE, TGEV-ORF3b, TNF-alpha
25  2021 Use of dual priming oligonucleotide system-based multiplex RT-PCR assay to detect five diarrhea viruses in pig herds in South China. DPO, PDCoV, PEDV, PRV-A, SADS-CoV
26  2021 Viral Inactivation with Emphasis on SARS-CoV-2 Using Physical and Chemical Disinfectants. CCV, HCoV, MERS, MHV, SARS
27  2020 Agrodiag PorCoV: A multiplex immunoassay for the differential diagnosis of porcine enteric coronaviruses. CI, PDCoV, PECs, PEDV
28  2020 Antiviral and virucidal effects of curcumin on transmissible gastroenteritis virus in vitro. ---
29  2020 Antiviral effects of Bovine antimicrobial peptide against TGEV in vivo and in vitro. APB-13, ST, WB
30  2020 Assessments of different inactivating reagents in formulating transmissible gastroenteritis virus vaccine. BEI, BPL, FA
31  2020 CD163 and pAPN double-knockout pigs are resistant to PRRSV and TGEV and exhibit decreased susceptibility to PDCoV while maintaining normal production performance. DKO, PDCoV, PRRSV
32  2020 Characterization and evaluation of the pathogenicity of a natural recombinant transmissible gastroenteritis virus in China. ---
33  2020 Decreased NHE3 activity and trafficking in TGEV-infected IPEC-J2 cells via the SGLT1-mediated P38 MAPK/AKt2 pathway. ---
34  2020 Dynamics of transmissible gastroenteritis virus internalization unraveled by single-virus tracking in live cells. ---
35  2020 Establishment of method for dual simultaneous detection of PEDV and TGEV by combination of magnetic micro-particles and nanoparticles. PEDV
36  2020 Evolution of Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV): A Codon Usage Perspective. CAI, ENC, RCDI, RSCU, SiD
37  2020 Identification and characterization of linear B cell epitopes on the nucleocapsid protein of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus using monoclonal antibodies. McAbs, PEDV
38  2020 Inhibitory effects of recombinant porcine interferon-alpha on porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus infections in TGEV-seronegative piglets. rPoIFN-alpha, Trx
39  2020 MicroRNA-4331-5p promotes FMDV replication through inhibiting interferon pathways in PK-15 cells. FMDV
40  2020 Molecular diversity of Alphacoronavirus 1 in dogs and cats in Colombia. CCoV, FCoV, IIa
41  2020 Next-Generation Porcine Intestinal Organoids: an Apical-Out Organoid Model for Swine Enteric Virus Infection and Immune Response Investigations. IFA, IFN, IL-6, ISG15, RT-qPCR, TNF-alpha
42  2020 Prevalence and genomic characteristics of a novel reassortment mammalian orthoreovirus type 2 in diarrhea piglets in Sichuan, China. MRV, PDCoV, PEDV, RAV
43  2020 Prevalence of antibodies against transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) in Hungary. IF, PRCV, TGE
44  2020 Rapid and visual detection of porcine deltacoronavirus by recombinase polymerase amplification combined with a lateral flow dipstick. CSFV, FMDV, LFD-RPA, PCV2, PDCoV, PEDV, PKoV, PRRSV, SVV
45  2020 Rhodanine derivative LJ001 inhibits TGEV and PDCoV replication in vitro. PDCoV, ST
46  2020 Role of Porcine Aminopeptidase N and Sialic Acids in Porcine Coronavirus Infections in Primary Porcine Enterocytes. APN, NA, PEDV, SAs
47  2020 Structural Basis for Inhibiting Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Replication with the 3C-Like Protease Inhibitor GC376. 3CLpro, CoVs, PEDV
48  2020 The most eagerly awaited summer of the Anthropocene: A perspective of SARS-CoV-2 decay and seasonal change. ---
49  2020 The Roles of Apoptosis in Swine Response to Viral Infection and Pathogenesis of Swine Enteropathogenic Coronaviruses. PDCoV, PEDV, SADS-CoV
50  2020 The use of cells from ANPEP knockout pigs to evaluate the role of aminopeptidase N (APN) as a receptor for porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV). APN, KO, PAMs, PDCoV, PEDV
51  2020 Tomatidine inhibits porcine epidemic diarrhea virus replication by targeting 3CL protease. EMCV, ITC, PEDV, PRRSV, SVA
52  2020 Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus Infection Up-Regulates FcRn Expression via Nucleocapsid Protein and Secretion of TGF-beta in Porcine Intestinal Epithelial Cells. ---
53  2020 Transmissible gastroenteritis virus targets Paneth cells to inhibit the self-renewal and differentiation of Lgr5 intestinal stem cells via Notch signaling. APN, ISCs
54  2019 A conserved region of nonstructural protein 1 from alphacoronaviruses inhibits host gene expression and is critical for viral virulence. MERS-CoV, nsp1, PEDV, SARS-CoV
55  2019 A multiplex RT-PCR assay for rapid and simultaneous detection of four RNA viruses in swine. CSFV, mRT-PCR, PEDV, PRRSV
56  2019 A TaqMan-probe-based multiplex real-time RT-qPCR for simultaneous detection of porcine enteric coronaviruses. PDCoV, PEAV, PEDV
57  2019 Aminopeptidase N-null neonatal piglets are protected from transmissible gastroenteritis virus but not porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. APN, PEDV
58  2019 Anti-TGEV Miller Strain Infection Effect of Lactobacillus plantarum Supernatant Based on the JAK-STAT1 Signaling Pathway. TGE
59  2019 Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase negatively regulates porcine intestinal coronavirus replication by the production of 25-hydroxycholesterol. 25-HC, CH25H, CH25H-M, PEDV
60  2019 Circular RNA CircEZH2 Suppresses Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus-induced Opening of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore via Targeting MiR-22 in IPEC-J2. HK2, IL-6, IPEC, mPTP, NF-kappaB, TGE
61  2019 Construction and characterization of porcine single-chain fragment variable antibodies that neutralize transmissible gastroenteritis virus in vitro. scFv
62  2019 Decline of transmissible gastroenteritis virus and its complex evolutionary relationship with porcine respiratory coronavirus in the United States. PRCV, US
63  2019 Development of a multiplex RT-PCR for the detection of major diarrhoeal viruses in pig herds in China. PDCoV, PEDV, PKV, PRV-A, PSaV
64  2019 Dual priming oligonucleotide (DPO)-based real-time RT-PCR assay for accurate differentiation of four major viruses causing porcine viral diarrhea. DPO, PDCoV, PEDV, PoRV
65  2019 Efficacy and immunogenicity of a live L. acidophilus expressing SAD epitope of transmissible gastroenteritis virus as an oral vaccine. L. acidophilus
66  2019 Glass Wool Concentration Optimization for the Detection of Enveloped and Non-enveloped Waterborne Viruses. HAV
67  2019 Identification and analysis of long non-coding RNAs that are involved in inflammatory process in response to transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection. IPEC-J2, IPECs, lncRNAs, miRNAs, mRNAs, NGS, NLRs, PML, RLRs, TLRs, TNF
68  2019 Interferon gamma inhibits transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection mediated by an IRF1 signaling pathway. IFN-gamma, poIRF1
69  2019 Minimum Determinants of Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus Enteric Tropism Are Located in the N-Terminus of Spike Protein. ---
70  2019 Molecular characteristics of a novel recombinant of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. PED, PEDV
71  2019 Mortalin restricts porcine epidemic diarrhea virus entry by downregulating clathrin-mediated endocytosis. CLTC, PEDV, RV, VSV
72  2019 Nucleocapsid proteins from other swine enteric coronaviruses differentially modulate PEDV replication. CoV N, PDCoV, PEDV
73  2019 Porcine IL-12 plasmid as an adjuvant improves the cellular and humoral immune responses of DNA vaccine targeting transmissible gastroenteritis virus spike gene in a mouse model. ELISA, IFN, pIL, TGE
74  2019 Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus inhibits NF-kappaB activity via nonstructural protein 3 to evade host immune system. NF-kappaB, nsp3
75  2019 Prevalence and phylogenetic analysis of porcine diarrhea associated viruses in southern China from 2012 to 2018. COE, PDCoV, PEDV, PoRV, SADS-CoV
76  2019 Prevalence of enteric pathogens in diarrheic and non-diarrheic samples from pig farms with neonatal diarrhea in the North East of Spain. PEDV, RVA, RVB, RVC
77  2019 Production of porcine aminopeptidase N (pAPN) site-specific edited pigs. pAPN, ST
78  2019 Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors block proliferation of TGEV mainly through p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways. CoVs, FIPV, MAPK, MHV, PEDV, RTKI, RTKs
79  2019 Recombinant Chimeric Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV) - Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) Virus Provides Protection against Virulent PEDV. PEDV, US
80  2019 Simultaneous detection of five pig viruses associated with enteric disease in pigs using EvaGreen real-time PCR combined with melting curve analysis. PCV2, PEDV, RVA, RVC, Tm
81  2019 Surface-Displayed Porcine IFN-lamda3 in Lactobacillus plantarum Inhibits Porcine Enteric Coronavirus Infection of Porcine Intestinal Epithelial Cells. IFN, IPEC-J2, ISGs, L. plantarum, PEDV
82  2019 Susceptibility of porcine IPI-2I intestinal epithelial cells to infection with swine enteric coronaviruses. CoV, PDCoV, PEAV, PEDV
83  2019 The N-Terminal Domain of Spike Protein Is Not the Enteric Tropism Determinant for Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus in Piglets. Cas9, CRISPR
84  2019 Two critical N-terminal epitopes of the nucleocapsid protein contribute to the cross-reactivity between porcine epidemic diarrhea virus and porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus. aa, IFA, pAb, PEDV
85  2019 UBXN1 interacts with the S1 protein of transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus and plays a role in viral replication. GST
86  2018 A nano silicon adjuvant enhances inactivated transmissible gastroenteritis vaccine through activation the Toll-like receptors and promotes humoral and cellular immune responses. ---
87  2018 Case Report of Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus Infection Associated with Small Intestine and Brain Lesions in Piglets. RT-PCR
88  2018 Contribution of porcine aminopeptidase N to porcine deltacoronavirus infection. CoV, pAPN, PDCoV, S1-CTD
89  2018 Detection and differentiation of five diarrhea related pig viruses utilizing a multiplex PCR assay. PCV2, PEDV, RVA
90  2018 Detection, sequence analysis, and antibody prevalence of porcine deltacoronavirus in Taiwan. ELISA, PDCoV, PEDV, rRT-PCR
91  2018 Differentially expressed non-coding RNAs induced by transmissible gastroenteritis virus potentially regulate inflammation and NF-kappaB pathway in porcine intestinal epithelial cell line. circRNAs, IPEC-J2, KEGG, miRNAs, ncRNAs, NGS
92  2018 EIF4A2 interacts with the membrane protein of transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus and plays a role in virus replication. EIF4A2
93  2018 Epidermal growth factor receptor is a co-factor for transmissible gastroenteritis virus entry. APN
94  2018 First retrospective studies with etiological confirmation of porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection in Argentina. OIE, SENASA
95  2018 Immune response characterization of mice immunized with Lactobacillus plantarum expressing spike antigen of transmissible gastroenteritis virus. CoVs, DCpep, DCs, L. plantarum
96  2018 Immune responses induced by recombinant Lactobacillus plantarum expressing the spike protein derived from transmissible gastroenteritis virus in piglets. DCpep, sIgA
97  2018 Impact of TGEV infection on the pig small intestine. DCs, M cell
98  2018 Improving Virus Taxonomy by Recontextualizing Sequence-Based Classification with Biologically Relevant Data: the Case of the Alphacoronavirus 1 Species. CCoV, FCoV
99  2018 Infection, genetic and virulence characteristics of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in northwest China. PEDV, RV, V/C
100  2018 microRNA-222 Attenuates Mitochondrial Dysfunction During Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus Infection. CD47, MMP, THBS1