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Abbreviation : TLR4
Long Form : Toll-like receptor 4
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A ferroptosis-related gene signature for graft loss prediction following renal allograft. AUC, Cav-1, CDKN1A, CXCL2, DFGs, GABPB1, ROC, RRM2
2021 A Fibrinogen Alpha Fragment Mitigates Chemotherapy-Induced MLL Rearrangements. EGFP, MLLbcr
2021 A GalNAc/Gal-specific lectin modulates immune responses via toll-like receptor 4 independently of carbohydrate-binding ability. CGL, MD-2
2021 A Multifunctional Peptide From Bacillus Fermented Soybean for Effective Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 S1 Receptor Binding Domain and Modulation of Toll Like Receptor 4: A Molecular Docking Study. ACE2, MD-2, RBD, SARS-CoV-2
2021 A Novel 1,8-Naphthyridine-2-Carboxamide Derivative Attenuates Inflammatory Responses and Cell Migration in LPS-Treated BV2 Cells via the Suppression of ROS Generation and TLR4/Myd88/NF-κB Signaling Pathway. LPS, MyD88, NF-kappaB, NO, ROS
2021 A purified acidic polysaccharide from Sarcandra glabra as vaccine adjuvant to enhance anti-tumor effect of cancer vaccine. DCs, DLL4
2021 A tandem activation of NLRP3 inflammasome induced by copper oxide nanoparticles and dissolved copper ion in J774A.1 macrophage. IL, MyD88, NF-kappaB, NLRP3
2021 Abdominal paracentesis drainage attenuates intestinal inflammation in rats with severe acute pancreatitis by inhibiting the HMGB1-mediated TLR4 signaling pathway. AP, APD, HMGB1, SAP
2021 Ac-SDKP Attenuates Activation of Lung Macrophages and Bone Osteoclasts in Rats Exposed to Silica by Inhibition of TLR4 and RANKL Signaling Pathways. RANKL
10  2021 Activation of 5-HT 1b/d receptor restores the cognitive function by reducing glutamate release, deposition of β-amyloid and TLR-4 pathway in the brain of scopolamine-induced dementia in rat. CAR, EPM, GPx, MDA, MWM, NO, SOD, SPN, ZMT
11  2021 Activation of the Hippocampal LXRβ Improves Sleep-Deprived Cognitive Impairment by Inhibiting Neuroinflammation. GLY, HMGB1, LPS, LXRs, SD
12  2021 Active components from Lagotis brachystachya maintain uric acid homeostasis by inhibiting renal TLR4-NLRP3 signaling in hyperuricemic mice. GLUT9, MyD88, NLRP3, OAT1, PO, URAT1
13  2021 Acute morphine blocks spinal respiratory motor plasticity via long-latency mechanisms that require toll-like receptor 4 signalling. LTF
14  2021 Acute-on-chronic liver failure: update on pathogenesis, therapeutic targets, predictive models, and liver transplantation. ACLF
15  2021 AdipoRon Attenuates Inflammation and Impairment of Cardiac Function Associated With Cardiopulmonary Bypass-Induced Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. AMPK, CCL2, CPB, NADPH
16  2021 Aerobic exercise ameliorates particulate matter-induced lung injury in aging rats. iHSP70, IKKbeta, NF-kappaB, PM2.5
17  2021 Aesculetin Inhibits Airway Thickening and Mucus Overproduction Induced by Urban Particulate Matter through Blocking Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Involving TLR4 and EGFR. EFGR, PM
18  2021 Age-dependent messenger RNA expression of toll-like receptor 4 and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. ICAM-1, PBMCs, PCR, TNF-alpha
19  2021 Age-related cognitive decline is associated with microbiota-gut-brain axis disorders and neuroinflammation in mice. CNS, LPS, MyD88, NF-kappaB
20  2021 Alcohol drinking during early adolescence activates microglial cells and increases frontolimbic Interleukin-1 beta and Toll-like receptor 4 gene expression, with heightened sensitivity in male rats compared to females. IL1B, mPFC
21  2021 Alpinia oxyphylla Miq extract reduces cerebral infarction by downregulating JNK-mediated TLR4/T3JAM- and ASK1-related inflammatory signaling in the acute phase of transient focal cerebral ischemia in rats. GFAP, I/R, Iba1, JNK, MCAO, NF-kappaB, pASK1, T3JAM, TRAF3, YZR, YZR-0.2g
22  2021 Alprostadil alleviates liver injury in septic rats via TLR4/NF-κB pathway. Alp, CLP, NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha
23  2021 Antcin C ameliorates neuronal inflammation due to cerebral haemorrhage by inhibiting the TLR-4 pathway. IRAK4, ZO-1
24  2021 Anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic effects of grape-derived stilbene concentrate in the experimental metabolic syndrome. CRP, GDSC, GLUT4, MetS, PPARgamma
25  2021 Anti-inflammatory effects of α7-nicotinic ACh receptors are exerted through interactions with adenylyl cyclase-6. BMDM, COPD
26  2021 Antioxidants Improve Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Tumor-Bearing Mice Model: Role of Spinal Cord Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. CIPN, OXA, ROS
27  2021 Antisense Tissue Factor Oligodeoxynucleotides Protected Diethyl Nitrosamine/Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Liver Fibrosis Through Toll Like Receptor4-Tissue Factor-Protease Activated Receptor1 Pathway. alpha-SMA, PAR1, TF, TGF-1beta, TNF-alpha
28  2021 Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) inhibition reduces endothelial cytokine production without improving permeability after toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) challenge. ASK1, eNOS, HMVECs, LPS, MAPK
29  2021 Aqueous extracts from cultivated Cistanche deserticola Y.C. Ma as polysaccharide adjuvant promote immune responses via facilitating dendritic cell activation. AECCD, DCs, OVA
30  2021 Ascorbate uptake enables tubular mitophagy to prevent septic AKI by PINK1-PARK2 axis. AKI
31  2021 Asperuloside ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced primary human periodontal ligament cell injury by decreasing TLR4 expression and NF-κB activation. ASP, EdU, ELISAs, IL, LPS, p-p65, TNF-alpha
32  2021 Association between the anticancer efficacy of cabazitaxel and toll-like receptor 4 mediating signaling pathways in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer cells. CAB, mCRPC
33  2021 Association Between TLR4 Gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Preeclampsia: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. CIs, PE, SNPs
34  2021 Association of TLR4 gene polymorphisms with sepsis after a burn injury: findings of the functional role of rs2737190 SNP. ---
35  2021 Association of Toll-Like Receptor 4 Gene Polymorphisms with Acute Aortic Dissection in a Chinese Han Population. AAD, FPRP
36  2021 Association of toll-like receptor 4, 5 and 10 polymorphisms with Helicobacter pylori-positive peptic ulcer disease in a center in Jordan. SNPs
37  2021 Astragaloside prevents UV-induced keratinocyte injury by regulating TLR4/NF-κB pathway. AS-IV, COX-2, MDA, ROS, SOD, UV
38  2021 ATP Facilitates Staphylococcal Enterotoxin O Induced Neutrophil IL-1β Secretion via NLRP3 Inflammasome Dependent Pathways. IL-1beta, JNK, NF-kappaB, S. aureus, SEO
39  2021 Attenuation of diethyl nitrosamine-induced hepatocellular carcinoma by taxifolin and/or alogliptin: The interplay between toll-like receptor 4, transforming growth factor beta-1, and apoptosis. AFP, AFU, HCC, IL-1alpha, JNK, MDA, TGF-beta1
40  2021 Augmenter of liver regeneration ameliorates ischemia-reperfusion injury in steatotic liver via inhibition of the TLR4/NF-κB pathway. ALR, ALT, AST, IRI, MCD, NF-kappaB
41  2021 Autoantibodies against the C-terminus of Lipopolysaccharide binding protein are elevated in young adults with psychiatric disease. LBP
42  2021 Bacterial and eukaryotic extracellular vesicles and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: new players in the gut-liver axis? EVs, LPS, NAFLD, PAMPs
43  2021 Banxia Xiexin Decoction Inhibits the Expression of PD-L1 Through Multi-Target and Multi-Pathway Regulation of Major Oncogenes in Gastric Cancer. BXXX, EGFR, GC, HIF-1, IFNGR, IHC, PD-L1
44  2021 Benzoylaconine Modulates LPS-Induced Responses Through Inhibition of Toll-Like Receptor-Mediated NF-κB and MAPK Signaling in RAW264.7 Cells. BAC
45  2021 Berries as a Treatment for Obesity-Induced Inflammation: Evidence from Preclinical Models. ---
46  2021 Betanin Prevents Experimental Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Progression by Modulating the TLR4/NF-κB and Nrf2/HO-1 Pathways. AAA, HO-1, MMPs, NF-kappaB, Nrf2
47  2021 Bi-functional gold nanocages enhance specific immunological responses of foot-and-mouth disease virus-like particles vaccine as a carrier and adjuvant. FMD, FMDV, VLP
48  2021 BIG1 mediates sepsis-induced lung injury by modulating lipid raft-dependent macrophage inflammatory responses. BIG1, cKO, IL-6, LPS, TNF-alpha
49  2021 Bisphenol A: A potential Toll-like receptor 4/myeloid differentiation factor 2 complex agonist. BPA, IL, IRAK4, MD-2, MyD88, NF-kappaB, NO, PGE2, TNF
50  2021 Blocking angiotensin 2 receptor attenuates diabetic nephropathy via mitigating ANGPTL2/TL4/NF-κB expression. Ang II, ANGPTL2, DM, DN, KIM-1
51  2021 Blocking TLR4-NF-κB pathway protects mouse islets from the combinatorial impact of high fat and fetuin-A mediated dysfunction and restores ability for insulin secretion. HFD
52  2021 Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells-derived exosomes reduce apoptosis and inflammatory response during spinal cord injury by inhibiting the TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB signaling pathway. BMSCs, LPS, MyD88, NF-kappaB, SCI, TNF
53  2021 Branched-chain amino acids protect the liver from cirrhotic injury via suppression of activation of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein, toll-like receptor 4, and signal transducer and activator of transcription 3, as well as Enterococcus faecalis translocation. BCAAs, LBP, STAT3
54  2021 BRG1 Links TLR4 Trans-Activation to LPS-Induced SREBP1a Expression and Liver Injury. BRG1, LPS, SREBP1a, WT
55  2021 Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi Granule Enhances Colonic Tight Junction Integrity via TLR4/NF-κB/MLCK Signaling Pathway in Ulcerative Colitis Rats. BZYQ, CMDI, DAI, IL-10, IL-1beta, MLCK, NF-kappaB, qPCR, TJ, TNBS, TNF-alpha, UC
56  2021 Cardiac and Brainstem Neuroinflammatory Pathways Account for Androgenic Incitement of Cardiovascular and Autonomic Manifestations in Endotoxic Male Rats. HRV, MCP-1, NTS, RVLM
57  2021 Carvedilol Protects Against the H2O2-induced Cell Damages in Rat Myoblasts by Regulating the Circ_NFIX/miR-125b-5p/TLR4 Signal Axis. AMI, circRNAs, circ_NFIX, LDH, miR-125b-5p, qRT-PCR
58  2021 Centella asiatica Extract Attenuates Kidney Fibrosis Through Reducing Mesenchymal Transition and Inflammation in Ureteral Ligation Model in Mice. CeA, CKD, EMT, FSP-1, MCP-1, PAS, RT-PCR, SR, UUO
59  2021 Chalcone derivatives ameliorate lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury and inflammation by targeting MD2. ALI, ARDS, LPS, MD-2
60  2021 Changes in expression of TLR-4, TGF-β, INF-γ, TNF-α in cultured T24/83 cells of invasive bladder cancer treated with cisplatin and/or polyphenolic adjuvant melanin. IFN-gamma, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
61  2021 Changes in inflammatory factors in the Brown Norway rat model of food allergy. OVA-IgE, TNF-alpha
62  2021 Chemical synthesis of the pentasaccharide repeating unit of the O-specific polysaccharide from Ruminococcus gnavus. R. gnavus
63  2021 Chlorogenic Acid Improves NAFLD by Regulating gut Microbiota and GLP-1. CGA, FBG, GLP-1, HFD, IL-6, LPS, NAFLD, TNF-alpha, ZO-1
64  2021 Chrysoeriol ameliorates COX-2 expression through NF-κB, AP-1 and MAPK regulation via the TLR4/MyD88 signaling pathway in LPS-stimulated murine macrophages. AP-1, COX-2, LPS, MAPK, NF, PGE2, PI3K
65  2021 Circ-HACE1 Aggravates Cigarette Smoke Extract-Induced Injury in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells via Regulating Toll-Like Receptor 4 by Sponging miR-485-3p. CCK-8, circRNAs, COPD, CSE, ELISA, MDA, miR-485-3p, qRT-PCR, SOD
66  2021 circ-PTTG1IP/miR-671-5p/TLR4 axis regulates proliferation, migration, invasion and inflammatory response of fibroblast-like synoviocytes in rheumatoid arthritis. circRNAs, RA
67  2021 Circular RNA TTC3 regulates cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury and neural stem cells by miR-372-3p/TLR4 axis in cerebral infarction. CIR, circRNAs, circTTC3, LDH, MCAO/R, NSCs, OGD
68  2021 Clostridioides difficile toxins enhanced the in vitro production of CXC chemokine ligand 2 and tumor necrosis factor-α via Toll-like receptors in macrophages. CDI, CDT, CXCL2, HEK, TLR, TLR2, TNF-alpha
69  2021 Clostridium butyricum Helps to Alleviate Inflammation in Weaned Piglets Challenged With Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli K88. Bcl-3, CB, CRP, ETEC, IL-6, NF-kappaB, TLR, TLR2, TLR5, TNF-alpha
70  2021 Colchicine Attenuates Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion-Induced Liver Damage: Implication of TLR4/NF-κB, TGF-β, BAX and Bcl-2 gene expression. Bcl-2, IRI, MyD88, NF-kappaB, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
71  2021 Combination of 5-fluorouracil and Lipopolysaccharide Synergistically Induces Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis in MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells. 5-FU, LPS, PI
72  2021 Combined Administration of Metformin and Atorvastatin Attenuates Diabetic Cardiomyopathy by Inhibiting Inflammation, Apoptosis, and Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetic Mice. AMPK, DCM, IL-1beta, PAL, TUNEL
73  2021 Combined protective effects of icariin and selenomethionine on novel chronic tubulointerstitial nephropathy models in vivo and in vitro. CTIN, ICA, SeMet
74  2021 Combined Training Improves the Expression Profile of Inflammation-associated Antimicrobial Peptides, MicroRNAs, and TLR-4 in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. AMPs, CON, CT, hBD-2, miRs, RRMS, RT-PCR
75  2021 Comparing the protective effects of resveratrol, curcumin and sulforaphane against LPS/IFN-γ-mediated inflammation in doxorubicin-treated macrophages. CUR, DOX, IL-6, iNOS, miRNAs, NO, RES, SFN, TNF-alpha
76  2021 Contrasting effects of the Toll-like receptor 4 in determining ovarian follicle endowment and fertility in female adult mice. COC, WT
77  2021 Correlation between TLR4 gene polymorphism and acute respiratory distress syndrome after esophageal cancer surgery. ARDS, DNAs, ICU, PCR
78  2021 COVID-19 and Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4): SARS-CoV-2 May Bind and Activate TLR4 to Increase ACE2 Expression, Facilitating Entry and Causing Hyperinflammation. PAMPs
79  2021 COVID-19: Direct and Indirect Mechanisms of Statins. ARDS, CK, MAS, Mpro, RdRp, SARS-CoV-2
80  2021 CQMUH-011 Inhibits LPS-Induced Microglia Activation and Ameliorates Brain Ischemic Injury in Mice. ERK, I/R, IkappaBalpha, IL, LPS, MAPKs, MyD88, PCNA, tMCAO, TNF
81  2021 CRISPR-Cas9-mediated knockout of TLR4 modulates Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis cell lysate-induced inflammation in bovine mammary epithelial cells. KO, LPS, MAP
82  2021 Crosstalk of TLR4, vascular NADPH oxidase, and COVID-19 in diabetes: What are the potential implications? COVID-19
83  2021 Cucurbitacin B inhibits non-small cell lung cancer in vivo and in vitro by triggering TLR4/NLRP3/GSDMD-dependent pyroptosis. CETSA, CuB, GSDMD, NSCLC, PCD, ROS
84  2021 Cultured Human Uveal Melanocytes Express/secrete CXCL1 and CXCL2 Constitutively and Increased by Lipopolysaccharide via Activation of Toll-like Receptor 4. LPS
85  2021 Curcumin attenuates prostatic hyperplasia caused by inflammation via up-regulation of bone morphogenetic protein and activin membrane-bound inhibitor. BAMBI, BPH, EMT, TGF-beta1
86  2021 Curcumin improves memory deficits by inhibiting HMGB1-RAGE/TLR4-NF-κB signalling pathway in APPswe/PS1dE9 transgenic mice hippocampus. AD, HMGB1, NF-kappaB, RAGE
87  2021 Curcumin inhibits the growth of liver cancer by impairing myeloid-derived suppressor cells in murine tumor tissues. G-CSF, GM-CSF, MDSCs
88  2021 Curcumin protects against cognitive impairments in a rat model of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion combined with diabetes mellitus by suppressing neuroinflammation, apoptosis, and pyroptosis. BCCAO, CCH, DM, HFD, NF-kappaB, NLRP3, STZ, TREM2, VaD
89  2021 Dapsone Ameliorates Colitis through TLR4/NF-kB Pathway in TNBS Induced Colitis Model in Rat. CD, GI, IBD, INFgamma, NF-kB, TNBS, TNF-alpha
90  2021 Dapsone Ameliorates Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Infarction via Nrf2/ HO-1; TLR4/ TNF-α Signaling Pathways and the Suppression of Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Apoptosis in Rats. CAT, HO-1, IL-1beta, ISO, MDA, MI, TNF-alpha
91  2021 Deletion of TLR4 attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute liver injury by inhibiting inflammation and apoptosis. ALI, AST, LPS, WT
92  2021 Deletion of TLR4 reduces apoptosis and improves histology in a murine kidney transplant model. AKI, TLR4 KO
93  2021 Delineating proinflammatory microenvironmental signals by ex vivo modeling of the immature intestinal stroma. LPS, NEC
94  2021 Delivery of mRNA vaccine with a lipid-like material potentiates antitumor efficacy through Toll-like receptor 4 signaling. LNP, mRNA
95  2021 Dengue Virus Induces the Expression and Release of Endocan from Endothelial Cells by an NS1-TLR4-Dependent Mechanism. ---
96  2021 Designing multi-epitope vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus by employing subtractive proteomics, reverse vaccinology and immuno-informatics approaches. MD, MEV
97  2021 Dexmedetomidine preconditioning mitigates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury via inhibition of mast cell degranulation. cTnI, HMGB1, I/R, NF-kappaB p65
98  2021 Dexmedetomidine relieved neuropathic pain and inflammation response induced by CCI through HMGB1/TLR4/NF-κB signal pathway. alpha2-AR, CCI, DEX, HMGB1
99  2021 Diabetes-induced cardiomyopathy is ameliorated by heat-killed Lactobacillus reuteri GMNL-263 in diabetic rats via the repression of the toll-like receptor 4 pathway. DM
100  2021 Dieckol Attenuated Glucocorticoid-Induced Muscle Atrophy by Decreasing NLRP3 Inflammasome and Pyroptosis. DEXA, DK, ECE, NF-kappaB, NLRP3, RAGE