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Abbreviation : TPhT
Long Form : triphenyltin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Organotins in a food web from the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: Trophic enrichment and potential health risk. HI, TBT, TGR
2020 Effective methods for the determination of triphenyltin residues in surface water and soil samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. d-SPE, RSD, SPE
2020 Impacts of microplastics on organotins' photodegradation in aquatic environments. OTCs, PE, PMMA, PP, PS, TBT, TMT
2018 Characterization and comparison of transcriptional activities of the retinoid X receptors by various organotin compounds in three prosobranch gastropods; Thais clavigera, Nucella lapillus and Babylonia japonica. 9cRA, RXRE, TBT, TCHT, TeBT, TPrT
2018 Organotin contamination in commercial and wild oysters from China: Increasing occurrence of triphenyltin. DBT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, RQ, TBT
2018 Organotins in the aquatic media of secondary anabranches in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region, China. BTs, DBT, DR, MPhT, OTs, PhTs, SPM, TBT, TGRR, XR
2017 Development and evaluation of a new diffusive gradients in thin-films technique for measuring organotin compounds in coastal sediment pore water. DBT, DGT, DPhT, MBT, TBT
2016 A simple, low cost GC/MS method for the sub-nanogram per litre measurement of organotins in coastal water. DBT, DPhT, GC/MS, MBT, TBT, WFD
2016 Assessment of background concentrations of organometallic compounds (methylmercury, ethyllead and butyl- and phenyltin) in French aquatic environments. DBT, DPhT, LOQ, MBT, MPhT, TBT
10  2016 Identification and analysis of Triphenyltin chloride with surface enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy. SERS
11  2016 Imposex and organotin compounds in ports of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic: Is the story over? TBT
12  2016 Organotins in fish muscle and liver from the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea: Is the total ban successful? BTs, TBT
13  2016 Total tin and organotin speciation in historic layers of antifouling paint on leisure boat hulls. DBT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, OTCs, TBT, TeBT
14  2014 Application of the experimental design of experiments (DoE) for the determination of organotin compounds in water samples using HS-SPME and GC-MS/MS. DBT, DoE, DPhT, HS-SPME, MBT, MPhT, TBT
15  2014 Association of placenta organotin concentrations with growth and ponderal index in 110 newborn boys from Finland during the first 18 months of life: a cohort study. DBT, LOQ, MBT, OTCs, PI, TBT
16  2014 Occurrence of organotin compounds in river sediments under the dynamic water level conditions in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China. BTs, OTs, PhTs, TBT, TGR, TGRA, TOC
17  2013 Association of placenta organotin concentrations with congenital cryptorchidism and reproductive hormone levels in 280 newborn boys from Denmark and Finland. DBT, LOQ, MBT, OR, OTCs, RXR, TBT
18  2013 Toxicity of triphenyltin hydroxide to fish. AChE, GC-PFPD, Sn, TPhTH
19  2013 [Biodegradation of triphenyltin and its effect on Klebsiella pneumoniae]. XPS
20  2012 Characterization of interactions between organotin compounds and human serum albumin by capillary electrophoresis coupled with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. ACE, CE-ICP-MS, HSA, NECEEM, TBT, TMT, TPrT
21  2011 Distribution and accumulation of organotin species in seawater, sediments and organisms collected from a Taiwan mariculture area. TBT
22  2011 Organotins in North Sea brown shrimp (Crangon crangon L.) after implementation of the TBT ban. OT, TBT
23  2011 Speciation and degradation of triphenyltin in typical paddy fields and its uptake into rice plants. ---
24  2011 [Determination of organotin compounds in textile auxiliaries by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry]. DBT, GC-MS, RSDs, SIM, TBT
25  2011 [Effect of heavy metal ions on triphenyltin enzymatic degradation]. ---
26  2010 Occurrence and chemical speciation analysis of organotin compounds in the environment: a review. TBT
27  2010 Organotin intake through fish consumption in Finland. DBT, DOT, OTCs, TBT, TDI
28  2010 [Characteristics of biodegradation of triphenyltin by enzyme obtained from Klebsiella pneumoniae]. ---
29  2010 [Determination of four triorganotin residues in leather products by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and cation solid-phase extraction]. CYT, DTPhT, MRM, RSD, SPE, TBT, TOTs
30  2009 On-line solid-phase extraction coupled with liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the determination of trace tributyltin and triphenyltin in water samples. APCI, ESI, LC/MS, S/N, SPE, TBT
31  2009 Speciation of organotin compounds in urine by GC-MIP-AED and GC-MS after ethylation and liquid-liquid extraction. DBT, DPhT, LLE, MBT, MIP-AED, MPhT, MS, TBT, TeBT
32  2009 [Isolation and characteristics of triphenyltin-biosorption and biodegradation strain]. ---
33  2009 [Simultaneous determination of multi-organotin compounds in seawater by liquid-liquid extraction-high performance liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry]. DBT, DPhT, TBT, TMT
34  2008 Calibration and use of the Chemcatcher passive sampler for monitoring organotin compounds in water. DBT, GC, MBT, TBT
35  2008 Optimisation of the headspace-solid phase microextraction for organomercury and organotin compound determination in sediment and biota. DPhT, MPhT
36  2008 The content of butyl- and phenyltin derivatives in the sediment from the Port of Gdansk. BT, DBT, DPhT, grain diameter 2.00-0.063mm, MBT, MPhT, PT, TBT
37  2008 The transformation of phenyltin species during sample preparation of biological tissues using multi-isotope spike SSID-GC-ICPMS. DPhT, MI-SSID, MPhT, PhT
38  2007 Stramonita haemastoma as a bioindicator for organotin contamination in coastal environments. TBT
39  2006 Assessment of butyltin and phenyltin pollution in the sea mullet, Mugil cephalus, along the Moroccan and Spanish coasts (Mediterranean Sea). DBT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, TBT
40  2006 Certification of butyltins and phenyltins in marine sediment certified reference material by species-specific isotope-dilution mass spectrometric analysis using synthesized 118Sn-enriched organotin compounds. DBT, DPhT, MBT, SSID-MS, TBT
41  2006 Distribution of organotin compounds in the bivalves of the Aegean Sea, Greece. DBT, MBT, OTs, TBT
42  2006 Impact of tributyltin and triphenyltin on ivory shell (Babylonia japonica) populations. TBT
43  2006 Influence of the soil matrices on the analytical performance of headspace solid-phase microextraction for organotin analysis by gas chromatography-pulsed flame photometric detection. CEC, GC-PFPD, HS-SPME, LODs, LOQs, OTCs, PDMS
44  2006 Preparation, preservation and application of pure isotope-enriched phenyltin species. DEE, DPhT, MI-SSID, MPhT
45  2006 TBT and TPhT persistence in a sludged soil. GC-PFPD, OTC, TBT
46  2005 Accumulation and trophic transfer of organotins in a marine food web from the Danish coastal waters. TBT, ww
47  2005 Automated headspace-solid-phase micro extraction-retention time locked-isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the analysis of organotin compounds in water and sediment samples. DBT, DPhT, LOQs, MBT, MPhT, RTL, SPME, TBT
48  2005 Continuing observation of disturbed reproductive cycle and ovarian spermatogenesis in the giant abalone, Haliotis madaka from an organotin-contaminated site of Japan. DBT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, TBT
49  2005 Determination of organotin compounds by headspace solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-pulsed flame-photometric detection (HS-SPME-GC-PFPD). CRM, DBT, DHepT, DOcT, DPhT, GC-PFPD, HS-SPME-GC-PFPD, MBT, MOcT, MPhT, Sn, TBT, TPrT
50  2005 Imposex occurrence in marine whelks at a military facility in the high Arctic. TBT
51  2005 Pressurised solvent extraction for organotin speciation in vegetable matrices. OTC, PSE, SLE, TBT, TcHexT, TOcT
52  2005 Study of the accumulation of tributyltin and triphenyltin compounds and their main metabolites in the sea bass, Dicentrachus labrax, under laboratory conditions. DBT, DPhT, GC, MBT, MPhT, MS/MS, TBT
53  2005 Toxicity and bioaccumulation of tributyltin and triphenyltin on oysters and rock shells collected from Taiwan maricuture area. TBT
54  2004 Aerobic biodegradation of organotin compounds in activated sludge batch reactors. DBT, MBT, OT, TBT
55  2004 Imposex in the commercial snail Bolinus brandaris in the northwestern Mediterranean. RPL, TBT, VDS
56  2004 Organotins in marine mammals and seabirds from Norwegian territory. DBT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, TBT
57  2003 Trace determination of organotin compounds in water, sediment and mussel samples by low-pressure gas chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry. DBT, DDTC, DPhT, LOD, MBT, MPhT, OTs, TBT, TeBT, TePhT
58  2002 Comparison of different liquid chromatography conditions for the separation and analysis of organotin compounds in mussel and oyster tissue by liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. DBT, HPLC-ICP-MS
59  2002 Gas chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry based method for the simultaneous determination of nine organotin compounds in water, sediment and tissue. CRM, DBT, DCyT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, TBT, TCyT, TeBT
60  2002 Organotin and Irgarol-1051 contamination in Singapore coastal waters. TBT
61  2002 Tributyltin and triphenyltin induce spermatogenesis in ovary of female abalone, Haliotis gigantea. TBT
62  2001 Ovo-testis and disturbed reproductive cycle in the giant abalone, Haliotis madaka: possible linkage with organotin contamination in a site of population decline. TBT
63  2001 Stir bar sorptive extraction for the determination of ppq-level traces of organotin compounds in environmental samples with thermal desorption-capillary gas chromatography--ICP mass spectrometry. CGC, ICP-MS, LODs, PDMS, TBuT
64  2001 Toxicity of organotin compounds to activated sludge. DBT, MBT, TBT
65  2000 Determination of butyltin and phenyltin species by reversed-phase liquid chromatography and fluorimetric detection. DBT, DPhT, MBT, MPhT, RP, TBT
66  1998 Accumulation of tributyl- and triphenyltin compounds in Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, from the Chinhae Bay System, Korea. BCF, TBT
67  1998 Trace analysis of tributyltin and triphenyltin compounds in sea water by gas chromatography-negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry. GC-MS, NICI, TBT
68  1997 Capillary electrophoresis of organotin compounds with indirect UV detection. 4-AP, alpha-CD, CE, RSD, TBT, TET, TMT, TPT