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Abbreviation : TRAF
Long Form : TNFR-associated factor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Ancestral role of TNF-R pathway in cell differentiation in the basal metazoan Hydra. FADD, TNFRs
2019 Targeting F-Box Protein Fbxo3 Attenuates Lung Injury Induced by Ischemia-Reperfusion in Rats. BALF, I/R
2019 TRAF family molecules in T cells: Multiple receptors and functions. ---
2018 CD137 (4-1BB) Signalosome: Complexity Is a Matter of TRAFs. CARs, TNFR
2018 Original Ligand for LTbetaR Is LIGHT: Insight into Evolution of the LT/LTbetaR System. LT, LTbetaR, TNFN
2018 USP17 mediates macrophage-promoted inflammation and stemness in lung cancer cells by regulating TRAF2/TRAF3 complex formation. USP17
2017 HIV and HIV-Tat inhibit LPS-induced IL-27 production in human macrophages by distinct intracellular signaling pathways. MDMs, SHP-1, Tat
2017 MicroRNA-4443 Causes CD4+ T Cells Dysfunction by Targeting TNFR-Associated Factor 4 in Graves' Disease. GD, miRNAs, UGD
2017 Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Mediates Fibroblast Growth Factor-Inducible 14 Signaling. cIAP, Fn14, TNF, TNFR
10  2016 Cutting Edge: A Cullin-5-TRAF6 Interaction Promotes TRAF6 Polyubiquitination and Lipopolysaccharide Signaling. Cul5
11  2016 TNFR-Associated Factors 2 and 5 Differentially Regulate the Instructive IL-6 Receptor Signaling Required for Th17 Development. ---
12  2015 Induction of an altered CD40 signaling complex by an antagonistic human monoclonal antibody to CD40. ---
13  2015 WDR82 Negatively Regulates Cellular Antiviral Response by Mediating TRAF3 Polyubiquitination in Multiple Cell Lines. WDR
14  2014 DOK3 is required for IFN-beta production by enabling TRAF3/TBK1 complex formation and IRF3 activation. DOK, TBK
15  2014 IL-18 synergizes with IL-7 to drive slow proliferation of naive CD8 T cells by costimulating self-peptide-mediated TCR signals. LIP
16  2014 Myeloid cell TRAF3 regulates immune responses and inhibits inflammation and tumor development in mice. ---
17  2013 Agonist antibodies to TNFR molecules that costimulate T and NK cells. GITR, mAb, NK, TNFR
18  2013 Morphine prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced TNF secretion in mast cells blocking IkappaB kinase activation and SNAP-23 phosphorylation: correlation with the formation of a beta-arrestin/TRAF6 complex. BMMCs, IKK, SNAP23, TAK1
19  2013 Regulation of PI-3-Kinase and Akt Signaling in T Lymphocytes and Other Cells by TNFR Family Molecules. PI3K, TCR, TNFR
20  2013 T cell costimulation with anti-CD137 monoclonal antibodies is mediated by K63-polyubiquitin-dependent signals from endosomes. ---
21  2013 Targeting F box protein Fbxo3 to control cytokine-driven inflammation. ---
22  2013 TNFR-associated factor 6 regulates TCR signaling via interaction with and modification of LAT adapter. LAT
23  2013 TRAF5 negatively regulates TLR signaling in B lymphocytes. ---
24  2013 TRAF6 is a critical regulator of LMP1 functions in vivo. LMP1
25  2013 TWEAK inhibits TRAF2-mediated CD40 signaling by destabilization of CD40 signaling complexes. CD40L, cIAPs, Fn14, TWEAK
26  2012 Cutting edge: TNF receptor-associated factor 4 restricts IL-17-mediated pathology and signaling processes. Act1
27  2012 Roles of the kinase TAK1 in TRAF6-dependent signaling by CD40 and its oncogenic viral mimic, LMP1. EBV, IL-6, LMP1, SLE, TNFR
28  2012 TRAF binding is required for a distinct subset of in vivo B cell functions of the oncoprotein LMP1. LMP1, TNFR
29  2011 Antibodies against tumor necrosis factor (TNF) induce T-cell apoptosis in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases via TNF receptor 2 and intestinal CD14⁺ macrophages. IBD, mTNF, TNF, TNFR
30  2011 Antigen-independent signalosome of CARMA1, PKCtheta, and TNF receptor-associated factor 2 (TRAF2) determines NF-kappaB signaling in T cells. TCR, TNFR, TRAF2
31  2011 MIP-T3 is a negative regulator of innate type I IFN response. ---
32  2011 Signaling by the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily in B-cell biology and disease. BAFF-R, BCMA, NF-kappaB, TACI, TNFRSF
33  2011 T-cell intrinsic effects of GITR and 4-1BB during viral infection and cancer immunotherapy. TNFR
34  2011 UXT-V1 facilitates the formation of MAVS antiviral signalosome on mitochondria. ---
35  2010 Allosteric regulation of the ubiquitin:NIK and ubiquitin:TRAF3 E3 ligases by the lymphotoxin-beta receptor. cIAP, LTbetaR, NIK
36  2010 CD8 T cell-intrinsic GITR is required for T cell clonal expansion and mouse survival following severe influenza infection. GITR
37  2010 Differential TRAF3 utilization by a variant human CD40 receptor with enhanced signaling. ---
38  2010 TNF receptor-associated factor 3 is required for T cell-mediated immunity and TCR/CD28 signaling. ---
39  2009 CD154-CD40 interactions are essential for thymus-dependent antibody production in zebrafish: insights into the origin of costimulatory pathway in helper T cell-regulated adaptive immunity in early vertebrates. TD
40  2009 CD40 ligand-induced carcinoma cell death: a balance between activation of TNFR-associated factor (TRAF) 3-dependent death signals and suppression of TRAF6-dependent survival signals. ---
41  2009 Genomic and functional uniqueness of the TNF receptor-associated factor gene family in amphioxus, the basal chordate. ---
42  2009 [The action mechanisms of unclassical NF-kappaB activity and TRAF3 expression in Hodgkin's lymphoma cells]. EMSA, HL
43  2008 ERK-dependent Bim modulation downstream of the 4-1BB-TRAF1 signaling axis is a critical mediator of CD8 T cell survival in vivo. ---
44  2008 Lipoteichoic acid induces HO-1 expression via the TLR2/MyD88/c-Src/NADPH oxidase pathway and Nrf2 in human tracheal smooth muscle cells. APO, DPI, HO, HTSMCs, LTA, Nrf2, ROS
45  2008 TNF receptor-associated factor 1 expressed in resident lung cells is required for the development of allergic lung inflammation. DCs, LNs, WT
46  2008 Toll-like receptor 4 initiates an innate immune response to lipopolysaccharide in human conjunctival epithelial cells. HCECs, LPS, NF-kappaB, TLR4
47  2007 A distinct role of neutrophil lactoferrin in RelA/p65 phosphorylation on Ser536 by recruiting TNF receptor-associated factors to IkappaB kinase signaling complex. IKK, LF
48  2007 A novel mechanism for TNFR-associated factor 6-dependent CD40 signaling. ---
49  2007 Multiple roles of TRAF3 signaling in lymphocyte function. TNFR
50  2007 TNF receptor-associated factor 2-dependent canonical pathway is crucial for the development of Peyer's patches. LN, LT, PP, TNFR1
51  2007 TRAF proteins in CD40 signaling. TNFR
52  2006 A novel mechanism of CD40-induced apoptosis of carcinoma cells involving TRAF3 and JNK/AP-1 activation. AP-1, JNK
53  2006 Involvement of TNF receptor-associated factor 6 in IL-25 receptor signaling. ---
54  2006 Rapid CD40-mediated rescue from CD95-induced apoptosis requires TNFR-associated factor-6 and PI3K. ---
55  2006 The Drosophila inhibitor of apoptosis protein DIAP2 functions in innate immunity and is essential to resist gram-negative bacterial infection. IAP, IMD, TNFR1
56  2006 Tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR)-associated factor 5 is a critical intermediate of costimulatory signaling pathways triggered by glucocorticoid-induced TNFR in T cells. GITR, TNFR
57  2005 A novel role of CD30/CD30 ligand signaling in the generation of long-lived memory CD8+ T cells. ---
58  2005 Regulatory roles and molecular signaling of TNF family members in osteoclasts. FADD, FasL, RANKL, TNF, TNFR, TRADD, TRAIL
59  2005 TNF receptor-associated factor 6 is an essential mediator of CD40-activated proinflammatory pathways in monocytes and macrophages. IKK
60  2005 TRAF4 acts as a silencer in TLR-mediated signaling through the association with TRAF6 and TRIF. NADPH, TIR, TLR
61  2004 Cutting edge: TNFR-associated factor (TRAF) 6 is essential for MyD88-dependent pathway but not toll/IL-1 receptor domain-containing adaptor-inducing IFN-beta (TRIF)-dependent pathway in TLR signaling. TIR, TRIF
62  2004 Roles of TNF receptor-associated factor 3 in signaling to B lymphocytes by carboxyl-terminal activating regions 1 and 2 of the EBV-encoded oncoprotein latent membrane protein 1. CTAR, LMP
63  2003 A novel interaction between protein kinase D and TNF receptor-associated factor molecules regulates B cell receptor-CD40 synergy. BCR, PKD
64  2003 Chronic physiological shear stress inhibits tumor necrosis factor-induced proinflammatory responses in rabbit aorta perfused ex vivo. ECs, ERK, MAP, TNF, TNFR, VCAM, VSMC
65  2003 Receptor activator of NF-kappa B ligand stimulates recruitment of SHP-1 to the complex containing TNFR-associated factor 6 that regulates osteoclastogenesis. RANKL, SHP-1
66  2003 Role of TNF receptor-associated factor 3 in the CD40 signaling by production of reactive oxygen species through association with p40phox, a cytosolic subunit of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase. PI3K, ROS
67  2003 The Fn14 cytoplasmic tail binds tumour-necrosis-factor-receptor-associated factors 1, 2, 3 and 5 and mediates nuclear factor-kappaB activation. NF-kappaB, TNF
68  2002 Pleiotropic signal transduction mediated by human CD30: a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) family. ALCL, HD, sCD30, TNFR
69  2002 TNF-RII and c-IAP1 mediate ubiquitination and degradation of TRAF2. JNK, TNF-alpha
70  2002 TNFR-associated factor-3 is associated with BAFF-R and negatively regulates BAFF-R-mediated NF-kappa B activation and IL-10 production. ---
71  2001 IL-1 induced chemokine production through the association of Syk with TNF receptor-associated factor-6 in nasal fibroblast lines. ---
72  2001 VP4 differentially regulates TRAF2 signaling, disengaging JNK activation while directing NF-kappa B to effect rotavirus-specific cellular responses. DN
73  2000 TACI is a TRAF-interacting receptor for TALL-1, a tumor necrosis factor family member involved in B cell regulation. CAML, TNF, TNFR
74  2000 TNF receptor family member BCMA (B cell maturation) associates with TNF receptor-associated factor (TRAF) 1, TRAF2, and TRAF3 and activates NF-kappa B, elk-1, c-Jun N-terminal kinase, and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase. BCMA
75  1998 A novel domain in the CD30 cytoplasmic tail mediates NFkappaB activation. TNFR
76  1998 RIP2 is a novel NF-kappaB-activating and cell death-inducing kinase. CARD, RIP2
77  1997 CD30 induction of human immunodeficiency virus gene transcription is mediated by TRAF2. CD30, TNFR
78  1997 Herpesvirus entry mediator, a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) family, interacts with members of the TNFR-associated factor family and activates the transcription factors NF-kappaB and AP-1. NF-kappaB, TNFR