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Abbreviation : TRAP
Long Form : total reactive antioxidant potential
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 The Interaction Between Dietary Total Antioxidant Capacity and MC4R Gene and HOMA-IR in Metabolically Healthy and Unhealthy Overweight and Obese Women. DTAC, FRAP, HOMA, TEAC
2021 Antioxidant and Anti-Proliferative Activity of Essential Oil and Main Components from Leaves of Aloysia polystachya Harvested in Central Chile. FRAP, GC-MS
2021 Vitrification protocol for immature Brycon orbignyanus ovarian tissue as an extinction escape strategy. PG
2020 Chemical Composition, Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Leptocarpha rivularis DC Flower Extracts. DCM, EtOH, FRAP, ORAC, SRB
2020 Sperm Antioxidant Biomarkers and Their Correlation with Clinical Condition and Lifestyle with Regard to Male Reproductive Potential. MDA
2019 Association of dietary total antioxidant capacity to anthropometry in healthy women: A cross-sectional study. CI, DTAC, FRAP, TEAC
2019 Intraocular Oxygen and Antioxidant Status: New Insights on the Effect of Vitrectomy and Glaucoma Pathogenesis. AsA
2018 Characterization of a novel antioxidant peptide from feather keratin hydrolysates. ABTS, PPFH
2018 Comparison of the effects of two antioxidant diets on oxidative stress markers in triathletes. AO-diet, DRI, GPx, RE-diet, SOD, TBARS
10  2018 Effects of Achyrocline satureioides Inflorescence Extracts against Pathogenic Intestinal Bacteria: Chemical Characterization, In Vitro Tests, and In Vivo Evaluation. AS
11  2018 Effects of the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the oxidative status of adult dogs. AOX, CAT, DHA, GSH-Px, GST, SH, SOD, TBARS, UNS
12  2017 Supplementation with Achyrocline satureioides Inflorescence Extracts to Pregnant and Breastfeeding Rats Induces Tissue-Specific Changes in Enzymatic Activity and Lower Neonatal Survival. AQ, CAT, HA, SOD, TBARS
13  2016 A Case-Control Study on the Oxidative Balance of 50% Autologous Serum Eye Drops. AS, ROS
14  2016 The impact of childhood maltreatment on redox state: Relationship with oxidative damage and antioxidant defenses in adolescents with no psychiatric disorder. CTQ, ELS, GPx, SOD
15  2015 Antioxidant capacity and bioactive compounds of four Brazilian native fruits. DPPH, FRAP, GAE, HPLC-DAD, TAR
16  2015 Effect of diets enriched with rutin on blood parameters, oxidative biomarkers and pituitary hormone expression in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen). AA, CAT, GST, NPSH, SOD
17  2015 Evaluation of Oxidative Stress Markers in Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cells Exposed to Diesel Exhaust Particles (DEP). CAT, DEP, GPx, GR, GST, SOD
18  2015 Redox-Active Profile Characterization of Remirea maritima Extracts and Its Cytotoxic Effect in Mouse Fibroblasts (L929) and Melanoma (B16F10) Cells. NO, RMHA, TAR
19  2014 Chemical composition, antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and redox properties in vitro of the essential oil from Remirea maritima Aubl. (Cyperaceae). GC/MS, TAR, TBARS
20  2014 Early abstinence of crack-cocaine is effective to attenuate oxidative stress and to improve antioxidant defences. GPx, SOD
21  2014 Effects of acute and chronic administration of methylprednisolone on oxidative stress in rat lungs. LPO
22  2014 Supplementation of adult rats with moderate amounts of beta-carotene modulates the redox status in plasma without exerting pro-oxidant effects in the brain: a safer alternative to food fortification with vitamin A? CAT, SOD, TBARS
23  2014 The protective effect of Aloysia triphylla aqueous extracts against brain lipid-peroxidation. ABTS, DPPH, RP, TBARS
24  2013 Antioxidant capacity of the leaf extract obtained from Arrabidaea chica cultivated in Southern Brazil. DPPH, LC-DAD
25  2013 Oxidative stress and inflammatory markers are associated with depression and nicotine dependence. AOPP, ESR, hs-CRP, MDA, NOx
26  2012 Brain antioxidant status in a high pressure-induced rat model of glaucoma. GPx, SOD
27  2012 Electrochemical sensing of total antioxidant capacity and polyphenol content in wine samples using amperometry online-coupled with microdialysis. CL-TAC, ORAC, TAC, TCP
28  2012 Similarities in serum oxidative stress markers and inflammatory cytokines in patients with overt schizophrenia at early and late stages of chronicity. PCC, SZ, TBARS, TNF-alpha
29  2011 Investigation of the in vitro and ex vivo acetylcholinesterase and antioxidant activities of traditionally used Lycopodium species from South America on alkaloid extracts. AChE, CAT, DPPH, NO, SOD, TBARS
30  2011 Moderate exercise training and chronic caloric restriction modulate redox status in rat hippocampus. AE, AS, GFAP, GS, RE, RS, SOD, TAR, TBARS
31  2011 Redox characterization of usnic acid and its cytotoxic effect on human neuron-like cells (SH-SY5Y). RS, UA
32  2011 Thyroid hormone-induced haemoglobin changes and antioxidant enzymes response in erythrocytes. CAT, GPx, GST, LPO, ROS, SOD
33  2011 Total reactive antioxidant potential and DNA fragmentation index as fertility sperm parameters. DFI, IVF/ICSI
34  2010 Low doses of urban air particles from Buenos Aires promote oxidative stress and apoptosis in mice lungs. BAL, CD, CL, PM, TBARS, TCN, UAP-BA
35  2010 Oxidative stress status during the acute phase of haemolytic uraemic syndrome. ESRD, HUS, OS, TBARS
36  2010 Redox properties and cytoprotective actions of atranorin, a lichen secondary metabolite. ATR, TAR
37  2010 Vascular redox imbalance in rats submitted to chronic exercise. CAT, SOD, TAR, TBARS
38  2009 Oxidative damage: the biochemical mechanism of cellular injury and necrosis in choline deficiency. CD, homogenate-CL, TBARS
39  2008 Antioxidant and pro-oxidant properties of boldine on hippocampal slices exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation in vitro. LDH, OGD
40  2008 Antioxidant status in the aqueous humour of patients with glaucoma associated with exfoliation syndrome. GPx, POAG, SOD
41  2008 Optimization and validation of an alternative method to evaluate total reactive antioxidant potential. AAPH, AUC
42  2006 All-trans retinoic acid induces free radical generation and modulate antioxidant enzyme activities in rat sertoli cells. RA
43  2006 Time course of oxidative events in the hippocampus following intracerebroventricular infusion of quinolinic acid in mice. ---
44  2006 [Tear antioxidant potential in young adults]. SOD
45  2005 Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities of Misodendrum punctulatum, myzodendrone and structurally related phenols. TBARS
46  2005 Estimation of lipoperoxidative damage and antioxidant status in diabetic children: relationship with individual antioxidants. DC, MDA, SH
47  2004 A pyranine based procedure for evaluation of the total antioxidant potential (TRAP) of polyphenols. A comparison with closely related methodologies. ---
48  2004 Oxidative stress markers in aqueous humor of glaucoma patients. GPx, SOD
49  2003 Effect of enteral feeding with eicosapentaenoic acid, gamma-linolenic acid, and antioxidants on antioxidant status in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, LPO
50  2003 Glutaric acid induces oxidative stress in brain of young rats. ---
51  2003 Peripheral parameters of oxidative stress in Graves' disease: the effects of methimazole and 131 iodine treatments. CAT, CL, GPx, MMI, SOD
52  2002 Protective properties of butanolic extract of the Calendula officinalis L. (marigold) against lipid peroxidation of rat liver microsomes and action as free radical scavenger. BF, RNS, ROS, TAR
53  2002 Radiation effects on oxidative metabolism in young and aged rat alveolar macrophages. AM, NO
54  2001 Evaluation of total reactive antioxidant potential (TRAP) of tissue homogenates and their cytosols. ---
55  2000 Antioxidant activity of Artemisia douglasiana besser extract and dehydroleucodine. DhL, TAR
56  2000 Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities in extracts from medicinal trees used in the 'Caatinga' region in northeastern Brazil. CL, TBARS
57  2000 DNA integrity in human spermatozoa: relationships with semen quality. CASA, ISNT-condensed, ROS, WHO
58  1999 Antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects in extracts of the medicinal herb Achyrocline satureioides (Lam.) DC. ("marcela"). TAR, TBARS
59  1999 Total antioxidant potential of resinous exudates from Heliotropium species, and a comparison of the ABTS and DPPH methods. ---
60  1999 Total reactive antioxidant potential in human saliva of smokers and non-smokers. ---
61  1998 4-Nerolidylcatechol from Pothomorphe spp. scavenges peroxyl radicals and inhibits Fe(II)-dependent DNA damage. 4-NC, TAR
62  1998 Iatrogenic DNA damage induced in human spermatozoa during sperm preparation: protective significance of seminal plasma. ICSI, ROS
63  1998 Oxidative damage, plasma antioxidant capacity, and glucemic control in elderly NIDDM patients. NIDDM
64  1997 Effects of Sangre de Drago from Croton lechleri Muell.-Arg. on the production of active oxygen radicals. ---
65  1996 Maternal infusion of antioxidants (Trolox and ascorbic acid) protects the fetal heart in rabbit fetal hypoxia. AA
66  1996 Total antioxidant capacity of human seminal plasma. ---