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Abbreviation : UIBC
Long Form : unsaturated iron binding capacity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 An Improved Method for Quick Quantification of Unsaturated Transferrin. TIBC, TS
2022 Effect of an acute exercise on early responses of iron and iron regulatory proteins in young female basketball players. IL, TIBC
2022 Is intervertebral disc degeneration associated with reduction in serum ferritin? IDD, SF, SI, TIBC, TS
2022 Magnesium supplementation and iron status among female students: The intervention study. iMg, PCA, SAT, TIBC, TMg
2022 Peripheral Iron Metabolism is Associated with Leg Movements on Polysomnography but Not with the Severity of Restless Legs Syndrome or Its Impact on Patients. CRP, LMs, PLMS, PSG, RLS, TIBC, TSAT
2022 Potential clinical implications of iron metabolism in ovarian endometriosis. GEO, IRE, IRP, OEMs, Tf
2021 Association of common TMPRSS6 and TF gene variants with hepcidin and iron status in healthy rural Gambians. Tf, TMPRSS6, TSAT
2021 Evidence-Based Discriminant Analysis: A New Insight into Iron Profile for the Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. ROC, TIBC
10  2021 α1-Acid Glycoprotein and Dietary Intake in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients. AGP, CRP, ESRD, MIA, TIBC
11  2020 The Role of Iron Metabolism in Fatigue, Depression, and Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis Patients. MS, TIBC
12  2019 Alterations in the Iron Homeostasis Network of Hepatocytes Caused by Hepatitis B Virus. ALT, CHB, HBV, HCs, SI, sTfR, TfR, TIBC, TRF, TS
13  2019 An evaluation of the different biomarkers to discriminate bleeding in Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever. AST, AUC, CCHF
14  2019 Effect of atorvastatin on iron metabolism regulation in patients with chronic kidney disease - a randomized double blind crossover study. CKD, TIBC
15  2019 Hemogram and iron indices in renal anemia and the amelioration with Carica papaya leaf extract applied on albino rat model. CPLE, EPO, HGB, PCV, RBC, TIBC
16  2018 Effects of exposure to electromagnetic field from mobile phone on serum hepcidin and iron status in male albino rats. EMF, Hb, Hct, IL-6, MCH, MCV, TIBC, TLC
17  2018 Iron status in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease. CKD, GLM, HF, IRIS, MMVD, SIC, TIBC
18  2018 Serum iron levels increased by cancer chemotherapy correlate the chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. CINV
19  2017 Comparison of deferasirox and deferoxamine effects on iron overload and immunological changes in patients with blood transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia. ---
20  2017 Effects of Protein-Iron Complex Concentrate Supplementation on Iron Metabolism, Oxidative and Immune Status in Preweaning Calves. GPx, PIC, TIBC
21  2017 Evaluation of serum ferritin and thyroid function in the second trimester of pregnancy. Cr, FBG, Hb, SF
22  2017 Photometric flow analysis system for biomedical investigations of iron/transferrin speciation in human serum. MCFA, SI, TIBC
23  2016 Changes in biochemical analytes in female dogs with subclinical Ancylostoma spp. infection. BChE, CRP, Hp, IGF - 1, PON1, TAC, TLI
24  2016 Relation between iron metabolism and antioxidants enzymes and delta-ALA-D activity in rats experimentally infected by Fasciola hepatica. CAT, delta-ALA-D, PI, SOD
25  2015 Ameliorating role of rutin on oxidative stress induced by iron overload in hepatic tissue of rats. AST, CAT, GPx, i.p, IOL, L-MDA, NO, SOD, Tf, TIBC, TNA
26  2015 Anti-repulsive Guidance Molecule C (RGMc) Antibodies Increases Serum Iron in Rats and Cynomolgus Monkeys by Hepcidin Downregulation. RGMc, RGMc
27  2015 Cobalamin deficiency can mask depleted body iron reserves. ---
29  2015 Iron Metabolism in Field Hockey Players During an Annual Training Cycle. TIBC
30  2014 Anemia in adenine-induced chronic renal failure and the influence of treatment with gum acacia thereon. CKD, EC, EPO, GA, GGT, Hb, HP, IS, Tf, TIBC
31  2014 Enigmatic question of early reactive arthritis disclosed after researches of mycoplasmas, Chlamydia trachomatis and enteropathogens following the holistic vision of human being. CT, TIBC, WWR
32  2014 Iron status in blood donor dogs. BD, SI, TIBC
33  2013 Inflammatory marker profiles in an avian experimental model of aspergillosis. TIBC
34  2013 Markers of iron metabolism in retired racing Greyhounds with and without osteosarcoma. NGs, OSA, RRGs, TIBC
35  2012 Perinatal role of hepcidin and iron homeostasis in full-term intrauterine growth-restricted infants. AGA, IUGR
36  2011 Assessment of iron deficiency in pregnant women by determining iron status. Hb, TIBC
37  2011 Effects of hemolysis interferences on routine biochemistry parameters. ALP, AST, CK, GGT, LD
38  2011 Interference of deferasirox with assays for serum iron and serum unsaturated iron binding capacity during iron chelating therapy. DFX
39  2011 Iron homeostasis and distal colorectal adenoma risk in the prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer screening trial. TIBC
40  2011 Micronutrients decrease incidence of common infections in type 2 diabetic outpatients. ---
41  2010 Evaluation of erythrocytes, platelets, and serum iron profile in dogs with chronic enteropathy. CE
42  2010 Feature on erythropoiesis in dietary restricted rats. NT
43  2010 Heritability of serum iron measures in the hemochromatosis and iron overload screening (HEIRS) family study. HEIRS, ln
44  2009 Decreased serum prohepcidin concentration in patients with polycythemia vera. PV, sTfR, TfS, TIBC
45  2009 Long-term exercise training selectively alters serum cytokines involved in fever. IL-10, IL-1beta, IL-6, TNF-alpha
46  2009 Pro-hepcidin and iron metabolism parameters in multi-time blood donors. sTfR, TIBC
47  2009 [Study on HFE gene mutations in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes and aplastic anemia]. AA, ECG, FBS, MDS, PCR-RFLP, SF, SI, TS
48  2008 Stable isotope labelling and FPLC-ICP-SFMS for the accurate determination of clinical iron status parameters in human serum. FPLC, ICP-MS, Tf, TIBC
49  2007 A genome-wide linkage scan for iron phenotype quantitative trait loci: the HEIRS Family Study. LOD, QTL, SF, TS
50  2006 Alteration in iron status in pre eclampsia. TIBC
51  2005 Effect of Mentha piperita (Labiatae) and Mentha spicata (Labiatae) on iron absorption in rats. ---
52  2005 Influence of nonspecific reaction on determination of H2O2 using Trinder reagents. ---
53  2005 The use of recombinant human erythropoietin in the treatment of anaemia of prematurity. AOP, rHuEPO
54  2005 [Iron, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC)]. TIBC
55  2004 A model for acute iron overload in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.). AAS, i.p, IDx, MMCs, TI, TS
56  2003 Iron deficiency anaemia in Nigerian infants. Hb, ICHI, MVC, PCV, TIBC, TSI
57  2003 Iron trends in rat serum related to dietary fish oils under protein malnutrition. CLO, CO, SO
58  2002 Serum ferritin as a measure of iron stores in the college girls. TS
59  2002 Unsaturated iron binding capacity and transferrin saturation are equally reliable in detection of HFE hemochromatosis. ---
60  2001 HFE mutations, iron deficiency and overload in 10,500 blood donors. GH, sFn, TS
61  2000 Histological change after interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C in view of iron deposition in the liver. CHC, HAI, IFN, TIBC
62  2000 Oxidative protein damage in early stage Type 1 diabetic patients. Cp, LHP, NO, NT, PCO, SOD, TAO, TRF
63  2000 The effect of transferrin polymorphisms on iron metabolism. MCV
64  1999 Are circulating cytokines interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha involved in chlorpyrifos-induced fever? ChE, CHP, IL-6
65  1999 Autologous blood transfusion with recombinant erythropoietin treatment in anaemic patients with rheumatoid arthritis. RA
66  1999 [Total iron binding capacity (TIBC), unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC)]. TIBC
67  1998 Activated hepatic stellate cells participate in liver fibrosis in a patient with transfusional iron overload. HLA
68  1998 Effects of iron deficiency on iron distribution and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) metabolism in young rat brain tissues. GABA, GABA-T, GAD, Hb, Ht, RBC, TIBC
69  1998 The relation between chemically measured total iron-binding capacity concentrations and immunologically measured transferrin concentrations in human serum. TIBC, TRF
70  1997 A longitudinal study of unsaturated iron-binding capacity and lactoferrin in unstimulated parotid saliva. ELISA, LF, TI, TIBC
71  1997 Anti Candida activity of induced transferrin in mice immunized with inactivated Candida albicans. ---
72  1995 Nonenzymatic glycation of transferrin: decrease of iron-binding capacity and increase of oxygen radical production. BPSA, TIBC
73  1995 Role of antioxidants on the erythrocytes resistance to lipid peroxidation after acute iron overload in rats. ---
74  1995 [Total iron binding capacity (TIBC), unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC)]. TIBC
75  1994 Cyclic haemopoiesis at 7- or 8-day intervals. CRP, EPO, G-CSF
76  1994 Hemochromatosis in Salers cattle. TIBC, TS
77  1994 Serum antioxidant status in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat. AOA, TRAP
78  1994 [Clinical application of AMI-25 (superparamagnetic iron oxide) for the MR imaging of hepatic tumors: a multicenter clinical phase III study]. ---
79  1993 Incidence of anemia in women in fishing villages. Hb, Ht, TIBC
80  1993 Serum changes of Ferroxidases and iron-binding capacity in pregnancy. TIBC
81  1993 [Evaluation of renal uptake on 111InCl3 bone marrow scintigraphy in patients with aplastic anemia and myelodysplastic syndrome]. MDS
82  1992 Ceruloplasmin and transferrin levels are altered in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with the adult respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, BALF, PMA
83  1992 Serum erythropoietin concentrations and iron status in patients on chronic hemodialysis. EPO
84  1991 Lactoferrin levels and unsaturated iron-binding capacity in colostrum of Brazilian women of two socioeconomic levels. LF
85  1991 [Pharmacokinetics and the time course of pharmacodynamics of recombinant human erythropoietin (SNB-5001)]. ---
86  1988 Elevated serum iron levels following administration of cisplatinum. ---
87  1988 The measurement of serum unsaturated iron-binding capacity in the presence of iron-dextran. ---
88  1986 Relationship between serum ferritin, iron stores and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis. DFO, ESR, RA
89  1984 Uptake of 67Ga in the lung of mice during bleomycin treatment. BLM, HA, HS
90  1983 [Ferrokinetics--pretreatment for intravenous injection of 59-Fe in cases with low unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC)--a method for removal of iron from the plasma and complete binding of 59-Fe to autogenous transferrin]. ---
91  1982 A fully automated method for determining total serum iron and unsaturated iron-binding capacity using a Technicon AA-II AutoAnalyser system. ---
92  1982 Proposal for the standardization of the serum unsaturated iron binding capacity assay, and results in groups of subjects with normal iron stores and with prelatent, latent, and manifest iron deficiency. TIBC
93  1981 [The influence of iron on 67Ga distribution in tumor-bearing mice--effect of iron administered before 67Ga injection (author's transl)]. ---
94  1980 Modification of distribution of gallium 67 in man by administration of iron. ---
95  1979 Antifungal activity of transferrin. ---
96  1979 Effect of iron deficiency on the biodistribution and tumor uptake of Ga-67 citrate in animals: concise communication. ---
97  1978 Clinical aspects on total iron-binding capacity (TIBC), unsaturated iron-binding capacity (UIBC) and serum iron (SI). SI, TIBC
98  1977 A clinical investigation of an iron-poly (sorbitol-gluconic acid) complex, Ferastral, for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia. ---
99  1976 Approaches to the standardization of serum unsaturated iron-binding capacity. EDTA
100  1973 A simple method for the semi-micro determination of unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC). ---