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Abbreviation : USG
Long Form : urine specific gravity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Acute Dehydration Impairs Performance and Physiological Responses in Highly Trained Judo Athletes. CON, DEHY, HGS, HR, JGST, SJFT
2022 Acute Kidney Injury Biomarkers and Hydration Outcomes at the Boston Marathon. AKI, SCr, Scys, UCr
2022 Can Bodybuilding Peak Week Manipulations Favorably Affect Muscle Size, Subcutaneous Thickness, and Related Body Composition Variables? A Case Study. BIS, DEXA, ECW, ICW, MT, ST, TBW
2022 Changes in body mass and hydration status in judo athletes before and after a top-level competition: a descriptive case study. IJF, UC
2022 Comparison of a Sucrose-Based and Rice-Based Sports Beverage on Hydration Status During a 19.3-km Foot March in ROTC Cadets. GI, RB, ROTC, SB
2022 Dehydration Status Aggravates Early Renal Impairment in Children: A Longitudinal Study. beta2-MG, MA
2022 Hydration Status in Men Working in Different Thermal Environments: A Pilot Study. BM, Sosm, TBW
2022 Impact of long-duration adventure racing on hydration status, blood electrolytes and biomarkers of kidney function in trained adolescent athletes. BUN
2022 Improving hydration in elite male footballers during a national team training camp - an observational case study. MD, UEFA
10  2022 Monitoring Acclimatization and Training Responses Over 17-21 Days at 1,800 m in Elite Cross-Country Skiers and Biathletes. ---
11  2022 Physical demands and physiological strain of American football referees while officiating. HR, HS
12  2022 Regional Bioelectrical Phase Angle Is More Informative than Whole-Body Phase Angle for Monitoring Neuromuscular Performance: A Pilot Study in Elite Young Soccer Players. BIA, CMJ, PhA, Uosm, WBPhA
13  2022 Response to a Water Bolus in Long Term Oral Contraceptive Users. OCP
14  2022 The Effects of a 2-hour Surfing Session on the Hydration Status of Male Recreational Surfers. BM
15  2022 Urinary Protein/Creatinine Ratio in Feline Medicine: Reasons to Perform It and Its Role in Clinical Practice-A Retrospective Study. CKD, UPCR
16  2022 Young Adults with Higher Salt Intake Have Inferior Hydration Status: A Cross-Sectional Study. TWI
17  2021 A clinical survey of dehydration during winter training in elite fencing athletes. ---
18  2021 A Comparison of Methods Used to Determine Percent Body Fat, Minimum Wrestling Weight, and Lowest Allowable Weight Class. ADP, DXA, MWW, SF, US
19  2021 A Mixed-Method Approach of Pre-Cooling Enhances High-Intensity Running Performance in the Heat. CON, HR, RPE, SL, TS
20  2021 Analysis of the Distribution of Urine Color and Its Relationship With Urine Dry Chemical Parameters Among College Students in Beijing, China - A Cross-Sectional Study. ROC, Ucol
21  2021 Associations of Urine Specific Gravity With Body Mass Index and Lean Body Mass at the Population Level: Implications for Hydration Monitoring. BMI, LBM
22  2021 Availability of a Flavored Beverage and Impact on Children's Hydration Status, Sleep, and Mood. CON, INT, POMS-a, PSQI, Ucol
23  2021 Dehydration and Rapid Weight Gain Between Weigh-in and Competition in Judo Athletes: The Differences between Women and Men. TBW
24  2021 Effect of urine-specific gravity on performance of bacteriuria in predicting urine culture results. ---
25  2021 Effects of desmopressin acetate administration in healthy dogs receiving prednisolone. PAD, PD
26  2021 Estimates of fluid intake, urine output and hydration-levels in women from Somaliland: a cross-sectional study. TFI, Ucol, Uvol
27  2021 Evaluation of urine dipstick for proteinuria assessment in pet rabbits. KD, NPVs, PPV, UPC, UPDT
28  2021 Heat strain in children during unstructured outdoor physical activity in a continental summer climate. HR, PSI
29  2021 Interobserver reliability of canine urine specific gravity assessed by analog or digital refractometers. ICC, RVTs
30  2021 Kidney Injury Molecule-1 in the detection of early kidney injury in dogs with leptospirosis. KIM-1, uKIM-1
31  2021 Potential Acute Renal Injury in Sheep with Bluetongue Serotype 4. ALB, BTV, BUN, UGGTC, UPC
32  2021 Proteinuria in dogs with gallbladder mucocele formation: A retrospective case control study. ---
33  2021 Relationship between objective and subjective hydration measures on sprint performance among soccer players during actual matches in hot and humid environment. BW
34  2021 Relationship between urine specific gravity and the prevalence rate of kidney stone. BMI, eGFR, NHANES
35  2021 Reliability of Three Urine Specific Gravity Meters Measuring Brix and Urine Solutions at Different Temperatures. Bx, DIG, HYD
36  2021 The acute effect of the menstrual cycle and oral contraceptive cycle on measures of body composition. BIA, DXA, MC, OC, pQCT
37  2021 The Effect of a Tailored Intervention on Female Soccer Players' Hydration Status. ---
38  2021 The impact of periodontal disease and dental cleaning procedures on serum and urine kidney biomarkers in dogs and cats. BAIB, BUN, Cr, SDMA
39  2021 The predictive value of urine specific gravity in the diagnosis of vasovagal syncope in children and adolescents. HUTT, VVS
40  2021 The Relationship between %BML, Urine Color, Thirst Level and Urine Indices of Hydration Status. ES, Uosm
41  2021 Urine specific gravity to identify and predict hydration need in ALS. ALS
42  2021 Validity of water compartments estimated using bioimpedance spectroscopy in athletes differing in hydration status. BIS, DH, ECW, EH, ICW, TBW, WH
43  2020 A Field Evaluation of Construction Workers' Activity, Hydration Status, and Heat Strain in the Extreme Summer Heat of Saudi Arabia. HR, HRR, WBGTOELs
44  2020 Association of Serum Uric Acid, Urea Nitrogen, and Urine Specific Gravity Levels at 16-18 Weeks of Gestation with the Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. CI, GDM, OR, UA, UN
45  2020 Comparison of canine urine specific gravity measurements between various refractometers in a clinical setting. ---
46  2020 Detection of voluntary dehydration in paediatric populations using non-invasive point-of-care saliva and urine testing. POC, SOSM
47  2020 Dietary Intake, Hydration Status, and Body Composition of Three Belgian Military Groups. REs, SF
48  2020 Effects of sex and menstrual cycle on volume-regulatory responses to 24-h fluid restriction. 24-h FR, MC, Posm, Uosm, Ucol
49  2020 Effects of skim milk and isotonic drink consumption before exercise on fluid homeostasis and time-trial performance in cyclists: a randomized cross-over study. SM, SPD
50  2020 Efficacy of an Educational Intervention for Improving the Hydration Status of Female Collegiate Indoor-Sport Athletes. Ucol
51  2020 Epidemiological evidence from south Indian working population-the heat exposures and health linkage. CBT, SwR, TLV, WBGT
52  2020 Estimation of Body Fat Percentage in Jockeys: Implications for a Weight Category Sport. DXA
53  2020 Hiking Time Trial Performance in the Heat with Real-Time Observation of Heat Strain, Hydration Status and Fluid Intake Behavior. RPE, Tc, TT
54  2020 Impaired hydration status in acutely admitted older patients: prevalence and impact on mortality. eGFR
55  2020 Laboratory assessment of trilostane treatment in dogs with pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism. ACTHST, PDH, SCCs, UCCRs
56  2020 Low hydration status may be associated with insulin resistance and fat distribution: analysis of the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2008-2010. HOMA-IR, IR, KNHANES, TLR
57  2020 Noninvasive sampling method for urinalysis and urine protein profile in captive giraffes. uCrea, UPC, UTP
58  2020 Orthostatic Hypotension and Urine Specific Gravity Among Collegiate Athletes. BP
59  2020 Postoperative diabetes insipidus: how to define and grade this complication? DI
60  2020 Racial and Sex Differences in 24 Hour Urinary Hydration Markers among Male and Female Emerging Adults: A Pilot Study. BL, Ucol, Uosm, Uvol, WH
61  2020 Risk of Development of Chronic Kidney Disease After Exposure to Borrelia burgdorferi and Anaplasma spp. CKD, Cr
62  2020 Risk of kidney stone among workers exposed to high occupational heat stress - A case study from southern Indian steel industry. CBT, TLV, WBGT
63  2020 Symmetric dimethylarginine values in koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) based on oxalate nephrosis status. SDMA
64  2020 The Validity of Urine Color as a Hydration Biomarker within the General Adult Population and Athletes: A Systematic Review. Uosm
65  2020 Urinary Reference Values and First Insight into the Urinary Proteome of Captive Giraffes. LL, UCr, UL, UPC, UTP
66  2020 Urine creatinine concentration and urine protein-to-creatinine ratios in healthy nonracing Greyhounds. IRIS, RIs, UPC
67  2020 Urine protein-to-creatinine ratio in cattle with subclinical renal disease. UPC
68  2019 A 4-d Water Intake Intervention Increases Hydration and Cognitive Flexibility among Preadolescent Children. AL
69  2019 Age-related decline in urine concentration may not be universal: Comparative study from the U.S. and two small-scale societies. NHANES, Uosm
70  2019 Changes of Hydration Measures in Elite National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Wrestlers. NCAA
71  2019 Clinical outcomes of 28 cats 12-24 months after urethrostomy. PPU, PU, SDMA, UPC, UTI
72  2019 Effect on urine specific gravity of the addition of glucose to urine samples of dogs and cats. ---
73  2019 Fluid balance and hydration status in combat sport Olympic athletes: a systematic review with meta-analysis of controlled and uncontrolled studies. BM, Uosm
74  2019 High water vs. ad libitum water intake for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: a randomized controlled feasibility trial. ADPKD, HW, IQR, Uosm
75  2019 Hydration Status and Fluid Needs of Division I Female Collegiate Athletes Exercising Indoors and Outdoors. ---
76  2019 Hydration Status and Perception of Fluid Loss in Male and Female University Rugby Union Players. ---
77  2019 Hydration status, total water intake and subjective feelings of adolescents living in a hot environment, during a typical school day. TWI
78  2019 Hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 (6%) and succinylated gelatine (4%) interfere with refractometry in dogs with haemorrhagic shock. eUOsm, LOA, TPPr, Uosm
79  2019 Hyponatraemia and Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion in Non-azotaemic Dogs with Babesiosis Associated with Decreased Arterial Blood Pressure. MAP, SIADH
80  2019 Influence of preanalytic and analytic variables in canine and feline urine specific gravity measurement by refractometer. ---
81  2019 Pilot study of side effects and serum and urine concentrations of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid in azotemic and non-azotemic cats. azCKD
82  2019 Pre-exercise hypohydration prevalence in soccer players: A quantitative systematic review. Uosm
83  2019 Rehydrating efficacy of maple water after exercise-induced dehydration. AP, HR, HRV, MW, RH, UC, UV
84  2019 Short term impacts of meglumine antimoniate treatment on kidney function in dogs with clinical leishmaniosis. ALB, CanL, Cr, CS, GFR, TS, UPC
85  2019 Smartphone-Based Analysis of Urine Reagent Strips Is Inaccurate for Assessing Underhydration. ---
86  2019 Thermoregulation and Hydration in Female American Football Players During Practices. HR, HR, RPE, TGI, Ucol
87  2019 Total Water Intake and Urine Measures of Hydration in Adult Dogs Drinking Tap Water or a Nutrient-Enriched Water. NW, TLI, TW
88  2019 Validity of Digital and Manual Refractometers for Measuring Urine Specific Gravity During Field Operations: A Brief Report. DIG, MAN
89  2019 Validity of temperature, duration, and vessel seal on 24-hour urinary hydration markers. Ucol, UOsmo
90  2019 Variability among four refractometers for the measurement of urine specific gravity and comparisonwith urine osmolality in dogs. Uosm
91  2019 Variability of first morning urine specific gravity in 103 healthy dogs. ---
92  2019 [JNK/c-Jun signaling pathway mediates arginine vasopressin neuron regeneration by promoting cytoskeleton reconstruction in rats with electrical lesions of the pituitary stalk]. AVP, DUV, DWC
93  2018 A study of low-molecular-weight organic acid urinary profiles in prostate cancer by a new liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method. BPH, PC
94  2018 Adding sleep restriction to the equation: impact on wildland firefighters' work performance and physiology in hot conditions. PSG
95  2018 Assessment of acute kidney injury in canine parvovirus infection: Comparison of kidney injury biomarkers with routine renal functional parameters. AKI, CPV, SCr, uIgG, UPC, uRBP
96  2018 Correlation between urine color and urine specific gravity in dogs: Can urine color be used to identify concentrated urine? UC
97  2018 Dehydration is how you define it: comparison of 318 blood and urine athlete spot checks. Uosm
98  2018 Effect of Urinary Sheath Use on Hydration Status of Fighter Pilots Under Severe Thermal Stress: An Observational Study. US
99  2018 Effects of a nutrient-enriched water with and without poultry flavoring on water intake, urine specific gravity, and urine output in healthy domestic cats fed a dry kibble diet. TW
100  2018 Factors Associated with Pre-Event Hydration Status and Drinking Behavior of Middle-Aged Cyclists. EUH, MA, SD, SH