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Abbreviation : VGSCs
Long Form : voltage-gated sodium channels
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Low-Frequency Pulsed Magnetic Field Reduces Neuropathic Pain by Regulating NaV1.8 and NaV1.9 Sodium Channels at the Transcriptional Level in Diabetic Rats. LF-PMF, PDN
2021 Analgesic effect of the main components of Corydalis yanhusuo (yanhusuo in Chinese) is caused by inhibition of voltage gated sodium channels. CK-MB
2021 Block of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels as a Potential Novel Anti-cancer Mechanism of TIC10. ---
2021 Emergency Use of Targeted Osmotic Lysis for the Treatment of a Patient with Aggressive Late-Stage Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix. TOL
2021 In vivo functional validation of the V402L voltage gated sodium channel mutation in the malaria vector An. gambiae. ---
2021 Mechanisms Underlying the Selective Therapeutic Efficacy of Carbamazepine for Attenuation of Trigeminal Nerve Injury Pain. CBZ, CCI, ION
2021 N58A Exerts Analgesic Effect on Trigeminal Neuralgia by Regulating the MAPK Pathway and Tetrodotoxin-Resistant Sodium Channel. TN
2021 Properties of Calmodulin Binding to NaV1.2 IQ Motif and Its Autism-Associated Mutation R1902C. CaM
2021 Scorpion venom heat-resistant synthesized peptide ameliorates 6-OHDA-induced neurotoxicity and neuroinflammation: likely role of Nav 1.6 inhibition in microglia. LPS, MAPKs, SVHRSP
10  2021 Tetrodotoxin, a Potential Drug for Neuropathic and Cancer Pain Relief? TTX
11  2021 Tetrodotoxin: A New Strategy to Treat Visceral Pain? GI, TTX
12  2021 The effect of sodium channels on neurological/neuronal disorders: A systematic review. ---
13  2021 Voltage Gated Sodium Channel Genes in Epilepsy: Mutations, Functional Studies, and Treatment Dimensions. ---
14  2021 Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels: A Prominent Target of Marine Toxins. ---
15  2020 Activation of voltage-gated sodium channels by BmK NT1 augments NMDA receptor function through Src family kinase signaling pathway in primary cerebellar granule cell cultures. BmK, CGCs, NMDA, PP3
16  2020 Co-Application of Eugenol and QX-314 Elicits the Prolonged Blockade of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Nociceptive Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons. APs, LAs, TG, TRPV1
17  2020 Human Breast Cancer Cells Demonstrate Electrical Excitability. RTS, TTX
18  2020 Identification of transcriptome and fluralaner responsive genes in the common cutworm Spodoptera litura Fabricius, based on RNA-seq. AChEs, CarEs, DEGs, FHC, GABAR, GluCl, GSTs, HSP, IHX, LDLRAP1-B, nAChRs, P450s, PCP, PT, RT-qPCR, RyR, SCMT1, VPSAP13
19  2020 Lidocaine inhibits the metastatic potential of ovarian cancer by blocking NaV 1.5-mediated EMT and FAK/Paxillin signaling pathway. EMT
20  2020 Mini-review - Sodium channels and beyond in peripheral nerve disease: Modulation by cytokines and their effector protein kinases. ---
21  2020 Oleuropein: A Potential Inhibitor for Prostate Cancer Cell Motility by Blocking Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels. AOLE
22  2020 Recent advances in treatment of epilepsy-related sodium channelopathies. ---
23  2020 Revisiting the Neuroblastoma Cell-Based Assay (CBA-N2a) for the Improved Detection of Marine Toxins Active on Voltage Gated Sodium Channels (VGSCs). CTX, CVs, dcSTX, LOD, LOQ, STX
24  2020 Targeted Osmotic Lysis of Highly Invasive Breast Carcinomas Using Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimulation of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels and Pharmacological Blockade of Sodium Pumps. PMFs, TOL
25  2020 The effects of knock-down resistance mutations and alternative splicing on voltage-gated sodium channels in Musca domestica and Drosophila melanogaster. wild-type
26  2020 The Functional Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.5 in Metastatic Breast Cancer. EMT
27  2020 The Pivotal Potentials of Scorpion Buthus Martensii Karsch-Analgesic-Antitumor Peptide in Pain Management and Cancer. BmK AGAP, VGCCs
28  2020 The role of sodium channels in sudden unexpected death in pediatrics. ACMG, SUDP
29  2020 The Role of the Persistent Sodium Current in Epilepsy. ---
30  2020 The voltage-gated sodium channel inhibitor, 4,9-anhydrotetrodotoxin, blocks human Nav1.1 in addition to Nav1.6. 4,9-ah-TTX
31  2019 3'-Methoxydaidzein exerts analgesic activity by inhibiting voltage-gated sodium channels. 3MOD, CCI, DAI, GEN
32  2019 Biocatalytic Detoxification of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins. PSTs
33  2019 BmK AEP, an Anti-Epileptic Peptide Distinctly Affects the Gating of Brain Subtypes of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels. APs
34  2019 BmK NT1-induced neurotoxicity is mediated by PKC/CaMKⅡ-dependent ERK1/2 and p38 activation in primary cultured cerebellar granule cells. BmK, CaMKK, CGCs, DIVs, JNK
35  2019 Ca2+-dependent recruitment of voltage-gated sodium channels underlies bilirubin-induced overexcitation and neurotoxicity. BIL, MVN
36  2019 Changes in the neurotransmitter profile in the central nervous system of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma) after exposure to brevetoxin PbTx-1 - A multivariate approach to establish exposure biomarkers. CNS, NMDARs, OPLS-DA, PCA, PLS-DA, SUS-plot
37  2019 Convergent and parallel evolution in a voltage-gated sodium channel underlies TTX-resistance in the Greater Blue-ringed Octopus: Hapalochlaena lunulata. TTX
38  2019 Distribution and Functional Characteristics of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Immature Cochlear Hair Cells. IHCs
39  2019 Effect of Sigma-1 Receptors on Voltage-Gated Sodium Ion Channels in Colon Cancer Cell Line SW620. ---
40  2019 In Vivo Evidence for Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Expression in Carcinomas and Potentiation of Metastasis. ---
41  2019 Natural Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Ligands: Biosynthesis and Biology. ---
42  2019 Preclinical evaluation of 1,2,4-triazole-based compounds targeting voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs) as promising anticonvulsant drug candidates. AEDs, MES
43  2019 Role of ion channels in gastrointestinal cancer. CRC, GC, GI, PC
44  2019 SCN9A Epileptic Encephalopathy Mutations Display a Gain-of-function Phenotype and Distinct Sensitivity to Oxcarbazepine. OXC, WT
45  2019 The Emerging Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Tumor Biology. ---
46  2019 The Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Pain Signaling. ---
47  2019 Voltage-gated sodium channel inhibitor reduces atherosclerosis by modulating monocyte/macrophage subsets and suppressing macrophage proliferation. CD, PHT, WD
48  2019 Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels Are Involved in Cognitive Impairments in Parkinson's Disease- like Rats. 6-OHDA, PD
49  2019 Voltage-gated sodium channels beta3 subunit promotes tumorigenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma by facilitating p53 degradation. ---
50  2019 Voltage-gated sodium channels: structures, functions, and molecular modeling. CADD
51  2018 -TRTX-Ca1a: a novel neurotoxin from Cyriopagopus albostriatus with analgesic effects. Ca1a
52  2018 Abnormal changes in voltage-gated sodium channels subtypes NaV1.1, NaV1.2, NaV1.3, NaV1.6 and CaM/CaMKII pathway in low-grade astrocytoma. CaM, CaMKII
53  2018 Development of the 1,2,4-triazole-based anticonvulsant drug candidates acting on the voltage-gated sodium channels. Insights from in-vivo, in-vitro, and in-silico studies. PAMPA, SCGE
54  2018 Differential roles of NaV1.2 and NaV1.6 in regulating neuronal excitability at febrile temperature and distinct contributions to febrile seizures. FS, PTx3
55  2018 Evaluation of the anticancer and anti-metastasis effects of novel synthetic sodium channel blockers in prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. SCBs
56  2018 Evaluation of the antinociceptive activities of several sodium channel blockers using veratrine test in mice. ---
57  2018 Functional Modulation of Nav1.2 Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels Induced by Escitalopram. SSRI
58  2018 Inhibition of lncRNA X inactivate-specific transcript ameliorates inflammatory pain by suppressing satellite glial cell activation and inflammation by acting as a sponge of miR-146a to inhibit Nav 1.7. CFA, DRG, GFAP, lncRNA, XIST
59  2018 Re-expression of voltage-gated sodium channel subtype Nav1.3 in the substantia nigra after dopamine depletion. BG, PD
60  2018 Reduced cooperativity of voltage-gated sodium channels in the hippocampal interneurons of an aged mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, APdE9, APs, HH, NTG
61  2018 Scorpion Toxins Targeting Voltage-gated Sodium Channels Associated with Pain. ---
62  2018 Selective lysis of breast carcinomas by simultaneous stimulation of sodium channels and blockade of sodium pumps. ---
63  2018 Strong G-Protein-Mediated Inhibition of Sodium Channels. CaSR, GDP
64  2018 Tanshinone IIA Improves Painful Diabetic Neuropathy by Suppressing the Expression and Activity of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel in Rat Dorsal Root Ganglia. DRG, i.p, PDN, STZ, TIIA, TTX-S
65  2018 The Effect of Ca2+, Lobe-Specificity, and CaMKII on CaM Binding to NaV1.1. CaM, CaMKII
66  2018 The effect of ethanol extract of Glycyrrhiza uralensis on the voltage-gated sodium channel subtype 1.4. G. uralensis
67  2018 The influence of voltage-gated sodium channels on human gastrointestinal nociception. ---
68  2018 Understanding Genotypes and Phenotypes of the Mutations in Voltage- Gated Sodium Channel alpha Subunits in Epilepsy. ---
69  2018 Voltage-gated Sodium Channels in Sensory Information Processing. ---
70  2018 [Voltage-gated sodium channels regulate the biological functions of macrophages]. ---
71  2017 A single Markov-type kinetic model accounting for the macroscopic currents of all human voltage-gated sodium channel isoforms. HH
72  2017 Activation of sodium channel by a novel alpha-scorpion toxin, BmK NT2, stimulates ERK1/2 and CERB phosphorylation through a Ca2+ dependent pathway in neocortical neurons. CREB, ERK
73  2017 Bulleyaconitine A preferably reduces tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium current in uninjured dorsal root ganglion neurons of neuropathic rats probably via inhibition of protein kinase C. BLA, DRG, L5 SNL, SNI, TTX-S
74  2017 C2-Modified Sparteine Derivatives Are a New Class of Potentially Long-Acting Sodium Channel Blockers. ---
75  2017 Cytokine cascades induced by mechanical trauma injury alter voltage-gated sodium channel activity in intact cortical neurons. BDNF, IL, TBI
76  2017 Deltamethrin affects the expression of voltage-gated calcium channel alpha1 subunits and the locomotion, egg-laying, foraging behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans. C. elegans, VGCCs
77  2017 Distribution and function of voltage-gated sodium channels in the nervous system. ---
78  2017 Investigation of Binding Modes and Functional Surface of Scorpion Toxins ANEP to Sodium Channels 1.7. ANEP
79  2017 Local knockdown of Nav1.6 relieves pain behaviors induced by BmK I. BmK
80  2017 Modification of distinct ion channels differentially modulates Ca2+ dynamics in primary cultured rat ventricular cardiomyocytes. RyRs
81  2017 Molecular mechanism of action and safety of 5-(3-chlorophenyl)-4-hexyl-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione - a novel anticonvulsant drug candidate. ---
82  2017 New Anti-Seizure (Arylalkyl)azole Derivatives: Synthesis, In Vivo and In Silico Studies. GABA, LRZ
83  2017 Parallel homodimer structures of the extracellular domains of the voltage-gated sodium channel beta4 subunit explain its role in cell-cell adhesion. ---
84  2017 Posttranslational Modification of Sodium Channels. ---
85  2017 The efficacy of lacosamide as monotherapy and adjunctive therapy in focal epilepsy and its use in status epilepticus: clinical trial evidence and experience. AEDs, AEs, LCM, SE
86  2017 The role of REST and HDAC2 in epigenetic dysregulation of Nav1.5 and nNav1.5 expression in breast cancer. HDACs, REST, TSA
87  2017 Toxins That Affect Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels. ---
88  2017 Voltage-gated sodium channel beta subunits: The power outside the pore in brain development and disease. ---
89  2017 Zn2+ reduction induces neuronal death with changes in voltage-gated potassium and sodium channel currents. TPEN
90  2016 Activation of sodium channels by alpha-scorpion toxin, BmK NT1, produced neurotoxicity in cerebellar granule cells: an association with intracellular Ca2+ overloading. CGCs
91  2016 Changes in the expression of voltage-gated sodium channels Nav1.3, Nav1.7, Nav1.8, and Nav1.9 in rat trigeminal ganglia following chronic constriction injury. TN
92  2016 Development of a Rapid Throughput Assay for Identification of hNav1.7 Antagonist Using Unique Efficacious Sodium Channel Agonist, Antillatoxin. ATX, FLIPR
93  2016 Effects of curcumin on sodium currents of dorsal root ganglion neurons in type 2 diabetic neuropathic pain rats. DNP, DRG, T2DM
94  2016 Effects of Hedera helix L. extracts on rat prostate cancer cell proliferation and motility. ---
95  2016 Effects of Na+ Current and Mechanogated Channels in Myofibroblasts on Myocyte Excitability and Repolarization. APD, Mfb-M, MGCs
96  2016 FGF14 is a regulator of KCNQ2/3 channels. AIS, FGF14
97  2016 Functional up-regulation of Nav1.8 sodium channel on dorsal root ganglia neurons contributes to the induction of scorpion sting pain. ASODN, BmK, CFA, DRG
98  2016 Glycyrrhizic Acid Ameliorates Cognitive Impairment in a Rat Model of Vascular Dementia Associated with Oxidative Damage and Inhibition of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels. GA, VD
99  2016 HYP-17, a novel voltage-gated sodium channel blocker, relieves inflammatory and neuropathic pain in rats. DRG, SCI, TTX-R, TTX-S
100  2016 Inhibition of cystathionine beta-synthetase suppresses sodium channel activities of dorsal root ganglion neurons of rats with lumbar disc herniation. AOAA, CBS, DRG, LDH