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Abbreviation : VIQ
Long Form : verbal intelligence quotient
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Aberrant Topological Properties of Brain Functional Network in Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Derived from Resting-State fMRI. FIQ, OSA, rs-fMRI
2022 Curative Effect of Prebiotics/Probiotics-Assisted Ketogenic Diet on Children with Refractory Epilepsy. 5-HT, KD, PIQ
2022 Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Over the Left Primary Motor Cortex on Verbal Intelligence. PIQ, tDCS
2022 Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Combined with Computer-Aided Cognitive Training on Cognitive Function of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Dysgnosia. ACA, C-WISC, C-WYCSI, CACT, GMFM-88, MCA, PCA, PIQ, TMS, Vd, Vm, Vs
2022 Gender differences in trace element exposures with cognitive abilities of school-aged children: a cohort study in Wujiang city, China. AAS, Cr, ICP-MS, Mn, PIQ, Se, WISC-CR
2022 Serum neurofilament light reflects cognitive dysfunctions in children with obstructive sleep apnea. AHI, AUC, C-WISC, FIQ, NfL, OAHI, OAI, OSA, PIQ, RAI
2021 Adaptive Working Memory Training Can Improve Executive Functioning and Visuo-Spatial Skills in Children With Pre-term Spastic Diplegia. CogMed, pSD
2021 Assessment of event-related evoked potentials and China-Wechsler intelligence scale for cognitive dysfunction in children with obstructive sleep apnea. AHI, C-WISC, FIQ, OAHI, OAI, OSA, PIQ, RAI, SDB
2021 Cognitive correlates of autism spectrum disorder symptoms. ABIDE, ADOS, ASD, PIQ
10  2021 Cognitive functioning in progressive myoclonus epilepsy type 1 (Unverricht-Lundborg Disease, EPM1). PIQ, UMRS
11  2021 Development of receptive vocabulary and verbal intelligence in Japanese children with unilateral hearing loss. NH, PVT-R, SS, UHL, VCI
12  2021 The association between cardiovascular risk burden and cognitive function amongst the old: a 9-year longitudinal cohort study. CI, FIQ, PIQ, WAIS-RC
13  2020 Language functions deserve more attention in follow-up of children born very preterm. PIQ, VP
14  2020 Refinement Impairments of Verbal-Performance Intelligent Quotient in Children Exposed to Fluoride Produced by Coal Burning. IQ, PIQ, WISC-CR
15  2020 Surface-based morphometry study of the brain in benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes. BECTS, FIQ, FWE, HCs, IQ, PIQ, SBM
16  2020 [Intelligence structure and clinical features of school-age children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and specific learning disorder]. ADHD, FIQ, PIQ, SLD
17  2019 Characteristics of Cognitive in Children with Learning Difficulties. FIQ, PIQ
18  2019 Epilepsy surgery in children: no further threat to theory of mind. ToM
19  2019 Impact of maternal prepregnancy body mass index on cognitive and metabolic profiles of singletons born after invitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ART, BMI, FIQ, ICSI, IVF, PIQ
20  2019 Left hemispherectomy in older children and adolescents: outcome of cognitive abilities. PIQ
21  2018 Cognitive and motor outcomes in children with unilateral Sturge-Weber syndrome: Effect of age at seizure onset and side of brain involvement. GIQ, IQ, MRI, SWS
22  2018 IQ discrepancy differentiates levels of fine motor skills and their relationship in children with autism spectrum disorders. ASD, CDIIT, IQD
23  2018 Left Parietal Functional Connectivity Mediates the Association Between COMT rs4633 and Verbal Intelligence in Healthy Adults. COMT, FCD, lrFCD
24  2018 Neurocognitive outcomes after heart transplantation in early childhood. CHD, CPB, FSIQ, HLA, PIQ, VMI
25  2018 Role of Language-Related Functional Connectivity in Patients with Benign Childhood Epilepsy with Centrotemporal Spikes. BECTS, FC, FSIQ, ROIs
26  2018 The effect of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on intelligence in low birth weight infant during lactation: A meta-analysis. BSID, FSIQ, LC-PUFA, MDI, PDI, PIQ, WISC
27  2017 Cognition in patients with benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes: A study with long-term VEEG and RS-fMRI. BECTS, FIQ, IQ, PIQ, ReHo, rs-fMRI, SWI
28  2017 Reduced Intellectual Ability in Offspring of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome: A Cohort Study. FIQ, OHSS, PIQ, SD
29  2017 [Application of long term video electroencephalogram and resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging in detection of cognition in patients with benign epilepsy of childhood with centrotemporal spikes]. BECTS, FIQ, PIQ, ReHo, rs-fMRI, SWI, VEEG
30  2016 Cognitive Functioning in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A BOLD-fMRI Study. FIQ, MQ, PIQ, re-fMRI, TLE
31  2016 Intelligence quotient discrepancy indicates levels of motor competence in preschool children at risk for developmental delays. IQD, PIQ, SD
32  2015 Comparisons of thyroid hormone, intelligence, attention, and quality of life in children with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome before and after endoscopic adenoidectomy. BT, FIQ, OSAHS, PIQ, QoL, TSH
33  2015 [Clinical efficacy on mental retardation in the children treated with JIN's three scalp needling therapy and the training for cognitive and perceptual disturbance]. MR, PIQ, WISC
34  2015 [Cognitive and linguistic abilities of a boy with PVL showing relatively higher VIQ compared to PIQ]. PIQ, PVL
35  2015 [Relationship between clinical features and cognitive function in patients with childhood and adolescence-onset schizophrenia]. C-WISC, FIQ, PANSS, PIQ, WCST
36  2013 Correlation between interictal cerebral glucose hypometabolism and IQ in children with epilepsy. C-WISC, FDG, FIQ, PET, PIQ
37  2013 Do children with autism re-enact object movements rather than imitate demonstrator actions? CWA, TDC
38  2013 Health-related quality of life and cognitive functioning at on- and off-treatment periods in children aged between 6-13 years old with brain tumors: a prospective longitudinal study. FIQ, HRQoL, K-PSOC, PIQ
39  2013 Oral zinc supplementation may improve cognitive function in schoolchildren. FSIQ, PIQ
40  2013 Using IQ discrepancy scores to examine the neural correlates of specific cognitive abilities. ---
41  2013 [Clinical research on children mental retardation treated with acupuncture]. C-WISC, FIQ, MR, PIQ
42  2012 Antenatal dexamethasone has no adverse effects on child physical and cognitive development: a long-term cohort follow-up investigation. MDI, PDI, PIQ
43  2012 Cognitive impairments in patients with intractable temporal lobe epilepsy. FSIQ, PIQ, TLE, WAIS-R, WMS-III
44  2011 Cognitive profile, parental education and BMI in children: reflections on common neuroendrocrinobiological roots. BMI, PIQ, TIQ, WISC-R
45  2011 COMT (Val(158/108)Met) genotype moderates the impact of antipsychotic medication on verbal IQ in twins with schizophrenia. COMT
46  2011 [Relationship between gene mutations and intelligence in children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy]. C-WISC, DMD, FIQ, IQ, MLPA, PIQ
47  2010 Preschool neurodevelopmental outcome of children following fetal myelomeningocele closure. FIQ, fMMC, PIQ
48  2010 The Wada memory test and prediction of outcome after anterior temporal lobectomy. ATL, WAI
49  2010 [Clinical features of various subtypes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders in children]. ADHD, FIQ, LD, ODD, PIQ, TD
50  2009 Impact of breast milk on intelligence quotient, brain size, and white matter development. ---
51  2009 Progressive neurocognitive impairment in young adult survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. ALL, PIQ
52  2008 Assessment of psychoeducational outcomes after pediatric liver transplant. LT, PIQ
53  2008 Health-related quality of life of adults with childhood diagnosis of specific language impairment. HRQoL, PIQ, SLI
54  2007 How effectively do parents discern their children's cognitive deficits at a preschool age? FSIQ, PIQ
55  2007 Neurocognitive profile in Turner's syndrome is not affected by growth impairment. FSIQ, PIQ, TS
56  2005 Critical risk factors for intellectual impairment in children with posterior fossa tumors: the role of cerebellar damage. PIQ
57  2005 Examination of the effect of the polymorphic CGG repeat in the FMR1 gene on cognitive performance. FXS, HRT, WAIS-III
58  2005 The correlation between striatal dopamine D2/D3 receptor availability and verbal intelligence quotient in healthy volunteers. IQs, SPECT, WAIS-R
59  2005 [Evaluation of therapeutic project on acute tetramethylene disulphotetramine poisoning and effect on intelligence in children]. FIQ, PIQ, TETS
60  2004 Brain tumors in children and adolescents: cognitive and psychological disorders at different ages. PIQ
61  2004 Subtemporal amygdalohippocampectomy prevents verbal memory impairment in the language-dominant hemisphere. FIQ, PIQ
62  2003 Neuropsychological long-term sequelae after posterior fossa tumour resection during childhood. PIQ
63  2003 Utility of a seven-subtest version of the WAIS-R among an Alzheimer's disease sample. FSIQ, MOANS, PIQ
64  2002 [Factor analysis on the intelligence of patients with schizophrenia]. IQ, PIQ, WAIS-RC
65  2000 Relationship between EEG dimensional complexity and neuropsychological findings in Alzheimer's disease. AD, DC, EEG, FIQ, PIQ, RAVLT, RCPM, WAIS-R
66  2000 [Different verbal behavior in children with attention deficit between 7 and 12 years of age]. ADD, ANCOVA, FSIQ, PIQ
67  1998 Delayed recall in dementia: sensitivity and specificity in patients with higher than average general intellectual abilities. ---
68  1997 Long-term intelligence outcome of post-encephalo-duro-arterio-synangiosis childhood moyamoya patients. EDAS, FIQ, IQ, PIQ
69  1997 Neuropsychological sequelae after treatment for medulloblastoma in childhood--the Taiwan experience. FIQ, PIQ
70  1997 [The intelligence test of the patients with chronic renal insufficiency]. CRF, FIQ, PIQ, WALS
71  1994 Late sequelae in children treated for brain tumors and leukemia. PIQ
72  1980 [A psychometric study of a group of Parkinsonian patients]. DQ, PIQ, WAIS