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Abbreviation : VMAT
Long Form : volumetric arc therapy
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Evaluation of plan robustness on the dosimetry of volumetric arc radiotherapy (VMAT) with set-up uncertainty in Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) radiotherapy. CBCT, NPC, NTCP, TCP, TPS, U-plans
2021 Applications of machine and deep learning to patient-specific IMRT/VMAT quality assurance. DL, IMRT, ML, QA
2021 Automatic treatment planning for VMAT-based total body irradiation using Eclipse scripting. ---
2021 Comparative performance analysis of 2D and 3D gamma metrics for patient specific QA in VMAT using Octavius 4D with 2D-Array 1500. GPP, PSQA
2021 Correlation of tumour and treatment characteristics to dose received by cochlea in volumetric arc therapy. HNC
2021 Cost Analysis of Selected Radiotherapeutic Modalities for Prostate Cancer Treatment-Czech Republic Case Study for the Purposes of Hospital Based HTA. ABC, HB-HTA, IMRT
2021 Development and prospective validation of a spatial dose pattern based model predicting acute pulmonary toxicity in patients treated with volumetric arc-therapy for locally advanced lung cancer. APT, AUC, LALC
2021 The efficacy and tolerability of ultra-hypofractionated radiotherapy in low-intermediate risk prostate cancer patients: single center experience. BRFS, GI, GU, PTV, SABR, UHRT
2021 The influence of small field output factors simulated uncertainties on the calculated dose in VMAT plans for brain metastases: a multicentre study. MC, OARs, OFs, PTV
10  2021 Time motion study to evaluate the impact of flattening filter free beam on overall treatment time for frameless intracranial radiosurgery using Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator. BFT, BOT, DCA, FF, FFF, PBOTR, PTTR, SRS
11  2021 Volumetric arc therapy: A viable option for right-sided breast with comprehensive regional nodal irradiation in conjunction with deep inspiration breath hold. DIBH, IMN, OAR, PTV, RTOG, RTOG, SCF, t-IMRT
12  2020 A simple, yet novel hybrid-dynamic conformal arc therapy planning via flattening filter-free beam for lung stereotactic body radiotherapy. DCA, FFF, NSCLC, OAR, SBRT
13  2020 Defining the dose-volume criteria for laryngeal sparing in locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer utilizing split-field IMRT, whole-field IMRT and VMAT. IMRT, RTOG, SF-IMRT, WF-IMRT
14  2020 Development and Validation of a Clinically Relevant Workflow for MR-Guided Volumetric Arc Therapy in a Rabbit Model of Head and Neck Cancer. CE-MRI, MRI, OAR, RT
15  2020 Dosimetric Comparison of Lung-Sparing Radiation Therapy between Volumetric Arc Therapy and Helical Tomotherapy for Unresectable Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. HT, MPM, OARs, PTV1
16  2020 Dosimetric comparison of organs at risk using different contouring guidelines for definition of the clinical target volume in anal cancer. AC, CRT, CTV, IMRT, OARs, PTV, PTVs
17  2020 Evaluation of the Differences Between Measurements in Multiple Institutions and Calculation Modeled by Representative Beam Data in Prostate VMAT Plan. MLC, QA, TPS
18  2020 Is there any benefit to particles over photon radiotherapy? IGRT, IMRT, RCTs, RT, SBRT
19  2020 Monte Carlo calculations of radiotherapy dose in "homogeneous" anatomy. AAA, MC, MI, SAS, TADA, TPS
20  2020 Outcomes of whole-brain radiation with simultaneous in-field boost (SIB) for the treatment of brain metastases. Gy, HVLT-R, MMSE, MOS, SIB, SIB, WBRT
21  2020 PET/CT in the Evaluation of Hypoxia for Radiotherapy Planning in Head and Neck Tumors: Systematic Literature Review. IMRT
22  2020 Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy Planning After Immediate Implant-based Reconstruction Using the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology-Advisory Committee in Radiation Oncology Practice Consensus Guidelines for Target Volume Delineation. FIF, IBR, IMRT, MHD
23  2020 Proton Versus Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy: First Dosimetric Comparison for Total Scalp Irradiation. HDR BT, HT, IMRT, OARs, PRT, TSI
24  2020 Quality of Life: A Prospective Randomized Trial of Palliative Volumetric Arc Therapy Versus 3-Dimensional Conventional Radiation Therapy. 3DCRT, QoL, RT
25  2020 Strategies to optimize stereotactic radiosurgery plans for brain tumors with volumetric-modulated arc therapy. FI, HI, mGI, NTO, P-IDL, PCI
26  2020 The dosimetric impact of stabilizing spinal implants in radiotherapy treatment planning with protons and photons: standard titanium alloy vs. radiolucent carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK systems. CFP, IMPT, RT, SP, Ti
27  2020 Transitioning from conformal radiotherapy to intensity-modulated radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy: Clinical benefit, oncologic outcomes and incidence of gastrointestinal and urinary toxicities. 3D-CRT, GI, GU, IMRT, PrCa, RP, RT
28  2020 Volumetric Arc Therapy Treatment Plan Dosimetry Correction Method to Account Patient Weight Loss during a Course of Radiation Therapy. CT, MU, OAR
29  2019 4D Monte Carlo dose calculations for pre-treatment quality assurance of VMAT SBRT: a phantom-based feasibility study. 3DAC, 3DMC, 4DMC, AC, ITV, SBRT
30  2019 Acceptable fetal dose using flattening filter-free volumetric arc therapy (FFF VMAT) in postoperative chemoradiotherapy of tongue cancer during pregnancy. FFF VMAT, FFF-VMAT, IMRT
31  2019 Comparison of dose statistics for bladder wall and rectum wall vs whole organs for VMAT prostate treatment. DVHs, DWHs
32  2019 Dosimetric comparison between volumetric-modulated arc therapy and a hybrid volumetric-modulated arc therapy and segmented field-in-field technique for postmastectomy chest wall and regional lymph node irradiation. CW, IMRT, OAR, PTV
33  2019 Dosimetric comparison of helical tomotherapy and VMAT for anal cancer: A single institutional experience. HT
34  2019 Dosimetric comparison of volumetric-arc therapy versus sliding window intensity-modulated radiotherapy in postoperative treatment for primary soft tissue sarcoma of the thigh. CI, HI, IMRT, OAR, PTV, STS, SW-IMRT
35  2019 Effect of changes in monitor unit rate and energy on dose rate of total marrow irradiation based on Linac volumetric arc therapy. MU, PTV, TMI
36  2019 Importance of Technique, Target Selection, Contouring, Dose Prescription, and Dose-Planning in External Beam Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer: Evolution of Practice From EMBRACE-I to II. CI, CTV, EBRT, IMRT, PAN, PTVs
37  2019 Improving treatment efficiency via photon optimizer (PO) MLC algorithm for synchronous single-isocenter/multiple-lesions VMAT lung SBRT. MF, MU, OAR, PO, PRO
38  2019 Individual multi-catheter mould technique in high-dose-rate brachytherapy - personalized approach in treating multifocal angiosarcoma of the face. EBRT, IMM HDR, WLE
39  2019 Influence of the technique and comorbidities in hypofractionated radiotherapy for prostate cancer. ADT, CCI
40  2019 Knowledge-based planning for intensity-modulated radiation therapy: A review of data-driven approaches. IMRT, KBP
41  2019 Modulated volumetric arc therapy for total marrow irradiation: A feasibility study in the oncology hospital of CMN SXXI from a medical physics approach. TBI, TMI
42  2019 Organ sparing of linac-based targeted marrow irradiation over total body irradiation. CT, CTV, gEUD, TBI, TMI
43  2019 Organ sparing potential and inter-fraction robustness of adaptive intensity modulated proton therapy for lung cancer. av_p4DCT, ICTV, IMPT, p4DCT, PTV, r4DCT
44  2019 Pelvic insufficiency fractures, dose volume parameters and plan optimization after radiotherapy for rectal cancer. CRT, DVH, IMRT, PBT, PIF
45  2019 PSMA-PET guided dose-escalated volumetric arc therapy (VMAT) for newly diagnosed lymph node positive prostate cancer: Efficacy and toxicity outcomes at two years. ADT, CT, DE-IMRT, LN, PET, PSMA
46  2019 Testing the methodology for a dosimetric end-to-end audit of IMRT/VMAT: results of IAEA multicentre and national studies. CRP, DANs, IAEA, IMRT, OAR, PTV, TLDs
47  2019 The ProMotion LMU dataset, prostate intra-fraction motion recorded by transperineal ultrasound. IGRT, IMRT
48  2018 A fast jaw-tracking model for VMAT and IMRT Monte Carlo simulations. FAJT, IMRT, jaws, MC, MLCs
49  2018 Comparing Unet training with three different datasets to correct CBCT images for prostate radiotherapy dose calculations. CBCT, DIR, HU, MAE, ME, PBS, SFUD, Unet, vCT
50  2018 Defining the Optimal Time of Adaptive Replanning in Prostate Cancer Patients with Weight Change during Volumetric Arc Radiotherapy: A Dosimetric and Mathematical Analysis Using the Gamma Index. WT
51  2018 Dosimetric comparison of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy versus volumetric-arc radiotherapy in cervical cancer treatment: applying the central-shielding principle to modern technology. 3DCRT, CTVs
52  2018 Effect of region extraction and assigned mass-density values on the accuracy of dose calculation with magnetic resonance-based volumetric arc therapy planning. MR
53  2018 Investigating the role of functional imaging in the management of soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities. AUC, DCE, DW, FDG, FMISO, MRI, PET, STS
54  2018 Multi-institutional evaluation using the end-to-end test for implementation of dynamic techniques of radiation therapy in Thailand. IMRT
55  2018 Shorter treatment times reduce the impact of intra-fractional motion : Areal-time 4DUS study comparing VMAT vs. step-and-shoot IMRT for prostate cancer. 4DUS, IMRT
56  2018 The Role of Adjuvant Radiotherapy for a Case of Primary Breast Sarcoma: A Plan Comparison between Three Modern Techniques and a Review of the Literature. 3DCRT, IMRT, MU, RA
57  2018 Variations in dosimetric distribution and plan complexity with collimator angles in hypofractionated volumetric arc radiotherapy for treating prostate cancer. CI, GI, HI, MLC, MUs, NDC, V60Gy
58  2017 4D dose simulation in volumetric arc therapy: Accuracy and affecting parameters. 4D QA
59  2017 Automated volumetric modulated arc therapy planning for whole pelvic prostate radiotherapy. manualVMAT, TPS, WPRT
60  2017 Correspondence model-based 4D VMAT dose simulation for analysis of local metastasis recurrence after extracranial SBRT. SBRT
61  2017 Dosimetric Comparison of Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy and Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy in Anal Cancer Patients and the Ability to Spare Bone Marrow. IMPT, IMRT, OARs
62  2017 Early clinical outcome of coverage probability based treatment planning for simultaneous integrated boost of nodes in locally advanced cervical cancer. CovP, CTV-N, LACC, MRI, PAN, PTV-N, RT, SIB
63  2017 Online dose reconstruction for tracked volumetric arc therapy: Real-time implementation and offline quality assurance for prostate SBRT. ---
64  2017 Sparing of normal tissues with volumetric arc radiation therapy for glioblastoma: single institution clinical experience. GBM, IMRT, OARs, PTV
65  2017 Volumetric arc therapy for total scalp irradiation: case report for a recurrent basal cell carcinoma of the scalp. PTV
66  2016 Anisotropy of dose contributions-An instrument to upgrade real time IMRT and VMAT adaptation? BEV, IMRT, OAR, PTV
67  2016 Benchmark Credentialing Results for NRG-BR001: The First National Cancer Institute-Sponsored Trial of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Multiple Metastases. OARs, PTV
68  2016 Comparison of Dosimetric Performance among Commercial Quality Assurance Systems for Verifying Pretreatment Plans of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Using Flattening-Filter-Free Beams. QA, SBRT, TPS
69  2016 Conventionally Fractionationed Volumetric Arc Therapy versus Hypofractionated Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy: Quality of Life, Side Effects, and Prostate-Specific Antigen Kinetics in Localized Prostate Cancer. IPSS, PSA, QoL, SBRT, TURP
70  2016 Faculty of Radiation Oncology Position Paper on the use of Image-Guided Radiation Therapy. FRO, IGRT, IMRT, RANZCR, SABR
71  2016 Optimal Patient Positioning (Prone Versus Supine) for VMAT in Gynecologic Cancer: ADosimetric Study on the Effect of Different Margins. CTV, OAR, PTV
72  2016 Simultaneous integrated bilateral breast and nodal irradiation with volumetric arc therapy: case report and literature review. RT, SBBC, SIB
73  2016 Synchronous prostate and rectal adenocarcinomas irradiation utilising volumetric modulated arc therapy. ---
74  2016 Technological advances in radiotherapy of rectal cancer: opportunities and challenges. IMRT
75  2016 Twin machines validation for VMAT treatments using electronic portal-imaging device: a multicenter study. ---
76  2015 A treatment planning comparison of volumetric modulated arc therapy and proton therapy for a sample of breast cancer patients treated with post-mastectomy radiotherapy. PMRT, PTV
77  2015 An efficient Volumetric Arc Therapy treatment planning approach for hippocampal-avoidance whole-brain radiation therapy (HA-WBRT). HA-WBRT, IQR, MU, PTV
78  2015 Local failure after primary radiotherapy in lung cancer: Is there a role for SBRT? EBRT, NSCLC, SBRT
79  2015 Radiotherapy dose escalation with concurrent chemotherapy in locally advanced cervix cancer is feasible. CRT, IGRT, LACC
80  2015 Tumor volume threshold for achieving improved conformity in VMAT and Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery for vestibular schwannoma. GK, SRS, VS
81  2014 Dosimetric evaluation of nasopharyngeal carcinomas irradiated with different IMRT techniques. CI, HI, IMRT, MU, NPC, OARs, PTVs
82  2014 Hair-sparing whole brain radiotherapy with volumetric arc therapy in patients treated for brain metastases: dosimetric and clinical results of a phase II trial. OF, QoL, SALT, WBRT
83  2014 Prior-knowledge treatment planning for volumetric arc therapy using feature-based database mining. ---
84  2014 Radiation-induced second malignancies after involved-node radiotherapy with deep-inspiration breath-hold technique for early stage Hodgkin Lymphoma: a dosimetric study. DI, FB, HL, LAR, PTV
85  2014 Risk of secondary cancers from scattered radiation during intensity-modulated radiotherapies for hepatocellular carcinoma. EAR, ERR, HCC, IMRT, LAR, OEDs, RPLGDs, TOMO
86  2013 Risk of second cancer from scattered radiation of intensity-modulated radiotherapies with lung cancer. IMRT, OEDs, RPLGD, TOMO
87  2013 Simultaneous integrated boost to intraprostatic lesions using different energy levels of intensity-modulated radiotherapy and volumetric-arc therapy. IMRT, MUs, OARs, PTV86, SIB
88  2012 A method of dose reconstruction for moving targets compatible with dynamic treatments. DMLC, GTV, IMRT, PTV, TPS
89  2012 Application of AAPM TG 119 to volumetric arc therapy (VMAT). CI, HI
90  2012 SU-E-T-196: Commissioning for Volumetric Modulated Radiation Therapy on Varian Clinac 21EX. ---
91  2011 Dosimetric study of current treatment options for radiotherapy in retinoblastoma. CI, HT, IMRT, WP
92  2011 Total marrow irradiation with RapidArc volumetric arc therapy. ---
93  2010 Volumetric arc therapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy for primary prostate radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost to intraprostatic lesion with 6 and 18 MV: a planning comparison study. IMRT, IPL