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Abbreviation : WKY
Long Form : Wistar-Kyoto controls
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2013 Atrial arrhythmia in ageing spontaneously hypertensive rats: unraveling the substrate in hypertension and ageing. AF, ERP, SHR
2011 Mechanisms of reduced contractility in an animal model of hypertensive heart failure. RF, SHR, SL, SR
2009 Immunohistochemical evaluation of microvascular rarefaction in hypertensive humans and in spontaneously hypertensive rats. MVD, SHR
2007 Training-induced pressure fall in spontaneously hypertensive rats is associated with reduced angiotensinogen mRNA expression within the nucleus tractus solitarii. SHRs
2006 Effect of apocynin treatment on renal expression of COX-2, NOS1, and renin in Wistar-Kyoto and spontaneously hypertensive rats. IP, IR, JGA, MD, NO, PRA, ROS, SHR
2005 Effects of olmesartan and enalapril at low or high doses on cardiac, renal and vascular interstitial matrix in spontaneously hypertensive rats. ACE, ENA, OLM, SBP, SHR
2005 Increased expression of ENaC subunits and increased apical targeting of AQP2 in the kidneys of spontaneously hypertensive rats. AQP2, ENaC, ISOM, SHR
2004 Influence of experimental reduction of arterial media : lumen ratio on agonist-stimulated contractions in hypertension. SHR
2003 Effect of amphetamine, cocaine and depolarization by high potassium on extracellular dopamine in the nucleus accumbens shell of SHR rats. An in vivo microdyalisis study. ADHD, NAc, SHR
10  2002 Nitric oxide synthase upregulation and the predelivery blood pressure decrease in spontaneously hypertensive rats. eNOS, SHR
11  2000 Brainstem noradrenergic control of nociception is abnormal in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. NA, SHR
12  2000 Catecholamine storage vesicle protein expression in genetic hypertension. CHGA, SHR
13  2000 The nucleus accumbens motor-limbic interface of the spontaneously hypertensive rat as studied in vitro by the superfusion slice technique. ADHD, DA
14  1999 Influence of circadian time, ageing, and hypertension on the urinary excretion of nitric oxide metabolites in rats. L-NAME, SHR
15  1997 Calcium signaling mechanisms in renal vascular responses to vasopressin in genetic hypertension. AVP, RBF, SHR, TMB-8
16  1997 Effect of short-term treatment of SHR with the novel calcium channel antagonist mibefradil on function of small arteries. SHR
17  1997 Reduced basal NO-mediated dilation and decreased endothelial NO-synthase expression in coronary vessels of spontaneously hypertensive rats. ecNOS, L-NAME, NO, SHR
18  1997 Troponin I phosphorylation in spontaneously hypertensive rat heart: effect of beta-adrenergic stimulation. PKA, SHR, TnI
19  1996 Effect of calcium channel blockade or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition on structure of coronary, renal, and other small arteries in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHRs
20  1996 Role of protein kinase C in angiotensin II-induced renal vasoconstriction in genetically hypertensive rats. Ang II, cAMP, PKC, SHR
21  1996 Role of the native kidney in experimental post-transplantation hypertension. SHRSP
22  1995 Biochemical and biophysical characteristics of mitochondria in the hypertrophic hearts from hypertensive rats. Mit, SHRSP, SR
23  1995 Chronic ACE-inhibitor treatment and adrenergic mechanisms in spontaneously hypertensive rats. ACE, SHRs
24  1995 Expression of endothelin-1 gene in blood vessels of adult spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
25  1995 Protein synthesis in the hypertrophied heart of spontaneously hypertensive rats and a comparison of the effects of an ACE-inhibitor and a calcium channel antagonist. LVH, SHR
26  1994 Flow pulsation and network structure in mesenteric microvasculature of rats. SHR
27  1994 The control of circadian rhythms and the levels of vasoactive intestinal peptide mRNA in the suprachiasmatic nucleus are altered in spontaneously hypertensive rats. LD, SCN, SHR, VIP
28  1993 Alpha 1-adrenoceptor subtypes and inositol phosphates production in heart ventricles of spontaneously hypertensive rats. NE, SHR
29  1993 Effects of 7-hydroxy-N,N-di-n-propylaminotetralin on behaviour and blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive rats. 7-OH-DPAT, SHR
30  1993 Effects of genetic hypertension and nutritional anaemia on ventricular remodelling and myocardial damage in rats. LVPSP, SHR
31  1993 Vascular conversion of angiotensin I in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive and Wistar-Kyoto rats. ACE, Ang I, Ang II, SHRSP
32  1992 Altered expression of G-protein mRNA in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
33  1992 Cytosolic pH in cultured cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts from newborn spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
34  1992 Decreased hypothalamic and medullary GABA turnover in spontaneously hypertensive rats. GABA, SHR
35  1991 Altered expression of inhibitory guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins (Gi alpha) in spontaneously hypertensive rats. CT, G proteins, PT, SHR, SL
36  1991 Vascular eicosanoids and platelet-aortic wall interactions in spontaneously hypertensive rats. PG, PRP, SHR, TXB2
37  1990 Atrial natriuretic peptide receptors in cerebral microvessels and choroid plexus of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
38  1990 Binding of atrial and brain natriuretic peptides in brains of hypertensive rats. alpha-ANP, BNP, SHR
39  1990 Chronic central GABAergic stimulation attenuates hypothalamic hyperactivity and development of spontaneous hypertension in rats. BP, GABA, HR, i.p, i.v, NE, SHR
40  1990 The spontaneously hypertensive rat as an animal model of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: effects of methylphenidate on exploratory behavior. SHR
41  1989 Antihypertensive effect of vasopressin withdrawal in young and adult spontaneously hypertensive rats. AVP, SHR
42  1989 Enhanced slow-pressor response to angiotensin II in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Ang, NE, SHR
43  1989 Left ventricular systolic resistance in rats with hypertension and hypertrophy. LV, SHR
44  1988 Contractile response of spontaneously hypertensive rat caudal artery to phorbol esters. DPBA, SHR
45  1988 Open-field behaviour and blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
46  1988 Vasopressin and oxytocin gene expression in the supraoptic and paraventricular nucleus of the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR) during development of hypertension. OT, PVN, SHR, SON, VP
47  1987 Blood pressure, electrolyte and adrenal responses in swim-trained hypertensive rats. BHR, SHRSP
48  1987 Chronotoxicity of beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
49  1987 Differential sensitivity to morphine in spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive Wistar-Kyoto and Wistar rats. SHR
50  1987 Dissociation between heart rate and sympathetic nerve responses to baroreceptor activation in spontaneously hypertensive rats. HR, MAP, SHRSP, SpNA
51  1987 Hepatic arteries in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats. A morphometric study. SHR
52  1987 Increased plasma calcitonin levels in young spontaneously hypertensive rats: role in disturbed phosphate homeostasis. SHR
53  1987 Plasma concentration and vascular effect of beta-endorphin in spontaneously hypertensive and Wistar Kyoto rats. beta-E, beta-EI, SHR
54  1987 Plasma parathyroid hormone during the development of spontaneous hypertension in rats. pPTH, RIA, SHR
55  1987 Role of adenosine in noradrenergic neurotransmission in spontaneously hypertensive rats. NE, SHR
56  1986 Cardiovascular effects of central 6-OHDA treatment: a comparison of indirect and direct measurements. SHR
57  1986 Cytosolic calcium in platelets of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
58  1986 Hypotension and hypothalamic depression produced by intracerebroventricular injections of GABA in spontaneously hypertensive rats. i.c.v, SHR
59  1986 Intestinal calcium transport in the spontaneously hypertensive rat: response to calcium depletion. SH
60  1986 Membrane ATPase mechanism of K+-return relaxation in arterial muscles of stroke-prone SHR and WKY. SP-SHR
61  1986 No aggravation of the course of experimental glomerulonephritis in spontaneously hypertensive rats. anti-GBM, AR, BP, CCreat, LM, NSE, SCreat, SHR
62  1986 The effect of prolonged infusion and withdrawal of angiotensin II in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. SHR
63  1985 alpha 1-Adrenergic receptor binding in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. SHR
64  1985 Effects of neonatal treatment with monosodium-glutamate in spontaneously hypertensive rats. MSG, SHR
65  1985 Glomerular response to verapamil by isolated spontaneously hypertensive rat kidney. GFR, RVR, SHR
66  1985 Internal carotid and vertebral arteries of spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive rats. A morphometric study on extracranial, intraosseous and intracranial arterial segments. SHR
67  1985 Regional distribution of renin and angiotensinogen in the brain of normotensive (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) rats. SHR
68  1985 Vasopressin withdrawal produces hypotension in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. SHR
69  1984 Brainstem PNMT neurons and experimental hypertension in the rat. PNMT, SHR, SHRSP
70  1984 Observations on pain perception and hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
71  1984 Passive-avoidance behavior of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
72  1984 Resetting of pressure-natriuresis and frusemide sensitivity in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
73  1983 Alpha 2-adrenoceptors in platelets of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SP-SHR
74  1983 Morphometric study of mesenteric and renal arteries in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR, SHRSP
75  1982 Actions of angiotensin II on the isolated spontaneously hypertensive rat kidney. AII, GFR, RVR, SHR
76  1982 Angiotensin-like immunoreactivity in the brain of the spontaneously hypertensive rat. AII, SHR
77  1982 Development of microvascular rarefaction in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. SHR
78  1982 Diffuse structural alterations in cell membranes of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
79  1982 Nitroglycerin induced hypotension will maintain CBF in hypertensive rats. CBF, NTG, SHR
80  1981 Altered in vitro uptake of norepinephrine by cardiovascular tissues of spontaneously hypertensive rats. Part 2. Portal-mesenteric veins and atria. NE, P-M, SHR
81  1981 The influence of aging and hypertension on cerebral autoregulation. CBF, SHR
82  1980 Contribution of the sympathetic nervous system to vascular resistance in conscious young and adult spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
83  1980 Increased plasma normetanephrine in spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHR
84  1979 Microvascular responses to norepinephrine in renovascular and spontaneously hypertensive rats. RVH, SDC, SHR
85  1978 Blunted norepinephrine natriuresis in the isolated spontaneously hypertensive rat kidney. GFR, SHR