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Abbreviation : dDDH
Long Form : digital DNA-DNA hybridization
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Agrilactobacillus fermenti sp. nov. isolated from fermented vegetable residue. OrthoANI
2022 Agrobacterium vaccinii sp. nov. isolated from galls on blueberry plants (Vaccinium corymbosum). ANI, MLSA
2022 Agromyces agglutinans sp. nov., isolated from saline lake sediment. ANI
2022 Agromyces archimandritae sp. nov., isolated from the cockroach Archimandrita tessellata. ANI
2022 Alcanivorax limicola sp. nov., isolated from a soda alkali-saline soil. ANI
2022 Anaerococcus ihuae sp. nov. and Mediannikoviicoccus vaginalis gen. nov., sp. nov., two new bacteria isolated from human vaginal samples. OrthoANI
2022 Arthrobacter terrae sp. nov., a psychrophilic actinobacterium with multi copies of capA gene isolated from Antarctic soil. ANI
2022 Arthrobacter wenxiniae sp. nov., a novel plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria species harbouring a carotenoids biosynthetic gene cluster. ANI
2022 Brevibacillus dissolubilis sp. nov., Isolated from Fresh Water. ANI
10  2022 Caenimonas aquaedulcis sp. nov., Isolated from Freshwater of Daechung Reservoir during Microcystis Bloom. ANI
11  2022 Cellulosimicrobium protaetiae sp. nov., isolated from the gut of the larva of Protaetia brevitarsis seulensis. ANI
12  2022 Characterization of Streptomyces nymphaeiformis sp. nov., and its taxonomic relatedness to other polyhydroxybutyrate-degrading streptomycetes. ANI, PHB
13  2022 Characterization of the genome and serine protease of a novel Bacillus subtilis isolate. ---
14  2022 Chryseobacterium tagetis sp. nov., a plant growth promoting bacterium with an antimicrobial activity isolated from the roots of medicinal plant (Tagetes patula). ANI, IAA
15  2022 Classification of 27 Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii-Like Isolates Associated with Mastitis in China and Descriptions of C. parakroppenstedtii sp. nov. and C. pseudokroppenstedtii sp. nov. MALDI-TOF MS
16  2022 Comparative Genomics of Pseudomonas stutzeri Complex: Taxonomic Assignments and Genetic Diversity. ANI, ect
17  2022 Complete Genome Sequence of Bacillus cereus Strain HT18, Isolated from Forest Soil. ANIb
18  2022 Corallococcus silvisoli sp. nov., a novel myxobacterium isolated from subtropical forest soil. ANI
19  2022 Corallococcus soli sp. Nov., a Soil Myxobacterium Isolated from Subtropical Climate, Chalus County, Iran, and Its Potential to Produce Secondary Metabolites. ANI
20  2022 Corynebacterium kalidii sp. nov, an endophyte from a shoot of the halophyte Kalidium cuspidatum. AAI, ANIb
21  2022 Corynebacterium uberis sp. nov. frequently isolated from bovine mastitis. ANI
22  2022 Description and characterization of three endophytic Bacillaceae from the halophyte Suaeda salsa: Paenalkalicoccus suaedae gen. nov., sp. nov., Cytobacillus suaedae sp. nov., and Bacillus suaedae sp. nov. ANIb
23  2022 Description and genome analysis of Luteimonas viscosa sp. nov., a novel bacterium isolated from soil of a sunflower field. AAI, ANI
24  2022 Description of the two novel species of the genus Helicobacter: Helicobacter anatolicus sp. nov., and Helicobacter kayseriensis sp. nov., isolated from feces of urban wild birds. ANI
25  2022 Description of two nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Geomonas fuzhouensis sp. nov. and Geomonas agri sp. nov., isolated from paddy soils. ANI
26  2022 Erythrobacter rubeus sp. nov., a carotenoid-producing alphaproteobacterium isolated from coastal seawater. AAI, ANI
27  2022 First report of Pseudomonas palleroniana causing potato soft rot in China. CVP, NA, NB, TYGS
28  2022 Flavobacterium ammonificans sp. nov. and Flavobacterium ammoniigenes sp. nov., ammonifying bacteria isolated from surface river water. ---
29  2022 Flavobacterium proteolyticum sp. nov., isolated from aquaculture water. ANI
30  2022 Flavobacterium selenitireducens sp. nov., isolated from rhizosphere soil of ancient mulberry. AAI, ANI
31  2022 Genome Analysis and Description of Three Novel Diazotrophs Geomonas Species Isolated From Paddy Soils. ANI
32  2022 Genome-based, phenotypic and chemotaxonomic classification of Faecalibacterium strains: proposal of three novel species Faecalibacterium duncaniae sp. nov., Faecalibacterium hattorii sp. nov. and Faecalibacterium gallinarum sp. nov. ANI
33  2022 Halorubrum salinarum sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from a saturated brine pond of a saltern. ANI
34  2022 Helicobacter turcicus sp. nov., a catalase-negative new member of the Helicobacter genus, isolated from Anatolian Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus xanthoprymnus) in Turkey. ANI
35  2022 Hymenobacter cyanobacteriorum sp. nov., isolated from a freshwater reservoir during the cyanobacterial bloom period. ANI
36  2022 Identification and characterisation of a novel multidrug-resistant streptococcus, Streptococcus toyakuensis sp. nov., from a blood sample. ANIb
37  2022 Insights into complex infection by two Pectobacterium species causing potato blackleg and soft rot. ANI, MLSA
38  2022 Lactobacillus huangpiensis sp. nov. and Lactobacillus laiwuensis sp. nov., isolated from the gut of honeybee (Apis mellifera). AAI, ANI
39  2022 Luteimonas saliphila sp. nov. and Luteimonas salinisoli sp. nov., two novel strains isolated from saline soils. ANIb
40  2022 Microbacterium sulfonylureivorans sp. nov., isolated from sulfonylurea herbicides degrading consortium. ANI
41  2022 Mycetocola spongiae sp. nov., isolated from deep-sea sponge Cacospongia mycofijiensis. ANI
42  2022 Mycolicibacterium lacusdiani sp. nov., an Attached Bacterium of Microcystis aeruginosa. ANI, DPG, Maf, PE, PGL, PI
43  2022 New Insights Into the Threshold Values of Multi-Locus Sequence Analysis, Average Nucleotide Identity and Digital DNA-DNA Hybridization in Delineating Streptomyces Species. MLSA
44  2022 Newly Isolated Paenibacillus monticola sp. nov., a Novel Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria Strain From High-Altitude Spruce Forests in the Qilian Mountains, China. PGPR, VOC
45  2022 Oceanospirillum sediminis sp. nov., Isolated From Coastal Sediment in the Yellow Sea. ANI
46  2022 Orrella daihaiensis sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from Daihai Lake in Inner Mongolia. ANI
47  2022 Paenibacillus piscarius sp. nov., a novel nitrogen-fixing species isolated from the gut of the armored catfish Parotocinclus maculicauda. ANI
48  2022 Panacibacter microcysteis sp. nov., isolated from a eutrophic reservoir during the Microcystis bloom period. AAI, ANI
49  2022 Peptoniphilus coli sp. nov. and Peptoniphilus urinae sp. nov., isolated from humans. ---
50  2022 Peribacillus castrilensis sp. nov.: A Plant-Growth-Promoting and Biocontrol Species Isolated From a River Otter in Castril, Granada, Southern Spain. ---
51  2022 Phenotypic and Molecular-Phylogenetic Analyses Reveal Distinct Features of Crown Gall-Associated Xanthomonas Strains. ANI, HR
52  2022 Physiological and Genomic Characterization of Actinotalea subterranea sp. nov. from Oil-Degrading Methanogenic Enrichment and Reclassification of the Family Actinotaleaceae. ANI
53  2022 Pseudomonas uvaldensis sp. nov., a bacterial pathogen causing onion bulb rot. ANI
54  2022 Roseococcus pinisoli sp. nov., lacking pufL and pufM bacteriochlorophyll a: synthesizing genes. ANI
55  2022 Ruania suaedae sp. nov. and Ruania halotolerans sp. nov., two actinobacteria isolated from saline soil, and reclassification of Haloactinobacterium kanbiaonis as Occultella kanbiaonis comb. nov. ANIb
56  2022 Shewanella jiangmenensis sp. nov., isolated from aquaculture water. ANI, PE, PG
57  2022 Shewanella oncorhynchi sp. nov., a novel member of the genus Shewanella, isolated from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). ANI, OGRI
58  2022 Sodalis ligni Strain 159R Isolated from an Anaerobic Lignin-Degrading Consortium. COG, MLSA, POCP
59  2022 Sphingomonas arenae sp. nov., isolated from desert soil. AAI, ANI, R2A
60  2022 Sphingopyxis jiangsuensis sp. nov. Isolated From the Surface Water of the Yellow Sea. DPG, PC, PE, PG, SGL
61  2022 Sphingopyxis lutea sp. nov., a novel moderately halotolerant bacterium isolated from pebbles. ANI, PAHs
62  2022 Streptomyces gobiensis sp. nov., an antimicrobial producing actinobacterium isolated from soil under black Gobi rocks. ANI, ll-DAP
63  2022 Streptomyces sennicomposti sp. nov., an actinomycete isolated from compost of Senna siamea (Lam.). ANIb
64  2022 Thauera sedimentorum sp. nov., Isolated from Coastal Sediment. AAI, ANI
65  2022 The Genome of Bacillus velezensis SC60 Provides Evidence for Its Plant Probiotic Effects. ANI, PGPR
66  2022 Two New Species of Filamentous Sulfur Bacteria of the Genus Thiothrix, Thiothrix winogradskyi sp. nov. and 'Candidatus Thiothrix sulfatifontis' sp. nov. ANI
67  2022 Vagococcus allomyrinae sp. nov. and Enterococcus larvae sp. nov., isolated from larvae of Allomyrina dichotoma. ANI
68  2021 Actinokineospora xionganensis sp. nov., a filamentous actinomycete isolated from the lakeside soil of Baiyangdian. ANI
69  2021 Actinoplanes flavus sp. nov., a novel cellulase-producing actinobacterium isolated from coconut palm rhizosphere soil. ANI
70  2021 Adhaeribacter terrigena sp. nov., Isolated from Korean Soil. ANI
71  2021 Adlercreutzia hattorii sp. nov., an equol non-producing bacterium isolated from human faeces. ANI
72  2021 Adlercreutzia rubneri sp. nov., a resveratrol-metabolizing bacterium isolated from human faeces and emended description of the genus Adlercreutzia. ANI
73  2021 Alcanivorax profundimaris sp. nov., a Novel Marine Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacterium Isolated from Seawater and Deep-Sea Sediment. ---
74  2021 Alkalihalobacterium elongatum gen. nov. sp. nov.: An Antibiotic-Producing Bacterium Isolated From Lonar Lake and Reclassification of the Genus Alkalihalobacillus Into Seven Novel Genera. AAI, Ahb, ANI, meso-DAP, POCP
75  2021 Altererythrobacter flava sp. nov., a new member of the family Erythrobacteraceae, isolated from a surface seawater sample. AAI, ANI
76  2021 Aquamicrobium zhengzhouense sp. nov., a Bacterium Isolated from Farmland Soil Applied with Amino Acid Fertilizer. ANI, LB
77  2021 Aquiflexum lacus sp. nov., isolated from a lake sediment sample. ANI, PE, PG
78  2021 Belnapia mucosa sp. nov. and Belnapia arida sp. nov., isolated from desert biocrust. ANIb
79  2021 Brachybacterium halotolerans sp. nov., a halotolerant, endophytic actinomycete isolated from branch of Bruguiera gymnoirhiza. ANI
80  2021 Brevibacillus composti sp. nov., isolated from hyperthermophilic compost. ANI
81  2021 Brevibacterium limosum sp. nov., Brevibacterium pigmenatum sp. nov., and Brevibacterium atlanticum sp. nov., three novel dye decolorizing actinobacteria isolated from ocean sediments. ANI, CR, RB, TB
82  2021 Campylobacter anatolicus sp. nov., a novel member of the genus Campylobacter isolated from feces of Anatolian Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus xanthoprymnus) in Turkey. ---
83  2021 Catenulispora pinistramenti sp. nov., novel actinobacteria isolated from pine forest soil in Poland. ANI
84  2021 Characterization of Martelella soudanensis sp. nov., Isolated from a Mine Sediment. AAI, ANI, POGs
85  2021 Chitinilyticum piscinae sp. nov., isolated from aquaculture water. ANI
86  2021 Closed genome sequences of Staphylococcus lloydii sp. nov. and Staphylococcus durrellii sp. nov. isolated from captive fruit bats (Pteropus livingstonii). ANI
87  2021 Collimonas silvisoli sp. nov. and Collimonas humicola sp. nov., two novel species isolated from forest soil. ANI, APL, DPG, PE, PG
88  2021 Combined characterization of a new member of Marivita cryptomonadis strain LZ-15-2 isolated from cultivable phycosphere microbiota of highly toxic HAB dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella LZT09. ABI, ANI, HAB, PM
89  2021 Comparative Genome Analysis Provides Molecular Evidence for Reclassification of the Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides EBL0706 as a Strain of Luteovulum azotoformans. ANI
90  2021 Comparative Genomics of Novel Agrobacterium G3 Strains Isolated From the International Space Station and Description of Agrobacterium tomkonis sp. nov. ANI
91  2021 Complete genome sequence of Bacillus velezensis YYC, a bacterium isolated from the tomato rhizosphere. ---
92  2021 Corynebacterium anserum sp. nov., isolated from the faeces of greater white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons) at Poyang Lake, PR China. ANI
93  2021 Corynebacterium lizhenjunii sp. nov., isolated from the respiratory tract of Marmota himalayana, and Corynebacterium qintianiae sp. nov., isolated from the lung tissue of Pseudois nayaur. ANI
94  2021 Crenobacter intestini sp. nov., Isolated from the Intestinal Tract of Konosirus punctatus. ---
95  2021 Description of Anaerostipes faecalis sp. nov., a new segmented filamentous bacterium isolated from swine faeces. AAI, ANI
96  2021 Description of Microbacterium luteum sp. nov., Microbacterium cremeum sp. nov., and Microbacterium atlanticum sp. nov., three novel C50 carotenoid producing bacteria. ANI
97  2021 Desulfovibrio subterraneus sp. nov., a mesophilic sulfate-reducing deltaproteobacterium isolated from a deep siliceous mudstone formation. ANI
98  2021 Devosia rhizoryzae sp. nov., and Devosia oryziradicis sp. nov., novel plant growth promoting members of the genus Devosia, isolated from the rhizosphere of rice plants. ANI, IAA
99  2021 Diversity within the Dickeya zeae complex, identification of Dickeya zeae and Dickeya oryzae members, proposal of the novel species Dickeya parazeae sp. nov. ANI
100  2021 Dyella telluris sp. nov. and Dyella acidiphila sp. nov., isolated from forest soil of Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve, China. ANI