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Abbreviation : delta-ALA-D
Long Form : delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase enzyme activity and the oxidative profile of pregnant women being treated for acute toxoplasmosis. AT, NO, SPFA
2022 p-Chloro-diphenyl diselenide modulates Nrf2/Keap1 signaling and counteracts renal oxidative stress in mice exposed to dexamethasone repeated administrations. CP, NPSH, p-ClPhSe, ROS
2021 7-Chloro-4-(phenylselanyl) quinoline reduces renal oxidative stress induced by oxaliplatin in mice. CAT, GPx, GR, GST, OXA, PC, SOD
2020 Diphenyl diselenide is as effective as Ebselen in a juvenile rat model of cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. CAT, CIS, GST, i.p, NOx, SOD, TBARS
2020 Mercury toxicity in pregnant and lactating rats: zinc and N-acetylcysteine as alternative of prevention. NAC, Zn
2019 Activity of the enzyme delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase and parameters of oxidative stress in different modes of delivery. AOPP, ECS, FRAP, TAC, TBARS
2019 Delta-Aminolevulinate dehydratase and glutathione peroxidase activity in Alzheimer's disease: a case-control study. AD, CDR, GPx
2019 Evaluation of oxidative stress and delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in twin pregnancies. CAT, NP-SH, P-SH, TBARS, Vit C
2019 Influence of maternal labor time on delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase enzyme activity and markers of oxidative stress in newborns. DOL, P-SH, TBARS
10  2019 Post-mortem interval estimative through determination of catalase and Delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activities in hepatic, renal, skeletal muscle and cerebral tissues of Swiss mice. CAT, PMI
11  2018 Evaluation of the toxic potential of arecoline toward the third instar larvae of transgenic Drosophila melanogaster (hsp70-lacZ) Bg9. AChE, GST, MAO, PCC
12  2018 Interaction of metals from group 10 (Ni, Pd, and Pt) and 11 (Cu, Ag, and Au) with human blood delta-ALA-D: in vitro and in silico studies. DTT
13  2018 Lead modulated Heme synthesis inducing oxidative stress mediated Genotoxicity in Drosophila melanogaster. CAT, CYP450, delta-ALA, GST, HB, LPO, ROS, SMART, SOD, ST
14  2017 Antidepressant-like effect of a new selenium-containing compound is accompanied by a reduction of neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in lipopolysaccharide-challenged mice. AST, CMI, FST, IL, LPS, TST
15  2017 Influence of gestational diabetes on the activity of delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase and oxidative stress biomarkers. CAT, GDM, TBARS, Vit C
16  2016 Delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity and oxidative stress markers in preeclampsia. ALA, TBARS
17  2016 delta-Aminolevulinate Dehydratase Activity is Stimulated in a MPTP Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease: Correlation with Myeloperoxidase Activity. MPO, MPTP, PD
18  2016 Effect of diphenyl diselenide diet supplementation on oxidative stress biomarkers in two species of freshwater fish exposed to the insecticide fipronil. AChE, FPN, GST, NPSH, TBARS
19  2016 Effects of Bauhinia forficata Tea on Oxidative Stress and Liver Damage in Diabetic Mice. BF, CAT, NPSH, ROS, SOD, STZ
20  2016 Oxidative Profile and delta-Aminolevulinate Dehydratase Activity in Healthy Pregnant Women with Iron Supplementation. NP-SH, P-SH, TBARS
21  2016 Relation between iron metabolism and antioxidants enzymes and delta-ALA-D activity in rats experimentally infected by Fasciola hepatica. CAT, PI, SOD, UIBC
22  2016 Sulfhydryl-Based Inhibition of delta-ALA-D and Na+ , K+ -ATPase Activities Depends on the Organoselenium Group Bonded to the Isoquinoline. ---
23  2015 Acute and sub-chronic (28 days) oral toxicity evaluation of tincture Baccharis trimera (Less) Backer in male and female rodent animals. ALAT, ASAT, CAT
24  2015 Evaluation of Delta-Aminolevulinic Dehydratase Activity, Oxidative Stress Biomarkers, and Vitamin D Levels in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. CAT, MS, RRMS, SOD
25  2015 Evaluation of zinc effect on cadmium action in lipid peroxidation and metallothionein levels in the brain. Cd, MT, Zn
26  2015 Zinc and N-acetylcysteine modify mercury distribution and promote increase in hepatic metallothionein levels. NAC, Zn
27  2014 Antioxidant and antidepressant-like activities of semi-synthetic alpha-phenylseleno citronellal. ABTS, CIT, DPPH, FRAP, FST, PhSeCIT, TBARS, TST
28  2014 Delta-ALA-D inhibitory potential and protective action of Syzygium jambos and Solanum guaraniticum leaf extracts on oxidatively stressed erythrocytes. ---
29  2014 delta-Aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in lung cancer patients and its relationship with oxidative stress. CAT, NPSH, RS, SOD, T-SH, TBARS, UICC
30  2014 Ebselen protects against behavioral and biochemical toxicities induced by 3-nitropropionic acid in rats: correlations between motor coordination, reactive species levels, and succinate dehydrogenase activity. 3-NP, AA, CAT, GPx, GR, GST, ROS, SDH
31  2014 Effect of vitamin D3 on behavioural and biochemical parameters in diabetes type 1-induced rats. AChE, Metf, STZ, TBARS, VD3
32  2014 Effectiveness of (PhSe)2 in protect against the HgCl2 toxicity. PhSe, Se
33  2014 Essential oil of Psidium cattleianum leaves: antioxidant and antifungal activity. ABTS, EOA, FRAP, MIC, NPSH, TBARS
34  2014 Involvement of oxidative stress in 4-vinylcyclohexene-induced toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster. AChE, GST, ROS, VCH
35  2014 Lactating and non-lactating rats differ in sensitivity to HgCl(2): Protective effect of ZnCl(2). LR, NLR, Zn
36  2014 Lactating and nonlactating rats differ to renal toxicity induced by mercuric chloride: the preventive effect of zinc chloride. ---
37  2014 Liver delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity is inhibited by neonicotinoids and restored by antioxidant agents. DTT
38  2014 Neuropharmacological effects of carvacryl acetate on delta-aminolevulinic dehydratase, Na+, K+-ATPase activities and amino acids levels in mice hippocampus after seizures. CA, GABA, PIC, PTZ
39  2014 Quercetin protects the impairment of memory and anxiogenic-like behavior in rats exposed to cadmium: Possible involvement of the acetylcholinesterase and Na(+),K(+)-ATPase activities. AChE, Cd, GR, GST
40  2013 Acute exposure to low lead levels and its implications on the activity and expression of cytosolic thioredoxin reductase in the kidney. TrxR1
41  2013 Antioxidant effect of organic purple grape juice on exhaustive exercise. DCFH-DA, NP-SH, PGJ, TBARS
42  2013 Catechins are not major components responsible for the beneficial effect of Camellia sinensis on the ovarian delta-ALA-D activity inhibited by cadmium. ---
43  2013 gamma-Oryzanol protects against acute cadmium-induced oxidative damage in mice testes. CAT, GPx, GST, ORY, SOD
44  2013 Oxidative stress parameters in blood, liver, and kidney of diabetic rats treated with curcumin and/or insulin. CAT, CCur, DCur, DIns, DInsCur
45  2013 Syzygium jambos and Solanum guaraniticum show similar antioxidant properties but induce different enzymatic activities in the brain of rats. AChE
46  2012 2,2'-dipyridyl diselenide is a better antioxidant than other disubstituted diaryl diselenides. ABTS, DHA, DPPH, GST, PC, TBARS
47  2012 Cadmium inhibits the ovary delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in vitro and ex vivo: protective role of seleno-furanoside. Cd
48  2012 Diphenyl ditelluride targets brain selenoproteins in vivo: inhibition of cerebral thioredoxin reductase and glutathione peroxidase in mice after acute exposure. GPx, GR, s.c, SOD, TrxR
49  2012 Effect of S-allylcysteine, a sulphur containing amino acid on iron metabolism in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. HO, SAC, STZ
50  2012 Effects of 4,4'-dichloro-diphenyl diselenide (ClPhSe)2 on toxicity induced by mercuric chloride in mice: a comparative study with diphenyl diselenide (PhSe)2. TBARS
51  2012 Effects of butane-2,3-dione thiosemicarbazone oxime on testicular damage induced by cadmium in mice. GPx, GST, MPO, NPSH, TBARS
52  2012 Hypertension strengthens delta-ALA-D activity inhibition and increases it reactivation index in type 2 diabetic patients. P-SH, PC
53  2012 p-Methoxyl-diphenyl diselenide protects against cisplatin-induced renal toxicity in mice. AA, CAT, GPx, GR, GST, RS
54  2012 Relationship between oxidative stress and clinical-pathological aspects in dogs experimentally infected with Rangelia vitalii. AOPP, CAT, PI, SOD
55  2011 Blood thioredoxin reductase activity, oxidative stress and hematological parameters in painters and battery workers: relationship with lead and cadmium levels in blood. BLLs, TrxR
56  2011 Cd modifies hepatic Zn deposition and modulates delta-ALA-D activity and MT levels by distinct mechanisms. Cd, MT
57  2011 Delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in red blood cells of rats infected with Trypanosoma evansi. p.i, RBC, TBARS
58  2011 delta-Aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in type 2 diabetic patients and its association with lipid profile and oxidative stress. BMI
59  2011 Effects of diphenyl diselenide on oxidative stress induced by sepsis in rats. CAT, CLP, TBARS
60  2011 High doses of 2,2'-dithienyl diselenide cause systemic toxicity in rats: an in vitro and in vivo study. DTDS
61  2011 Kinetics of alloxan-induced inhibition on delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in mouse liver homogenates. ---
62  2011 The role of the glutathione system in seizures induced by diphenyl diselenide in rat pups. GPx, TBARS
63  2011 Zinc alleviates mercury-induced oxidative stress in Pfaffia glomerata (Spreng.) Pedersen. Spreng, Zn
64  2010 (E)-2-benzylidene-4-phenyl-1,3-diselenole has antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties against oxidative damage induced by 2-nitropropane in rats. 2-NP, ALP, AST, BPD, DPPH, GPx, GR, GST, LDH, RS, TBARS
65  2010 Anticonvulsant effect of (E)-2-benzylidene-4-phenyl-1,3-diselenole in a pilocarpine model in mice. 4-AMP, AChE, BPD, CAT, GPx, GST, i.p, p.o, PC, PTZ, RS, SNP, TBARS
66  2010 Antioxidant effect of functionalized alkyl-organotellurides: a study in vitro. SNP
67  2010 Association between diphenyl diselenide and cadmium chloride attenuates the toxicity of both in tissues of mice in vitro. DTT, TBARS
68  2010 Dexmedetomidine protects blood delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase from inactivation caused by hyperoxygenation in total intravenous anesthesia. DTT, i.v, TBARS
69  2010 Inhibition of hepatic delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity induced by mercuric chloride is potentiated by N-acetylcysteine in vitro. NAC, TBARS
70  2010 Neuropharmacological effects of lipoic acid and ubiquinone on delta-aminolevulinic dehydratase, Na(+) , K(+) -ATPase, and Mg(2+) -ATPase activities in rat hippocampus after pilocarpine-induced seizures. LA, UQ
71  2010 Protective effect of binaphthyl diselenide, a synthetic organoselenium compound, on 2-nitropropane-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. 2-NP, AST, CAT
72  2009 Antioxidant effect of a novel class of telluroacetilene compounds: studies in vitro and in vivo. CAT, GPx, GR, GST, i.c.v, LP, PC, SNP
73  2009 Chronic treatment with fluphenazine alters parameters of oxidative stress in liver and kidney of rats. ---
74  2009 Delta-ALA-D activity is a reliable marker for oxidative stress in bone marrow transplant patients. BMT, CR
75  2009 delta-Aminolevulinate dehydratase activity and oxidative stress during melphalan and cyclophosphamide-BCNU-etoposide (CBV) conditioning regimens in autologous bone marrow transplantation patients. BMT, CR
76  2009 Diphenyl diselenide protects against glycerol-induced renal damage in rats. CAT, GPx, GST, PhSe
77  2009 Disubstituted diaryl diselenides inhibit delta-ALA-D and Na+, K+-ATPase activities in rat brain homogenates in vitro. DTT
78  2009 Hepatoprotective effect of 3-alkynyl selenophene on acute liver injury induced by D-galactosamine and lipopolysaccharide. AST, D-GalN, GST, LPS
79  2009 Involvement of non-enzymatic antioxidant defenses in the protective effect of diphenyl diselenide on testicular damage induced by cadmium in mice. AST, LDH, NPSH, PhSe, TBARS
80  2009 Lipoic acid alters delta-aminolevulinic dehydratase, glutathione peroxidase and Na+,K+-ATPase activities and glutathione-reduced levels in rat hippocampus after pilocarpine-induced seizures. AA, GPx, GR, LA
81  2009 Lipoic acid blocks seizures induced by pilocarpine via increases in delta-aminolevulinic dehydratase and Na+, K+-ATPase activity in rat brain. LA
82  2009 Passive smoke exposure induces oxidative damage in brains of rat pups: Protective role of diphenyl diselenide. PhSe
83  2009 Structural modifications into diphenyl diselenide molecule do not cause toxicity in mice. ---
84  2009 Studies on preventive effects of diphenyl diselenide on acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. AA, ALP, AST, gamma-GT, GST, LDH, PhSe
85  2009 Sub-chronic exposure to methylmercury at low levels decreases butyrylcholinesterase activity in rats. BuChE, MDA
86  2008 Acute diphenyl diselenide treatment reduces hyperglycemia but does not change delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in alloxan-induced diabetes in rats. ---
87  2008 Butane-2,3-dionethiosemicarbazone: an oxime with antioxidant properties. AChE, DPPH, NO, OPs, RS
88  2008 Potentially adverse interactions between haloperidol and valerian. AST, CAT, DCFH, HP, SOD
89  2007 Acetaminophen-induced liver damage in mice: effects of some medicinal plants on the oxidative defense system. AST, CAT, GPx, NAPQI, SOD, TBARS
90  2007 Delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase (delta-ALA-D) activity in diabetes and hypothyroidism. ---
91  2007 Diphenyl diselenide [(PhSe)2] inhibits Drosophila melanogaster delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase (delta-ALA-D) gene transcription and enzyme activity. ---
92  2007 Ebselen attenuates cadmium-induced testicular damage in mice. ALT, AST
93  2007 Efficacy of diphenyl diselenide against cerebral and pulmonary damage induced by cadmium in mice. AChE, NPSH, SOD
94  2007 Experimental hypothyroidism inhibits delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in neonatal rat blood and liver. PTU
95  2007 Exposure to sublethal concentrations of Zn(II) and Cu(II) changes biochemical parameters in Leporinus obtusidens. TBARS
96  2007 Long-term sucrose and glucose consumption decreases the delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase activity in mice. GLU, SUC, TBARS
97  2007 Low toxicity of diphenyl diselenide in rabbits: a long-term study. CAT, GSH-Px
98  2007 Oral administration of diphenyl diselenide protects against cadmium-induced liver damage in rats. ALP, AST, GGT, LDH, MDA, MT, PhSe, PhSe
99  2007 Oxidative stress and delta-ALA-D activity in chronic renal failure patients. CRF, HD
100  2007 Toxicological evaluation of subchronic exposure to diphenyl diselenide in rats. AST, LDH