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Abbreviation : hPL
Long Form : human placental lactogen
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Lactogenic hormones in relation to maternal metabolic health in pregnancy and postpartum: protocol for a systematic review. PRL
2021 Correlation of Insulin Resistance in Pregnancy with Obstetric Outcome. GGI
2021 Dexamethasone may inhibit placental growth by blocking glucocorticoid receptors via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT/mammalian target of rapamycin and reactive oxygen species/AMP-activated protein kinase signalling pathways in human placental JEG-3 cells. AMPK, GLUT, GRalpha, hCG, HX, IGF, MMP, mTOR, NAC, PA, PI3K, si, XO
2021 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Complicated by Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes, and Low Platelet Count After Decreased Need for Insulin: 2 Cases. GDM
2021 Human Placental Trophoblasts Are Resistant to Trypanosoma cruzi Infection in a 3D-Culture Model of the Maternal-Fetal Interface. CD, T. cruzi
2021 Sexually dimorphic patterns in maternal circulating microRNAs in pregnancies complicated by fetal growth restriction. FGR, IBC, miRNAs
2020 Apelin decreased placental hormone secretion by human trophoblast BeWo cells via apelin receptor, protein kinase A and extracellular signal-regulated kinases 1/2 activation. PKA, PlGF
2020 Low serum placental lactogen at term is associated with postnatal symptoms of depression and anxiety in women delivering female infants. ELCS, EPDS, SSRI, STAI
2020 Sensitivity and specificity of placental proteins for gestational age screening: An exploratory study. ADAM12, GA, PAPP-A, PlGF, PSG-1
10  2019 Biochemical tests of placental function versus ultrasound assessment of fetal size for stillbirth and small-for-gestational-age infants. DOR, EFW, FGR, HICs, PlGF, SGA
11  2019 Human placental lactogen mRNA in maternal plasma play a role in prenatal diagnosis of abnormally invasive placenta: yes or no? ---
12  2018 Gestational hormone trajectories and early pregnancy failure: a reassessment. hCG, UK
13  2017 FGF-2b and h-PL Transform Duct and Non-Endocrine Human Pancreatic Cells into Endocrine Insulin Secreting Cells by Modulating Differentiating Genes. DM, FGF, GLUT2, PDX-1
14  2017 Pathophysiology of Meningioma Growth in Pregnancy. FSH, hCG, LH, PRL, PTBE, VEGF
15  2017 Placental peptides metabolism and maternal factors as predictors of risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. A case-control study. ---
16  2017 Prolactin Receptor-Mediated Internalization of Imaging Agents Detects Epithelial Ovarian Cancer with Enhanced Sensitivity and Specificity. PRLR
17  2016 Evaluation of Circulating Determinants of Beta-Cell Function in Women With and Without Gestational Diabetes. AUCglucose, CMPF, HOMA-IR
18  2016 Imaging and Clinical Data of Placental Site Trophoblastic Tumor: A Case Report. beta-hCG, D and C, GTD, PSTT
19  2016 Lentivirus-mediated PHLDA2 overexpression inhibits trophoblast proliferation, migration and invasion, and induces apoptosis. CCK-8, CK18, PHLDA2, PI, ROS
20  2016 Maternal prenatal depression is associated with decreased placental expression of the imprinted gene PEG3. CDKN1C, MBAM, PEG10, PEG3, PHLDA2
21  2016 Maternal Serum Prolactin and Prediction of Postpartum beta-Cell Function and Risk of Prediabetes/Diabetes. CMPF, ISSI-2, NGT, OGTT
22  2015 Effects of Prenatal Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation on Fetal Growth Factors: A Cluster-Randomized, Controlled Trial in Rural Bangladesh. IFA, IGF-1, IGFBP-1, MM, PGH
23  2015 Nonchoriocarcinomatous Trophoblastic Tumors of the Testis: The Widening Spectrum of Trophoblastic Neoplasia. ETT, PSTT, UTT
24  2015 Use of biochemical tests of placental function for improving pregnancy outcome. CI, hCG, PlGF, PP13, RR
25  2014 Placental lactogen is expressed but is not translated into protein in breast cancer. BCC
26  2014 Placental site trophoblastic tumor on endometrial polyp: a case report. GTD, hCG, PSTT
27  2014 Predominantly placenta-expressed mRNAs in maternal plasma as predictive markers for twin-twin transfusion syndrome. MCDA-T, PP, PSG2, PSG3, TTTS
28  2013 A randomised controlled trial comparing standard or intensive management of reduced fetal movements after 36 weeks gestation--a feasibility study. IOL, RCT, RFM, STAI
29  2013 Detection of K(ATP) channels subunits in human term placental explants and evaluation of their implication in human placental lactogen (hPL) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) release. hCG
30  2013 Increased levels of cell-free human placental lactogen mRNA at 28-32 gestational weeks in plasma of pregnant women with placenta previa and invasive placenta. mRNA
31  2013 Prolactin receptor gene polymorphisms are associated with gestational diabetes. GDM, PRLR, SNPs
32  2012 Placental mRNA in maternal plasma as a predictor of ectopic pregnancy. CI, RR
33  2012 Predictors of poor perinatal outcome following maternal perception of reduced fetal movements--a prospective cohort study. AFP, FGR, hCG, IMA, PAPP-A, RFM
34  2011 A placental chorionic villous mesenchymal core cellular origin for infantile haemangioma. CK7, hCG, HLA-G, IH
35  2011 Association of placental inflammation with fetomaternal hemorrhage and loss of placental mucin-1. ChoA, FMH, hCG, MUC1, PE, PP
36  2011 Human placental lactogen (hPL-A) activates signaling pathways linked to cell survival and improves insulin secretion in human pancreatic islets. GH, hPL-A, hPL-A, PRL
37  2011 Placental hormones and the control of maternal metabolism and fetal growth. ---
38  2010 Angiotensin II and angiotensin-(1-7) decrease sFlt1 release in normal but not preeclamptic chorionic villi: an in vitro study. Ang II, CV, LDH, PlGF, sEng, sFlt-1, VEGF
39  2010 Dexamethasone stimulates placental system A transport and trophoblast differentiation in term villous explants. EM, GCs, hCG, LDH
40  2010 Involvement of transcription factor NR2F2 in human trophoblast differentiation. CRH, CTB, PSG1, RARA, RXRA, STB
41  2010 Maternal serum placental growth hormone, but not human placental lactogen or insulin growth factor-1, is positively associated with fetal growth in the first half of pregnancy. BPD, IGF-1, PGH
42  2010 Placental site trophoblastic tumor presenting as a friable cervical mass. GTN, PSTT
43  2010 Specificity and sensitivity of differentiation antigens in superficial soft tissue tumors: comparison of SMA, calponin, H-caldesmon, C-kit, PLAP and HPL. BFHs, CALP, DFPT, h-CD, LMs, LMSs, MFHs, PLAP, SMA, SMC
44  2010 Tobacco as biofactory for biologically active hPL production: a human hormone with potential applications in type-1 diabetes. rhPL, TSP
45  2009 The diagnostic significance of hCG and hPL via immunohistochemistry of placental tissues in pregnancies diagnosed with IUGR and IUD. hCG, IUD, IUGR
46  2008 Angiotensin II (Ang II) evoked secretion of the human placental lactogen (HPL) in intrauterine growth retardation: examination of the relationship with Ang II receptor type 1 (AT1) expression. Ang II, AT1, IUGR
47  2008 Effects of glucose, glycerol, 3-hydroxybutyrate, insulin, and leptin on placental growth hormone secretion in placental explants. PGH
48  2008 Phenotype and mRNA expression of syncytiotrophoblast microparticles isolated from human placenta. GP, hCG, HPA, PLAP, ST, STMPs
49  2007 Hormonal regulation of BCRP expression in human placental BeWo cells. ER, hCG, hPRL, TR
50  2007 Impact of p53 immunostaining in predicting advanced or recurrent placental site trophoblastic tumors: a study of 12 cases. CEACAM1, ETT, hCG
51  2007 Oxygen tension directs the differentiation pathway of human cytotrophoblast cells. ---
52  2007 [Clinicopathologic study of tumors of intermediate trophoblasts]. EMA, ETT, hCG, PCNA, PLAP, PSTT
53  2006 Angiogenic activity of human chorionic gonadotropin through LH receptor activation on endothelial and epithelial cells of the endometrium. Ab, RT-PCR, VEGF
54  2006 Crystal structure and site 1 binding energetics of human placental lactogen. ECD, hGH, PL
55  2006 Effect of leptin on the regulation of placental hormone secretion in cultured human placental cells. hCG
56  2006 Human placental lactogen is a first-trimester maternal serum marker of Down syndrome. DS, MoMs
57  2006 Increased plasma mRNAs of placenta-specific 1 (PLAC1) and glial cells-missing 1 (GCM1) in mothers with pre-eclampsia. GCM1, PAPP-A, PLAC1
58  2006 Measurement of mRNA of trophoblast-specific genes in cellular and plasma components of maternal blood. beta hCG
59  2006 Molecular analysis of circulating RNA in plasma. beta-hCG, CRH, GAPDH, RT
60  2006 Quantitative distribution of a panel of circulating mRNA in preeclampsia versus controls. IUGR, PAI-1, PAPP-A, PE, VEGFR
61  2006 Src family kinases play multiple roles in differentiation of trophoblasts from human term placenta. FBS, hCG, SFKs
62  2006 Syncytiotrophoblastic vesicles in placental intervillous space. beta-hCG
63  2005 Effect of IPs, cAMP, and cGMP on the hPL and hCG secretion from human term placenta. IPs
64  2005 ERK1/2 and p38 regulate trophoblasts differentiation in human term placenta. FBS, hCG, MAPKs
65  2005 Progesterone and human placental lactogen inhibit leptin secretion on cultured trophoblast cells from human placentas at term. hCG
66  2005 Regulatory role of hepatocyte nuclear factor-4alpha on gastric choriocarcinoma function. hCG, HNF, MTX
67  2005 Sex steroid and growth factor profile of a meningioma associated with pregnancy. EGFR, ER, FGFR2, PDGFRB, PR
68  2005 The value of a single combined measurement of VEGF, glycodelin, progesterone, PAPP-A, HPL and LIF for differentiating between ectopic and abnormal intrauterine pregnancy. AIUP, ELISA, EP, GLY, LIF, PAPP-A, VEGF
69  2005 [Placental proteins and protein hormones in high risk pregnancies]. AFP, hCG
70  2004 Advances in the clinical laboratory detection of gestational trophoblastic disease. GTD, GTN
71  2004 Glycodelin A and differentiation of first trimester trophoblast cells in vitro. GdA, hCG, MUC1, TF
72  2004 Novel placental and nonplacental serum markers in ectopic versus normal intrauterine pregnancy. EP, IUP, PAPP-A, SP1, VEGF
73  2003 Pattern of bone markers during pregnancy and their changes after delivery. ---
74  2003 Placental site trophoblastic tumour. D and E, GTD, PSTT
75  2003 Second- and third-trimester serum levels of placental proteins in preeclampsia and small-for-gestational age pregnancies. PAPP-A, PlGF, SGA, SP1
76  2003 Stimulation of hCG and inhibition of hPL in isolated human trophoblast cells in vitro by glycodelin A. hCG
77  2002 Breast carcinomas with choriocarcinomatous features: case reports and review of the literature. hCG
78  2002 Effects of human placental lactogen on the expression of CD163 and CD14 on human monocytes in culture. ---
79  2002 Pregnancy-associated and placental proteins in the placental tissue of normal pregnant women and patients with pre-eclampsia at term. PAPP-A, PlGF, SP1
80  2002 [Clinical study on effect of Chinese herbal medicine for supplementing kidney and qi and activating blood circulation in treating intrauterine growth retardation of fetus]. CHM, IUGR
81  2001 Capacity for hormone production of cultured trophoblast cells obtained from placentae at term and in early pregnancy. EP, hCG, TP, WG
82  2001 Correlations between serum assays of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) and human placental lactogen (hPL) and pre-eclampsia or intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) among nulliparas younger than 38 years. AUD, hCG, IUGR, NPV, PPV
83  2001 Growth promoting effects of human placental lactogen during early organogenesis: a link to insulin-like growth factors. IGFs
84  2001 McCune-Albright syndrome: growth hormone dynamics in pregnancy. IGF-I
85  2001 Physiological concentrations of albumin stimulate chorionic gonadotrophin and placental lactogen release from human term placental explants. hCG
86  2001 Relative localization of the prolactin receptor binding sites for lactogenic hormones. hGH, oPRL, PRLRs
87  2001 Vitamin D and genomic stability. BSP, mRNAs, OPN, VDR
88  2001 [Clinical significance of beta-hCG and human placental lactogen in serum of normal pregnancies and patients with pregnancy induced hypertension]. PIH
89  2001 [Study of histopathology of endometrium following termination of early pregnancy using mifepristone]. hCG
90  2000 Carcinosarcoma of the uterus associated with a nongestational choriocarcinoma. ---
91  2000 Changes in tumorigenesis- and angiogenesis-related gene transcript abundance profiles in ovarian cancer detected by tailored high density cDNA arrays. REST, VEGF
92  2000 Combining human placental lactogen with routine glucose challenge tests. GCT
93  2000 Fetal leptin and insulin levels only correlate inlarge-for-gestational age infants. AGA, LGA, SGA
94  2000 Human villous macrophage-conditioned media enhance human trophoblast growth and differentiation in vitro. M-CSF, MCP-1, VEGF
95  2000 Immunohistochemical staining properties of PCNA, Ki-67, p53, beta-hCG and HPL in trophoblastic disease. GTL, hCG
96  2000 Immunoreactive adrenomedullin (AM) concentration in maternal plasma during human pregnancy and AM expression in placenta. AM, hCG, ir
97  2000 Intraplacental choriocarcinoma with fetomaternal transfusion. ---
98  2000 Leptin production and release in the dually in vitro perfused human placenta. IQR
99  2000 Production of protein hormones by cultured trophoblast cells isolated from term and early placentae. hCG
100  2000 Secretory characteristics and viability of human term placental tissue after overnight cold preservation. hCG, LDH, RPMI