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Abbreviation : hVSMC
Long Form : human vascular smooth muscle cells
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Engineering transplantable human lymphatic and blood capillary networks in a porous scaffold. PVV, VD
2022 Calciprotein Particle Synthesis Strategy Determines In Vitro Calcification Potential. CPP
2022 In vitro sepsis induces Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ receptor (NOP) expression in primary human vascular endothelial but not smooth muscle cells. HUVEC, N/OFQ, NOP, PCR
2021 Myristicin regulates proliferation and apoptosis in oxidized low-density lipoprotein-stimulated human vascular smooth muscle cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells by regulating the PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signalling pathway. AS, HUVEC, LDH, ox-LDL
2020 The endocannabinoid anandamide has an anti-inflammatory effect on CCL2 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells. AEA
2019 Bio-engineering a tissue flap utilizing a porous scaffold incorporating a human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cell capillary network connected to a vascular pedicle. ---
2018 Asymmetrical ligand-induced cross-regulation of chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 by alpha1-adrenergic receptors at the heteromeric receptor complex. alpha1-AR, PE
2018 Partial agonist activity of alpha1-adrenergic receptor antagonists for chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 and atypical chemokine receptor 3. ACKR, AR
2016 Early Transcriptomic Response to LDL and oxLDL in Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. ---
10  2015 CALU polymorphism A29809G affects calumenin availability involving vascular calcification. ---
11  2015 Oncostatin M Promotes Osteoblastic Differentiation of Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Through JAK3-STAT3 Pathway. ALP, DMEM, ODM, OSM
12  2014 Direct, acute effects of Klotho and FGF23 on vascular smooth muscle and endothelium. CKD
13  2014 Molecular and functional characterization of LRP1 promoter polymorphism c.1-25 C>G (rs138854007). agLDL, Ang II
14  2013 Adipocyte-derived factors impair insulin signaling in differentiated human vascular smooth muscle cells via the upregulation of miR-143. CM, eNOS, ORP8, SMA
15  2013 Low nanomolar thapsigargin inhibits the replication of vascular smooth muscle cells through reversible endoplasmic reticular stress. BiP, ER, ERS, FCS, p-eIF2alpha, p-PKR, TG
16  2013 Tissue factor induces human coronary artery smooth muscle cell motility through Wnt-signalling. TF
17  2012 Expression and functional significance of NADPH oxidase 5 (Nox5) and its splice variants in human blood vessels. EC, NOX5, ROS
18  2011 Co-culturing monocytes with smooth muscle cells improves cell distribution within a degradable polyurethane scaffold and reduces inflammatory cytokines. alpha-SMA, D-PHI
19  2011 Implication of microRNAs in atrial natriuretic peptide and nitric oxide signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells. ANP, miRs, NO, SNAP
20  2011 Tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand and vascular calcification. sTRAIL, TRAIL
21  2010 Oleic acid and adipokines synergize in inducing proliferation and inflammatory signalling in human vascular smooth muscle cells. CM, mTOR, NF, OA
22  2010 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway regulates inflammatory mediators-induced calcification of human vascular smooth muscle cells. ALP, IM, PI3K
23  2008 (Pro)renin receptor-mediated activation of mitogen-activated protein kinases in human vascular smooth muscle cells. ERK, siRNA
24  2007 Bone morphogenetic proteins regulate osteoprotegerin and its ligands in human vascular smooth muscle cells. OPG, RANKL, TRAIL
25  2006 Hydrogen peroxide acts as relaxing factor in human vascular smooth muscle cells independent of map-kinase and nitric oxide. Ang II, Lc20, NOS, Pyk2
26  2005 ANG II induces apoptosis of human vascular smooth muscle via extrinsic pathway involving inhibition of Akt phosphorylation and increased FasL expression. FasL, IGF-1R
27  2005 C-reactive protein increases matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression and activity in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. CRP, MAPK, TIMP-2
28  2005 Effect of serum withdrawal on the contribution of L-type calcium channels (CaV1.2) to intracellular Ca2+ responses and chemotaxis in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. FCS, PDGF, VSMC
29  2005 Functional analysis of two regulatory regions of the human Na+ -dependent vitamin C transporter 2, SLC23A2, in human vascular smooth muscle cells. ---
30  2005 Notch-mediated CBF-1/RBP-J{kappa}-dependent regulation of human vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype in vitro. CBF-1, Hes, Hrt, IC, RBP-Jkappa, VSMC
31  2005 Uric acid-induced C-reactive protein expression: implication on cell proliferation and nitric oxide production of human vascular cells. CRP, HUVEC, NO, UA
32  2004 Gene transfer of a novel vasoactive natriuretic peptide stimulates cGMP and lowers blood pressure in mice. BNP, cDNP, cGMP, DNP
33  2003 Aldehydes mediate tissue factor induction: a possible mechanism linking lipid peroxidation to thrombotic events. 2,4-DDE, EMSAs, TF
34  2003 Inhibition of nuclear translocation of transcription factor nuclear factor-kappa B induces FAS- as well as tumour necrosis factor-alpha-mediated apoptosis through downregulation of a conserved family of inhibitor of apoptosis 1. Ab, c-IAP1, NF, TNF
35  2003 PDGF stimulates DNA synthesis in human vascular smooth muscle cells via a novel wortmannin-insensitive phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase. PDGF, PI3K, PKB
36  2003 Statins differentially regulate vascular endothelial growth factor synthesis in endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells. LPC, VEGF
37  2002 Expression of atrial natriuretic peptide receptor-A antagonizes the mitogen-activated protein kinases (Erk2 and P38MAPK) in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. Ang II, ANP, MAPKs, MEK, MKP3, PDGF
38  2001 Action of an HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, lovastatin, on apoptosis of untransformed and ts-SV40 transformed human smooth muscle cells derived from saphenous vein. HMG-CoA
39  2000 Cytomegalovirus infection of vascular cells induces expression of pro-inflammatory adhesion molecules by paracrine action of secreted interleukin-1beta. HCMV, HUVEC, LFA-3, MHC
40  2000 Presence of functional endothelin-1 receptors in nuclear membranes of human aortic vascular smooth muscle cells. ET-1
41  1999 COX-2 and cytosolic PLA2 mediate IL-1beta-induced cAMP production in human vascular smooth muscle cells. COX, IL
42  1999 Human vascular smooth muscle cells express a constitutive nitric oxide synthase that insulin rapidly activates, thus increasing guanosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate and adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate concentrations. NO, NOS
43  1998 Homocysteine redox receptor and regulation of extracellular matrix components in vascular cells. mRNA, NAC
44  1998 The effect of homocysteine on DNA synthesis in cultured human vascular smooth muscle. ---
45  1998 Vitronectin concentrates proteolytic activity on the cell surface and extracellular matrix by trapping soluble urokinase receptor-urokinase complexes. ELISA, GPI, HUVEC, PAI-1, suPAR, uPA, uPAR, VN
46  1997 Inhibition of proliferation by heparin and expression of p53 in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. ---
47  1996 Adenoviral gene transfer of nitric oxide synthase: high level expression in human vascular cells. HUVEC, NO, NOS
48  1996 In vitro characterization of a novel series of platelet-derived growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors. PDGF
49  1996 Involvement of pertussis toxin-sensitive and -insensitive G proteins in alpha-thrombin signalling on cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. PI, PTX
50  1996 Nonenzymatic glycation of fibronectin impairs adhesive and proliferative properties of human vascular smooth muscle cells. GF
51  1996 Oxytocin receptors expressed and coupled to Ca2+ signalling in a human vascular smooth muscle cell line. AVP, PI, RT-PCR
52  1996 Studies on the influence of insulin on cyclic adenosine monophosphate in human vascular smooth muscle cells: dependence on cyclic guanosine monophosphate and modulation of catecholamine effects. cAMP, cGMP, L-NMMA
53  1995 Evidence for a protein S receptor(s) on human vascular smooth muscle cells. Analysis of the binding characteristics and mitogenic properties of protein S on human vascular smooth muscle cells. PS
54  1995 Long-term chemotaxis studies on adherent cells: effect of platelet-derived growth factor-BB on human vascular smooth muscle cell migration. PDGF-BB
55  1995 Prothrombin cleavage by human vascular smooth muscle cells: a potential alternative pathway to the coagulation cascade. ---
56  1995 Structural domains of thrombin involved in the induction of mitogenesis in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. ---
57  1995 The proliferative responsiveness of human vascular smooth muscle cells to endothelin correlates with endothelin receptor density. ACVB, ET, ETA
58  1995 Thrombin receptor activating peptide (TRAP) stimulates mitogenesis, c-fos and PDGF-A gene expression in human vascular smooth muscle cells. PTX, TRAP
59  1995 Variability in the proliferative responsiveness of cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells to alpha-thrombin. PDGF-BB
60  1990 Activation of multiple signal transduction pathways by endothelin in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. ---
61  1990 Inducible endothelin mRNA expression and peptide secretion in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells. ET
62  1990 Internalization of endothelin by cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells: characterization and physiological significance. ---
63  1990 Phorbol ester promotes a sustained down-regulation of endothelin receptors and cellular responses to endothelin in human vascular smooth muscle cells. ET
64  1989 Induction of growth-related metabolism in human vascular smooth muscle cells by low density lipoprotein. LDL, TPA