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Abbreviation : i.p
Long Form : intraperitoneal route
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Andiroba oil and nanoemulsion (Carapa guianensis Aublet) reduce lesion severity caused by the antineoplastic agent doxorubicin in mice. AN, AO, DOX
2021 Different Routes of Administration Lead to Different Oxidative Damage and Tissue Disorganization Levels on the Subacute Cadmium Toxicity in the Liver. Cd
2020 Analgesic activity and mechanism of action of a Beta vulgaris dye enriched in betalains in inflammatory models in mice. CFA, IL, LPO, LPS, NF-kappaB, s.c, TNF-alpha
2020 Antidepressant-like effect of a selenopropargylic benzamide in mice: involvement of the serotonergic system. FST, i.g, OFT, s.c, SePB, TST
2020 Neuroprotective Effects of Ethyl Pyruvate against Aluminum Chloride-Induced Alzheimer's Disease in Rats via Inhibiting Toll-Like Receptor 4. AD
2019 Inflammatory responses bridge comorbid cardiac disorder in experimental model of IBD induced by DSS: protective effect of the trigonelline. DSS, IBD, MDA, TLR4, TNF-alpha
2019 Subacute Testicular Toxicity to Cadmium Exposure Intraperitoneally and Orally. Cd, FD, SD
2018 Synergistic Effect of Quercetin and alpha-Lipoic Acid on Aluminium Chloride Induced Neurotoxicity in Rats. ---
2016 A novel dengue virus serotype 1 vaccine candidate based on Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine strain SA14-14-2 as the backbone. DENV-1, i.c, JEV, PHK, prM, s.c
10  2016 Acute crack cocaine exposure induces genetic damage in multiple organs of rats. BW
11  2016 Cross-protection induced by Toxoplasma gondii virus-like particle vaccine upon intraperitoneal route challenge. VLPs
12  2015 Determination of the Median Lethal Dose and Electrophoretic Pattern of Hottentotta saulcyi (Scorpiones, Buthidae) Scorpion Venom. ---
13  2015 In Vivo Toxicity and Immunological Characterization of Detoxified Recombinant Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A. BoNT, i.v, NIR 800
14  2015 Involvement of monoaminergic system in the antidepressant-like effect of (octylseleno)-xylofuranoside in the mouse tail suspension test. OFT, s.c, TST
15  2014 An experimental infection model for Escherichia coli egg peritonitis in layer chickens. APEC, IU
16  2014 Garden rue inhibits the arachidonic acid pathway, scavenges free radicals, and elevates FRAP: role in inflammation. ---
17  2014 Histamine H1-receptor antagonists against Leishmania (L.) infantum: an in vitro and in vivo evaluation using phosphatidylserine-liposomes. VL
18  2013 Antinociceptive effects of ethanolic extract from the flowers of Acmella oleracea (L.) R.K. Jansen in mice. EEAO
19  2013 Curcumin attenuation of lipopolysaccharide induced cardiac hypertrophy in rodents. HW/BW, LPS
20  2013 Effects of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Ficus Glumosa on Fasting blood Glucose and Serum Lipid Profile in Diabetic Rats. ---
21  2013 Leaf extract from Clusia nemorosa induces an antinociceptive effect in mice via a mechanism that is adrenergic systems dependent. ---
22  2013 The antidepressant-like effect of inosine in the FST is associated with both adenosine A1 and A 2A receptors. FST, TST
23  2012 Antinociceptive effect of phenyl N-tert-butylnitrone, a free radical scavenger, on the rat formalin test. IT, PBN, ROS
24  2012 Antitumor and immunomodulatory effects of Justicia spicigera Schltdl (Acanthaceae). JSE, PBMC
25  2012 Antitumor effect of Croton lechleri Mull. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae). CLE
26  2012 Comparative study of the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects of two varieties of Punica granatum. i.c.v, IPI, MoE
27  2012 Glycogen synthase kinase 3-specific inhibitor AR-A014418 decreases neuropathic pain in mice: evidence for the mechanisms of action. GSK-3, PSNL
28  2012 Postnatal Exposure to Sodium Arsenite (NaAsO(2)) Induces Long Lasting Effects in Rat Testes. BW, EM, PND, ST
29  2012 The antitumoral effect of the American mistletoe Phoradendron serotinum (Raf.) M.C. Johnst. (Viscaceae) is associated with the release of immunity-related cytokines. PSE
30  2011 Antinociceptive activity of a synthetic curcuminoid analogue, 2,6-bis-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylidene)cyclohexanone, on nociception-induced models in mice. BHMC
31  2011 Further improvements of the P. falciparum humanized mouse model. ---
32  2010 Assessment of mechanisms involved in antinociception caused by myrsinoic acid B. PCPA
33  2010 Protective role of exogenous alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) on hippocampal antioxidant status and memory function in rat pups exposed to sodium arsenite during the early post-natal period. ALA, ITL and RTL, PND, SOD
34  2010 Zerumbone-induced antinociception: involvement of the L-arginine-nitric oxide-cGMP -PKC-K+ ATP channel pathways. i.pl, PMA
35  2009 Influence of efflux transporters on liver, bile and brain disposition of amitriptyline in mice. AMI
36  2009 Preclinical investigation of tolerance and antitumour activity of new fluorodeoxyglucose-coupled chlorambucil alkylating agents. CLB, FDG, LCK, MTD
37  2009 Preconditioning with ozone/oxygen mixture induces reversion of some indicators of oxidative stress and prevents organic damage in rats with fecal peritonitis. AST, CRE, GPx, MPO, OOP, SOD, TBARS
38  2009 Protective effect of p-methoxyl-diphenyl diselenide in lethal acute liver failure induced by lipopolysaccharide and D-galactosamine in mice. AST, D-GalN, GST, LPS
39  2008 Caffeine and a selective adenosine A(2B) receptor antagonist but not imidazoline receptor antagonists modulate antinociception induced by diphenyl diselenide in mice. PhSe
40  2008 Involvement of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) in differential ethanol exposure and withdrawal related depression in rat: neuroanatomical-behavioral correlates. alpha-MSH, ARC, CeA, i.c.v, LH, PVN, PVT
41  2008 Neuroprotective effect caused by MPEP, an antagonist of metabotropic glutamate receptor mGluR5, on seizures induced by pilocarpine in 21-day-old rats. AChE, GST, mGluR5, RS, SE
42  2006 Evidence of anti-inflammatory effects of Passiflora edulis in an inflammation model. CG, IL-1beta, MPO, NO, TNF-alpha
43  2005 Ascitic and solid Ehrlich tumor inhibition by Chenopodium ambrosioides L. treatment. ---
44  2003 Possible role of L-carnosine in the regulation of blood glucose through controlling autonomic nerves. 2-DG, 2DG-hyperglycemia, LCV
45  1997 Effects of horminone on liver mixed function mono-oxygenases and glutathione enzyme activities of Wistar rat. AH, AST, cyt b5, ECD, EMD, ERD, GR, GST, MFO
46  1997 Limited capacity of neonatal rabbits to eliminate enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin. CIP, ENR
47  1996 Immunological analysis of the protective responses to the chimeric synthetic peptide representing T- and B-cell epitopes from the fusion protein of measles virus. FCA, FIA, MV, s.c
48  1990 Treatment of the anemia with human recombinant erythropoietin in CAPD patients. s.c
49  1988 Failure of Chlamydia trachomatis to pass transplacentally to fetuses of TO mice infected during pregnancy. ---
50  1987 Regulation of cell-mediated immunity in mice immunised with Salmonella enteritidis. CMI, DTH, ID
51  1986 Ultrastructural observations on the fate of Brugia malayi in jirds previously vaccinated with irradiated infective stage larvae. s.c
52  1980 The role of delayed hypersensitivity in the enhancement of host resistance to infection. ---