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Abbreviation : micro-CT
Long Form : micro-computed tomography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Comparison of Macro-and Micro-porosity of a Titanium Mesh for Guided Bone Regeneration: An In Vivo Experimental Study. DBBM, GBR
2022 Evaluation of mesial root canal configuration of mandibular first molars using micro-computed tomography. ---
2022 Examination of inner ear structures: a micro-CT study. ---
2022 Labelling stem cells with a nanoprobe for evaluating the homing behaviour in facial nerve injury repair. ADSCs
2022 Micro-computed tomography assessment of dentinal microcracks after the preparation of curved root canals with rotary and reciprocal systems. EFX1, NiTi, NN
2022 Micro-computed tomography in preventive and restorative dental research: A review. ---
2022 Penetration of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Deep Carious Lesions of Human Permanent Teeth: An In Vitro Study. DEJ, FESEM-EDS, PD/LD, RDT, SDF
2021 3D Printing of Alginate-Natural Clay Hydrogel-Based Nanocomposites. XRD
2021 3D-microtissue derived secretome as a cell-free approach for enhanced mineralization of scaffolds in the chorioallantoic membrane model. CAM, MSCs, TECs
10  2021 3D-reconstructions of Bast's Valve and Membranous Labyrinth: Insights for Vestibular Implantation and Meniere's Disease. ---
11  2021 A 3D Printed Composite Scaffold Loaded with Clodronate to Regenerate Osteoporotic Bone: In Vitro Characterization. AM, EDX, SEM, TGA, XPS
12  2021 A comparison, using X-ray micro-computed tomography, of the architecture of cancellous bone from the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine using 240 vertebral bodies from 10 body donors. BVF
13  2021 A critical analysis of research methods and experimental models to study dentinal microcracks. VRFs
14  2021 A laboratory study of the scouting ability of two reciprocating glide path instruments in mesial root canals of extracted mandibular molars. RP, WO
15  2021 A method establishment and comparison of in vivo lung cancer model development platforms for evaluation of tumour metabolism and pharmaceutical efficacy. P.A, PCA
16  2021 A micro-computed tomographic study using a novel test model to assess the filling ability and volumetric changes of bioceramic root repair materials. IRM, MTA HP
17  2021 A micro-CT-based standard brain atlas of the bumblebee. ---
18  2021 A Mouse Model for Studying the Development of Apical Periodontitis with Age. AP
19  2021 A new anesthesia protocol enabling longitudinal lung-function measurements in neonatal rabbits by micro-CT. ---
20  2021 A new straightforward method for semi-automated segmentation of trabecular bone from cortical bone in diverse and challenging morphologies. ---
21  2021 A novel therapeutic combination of mesenchymal stem cells and stigmasterol to attenuate osteoarthritis in rodent model system-a proof of concept study. MIA, MSCs, OA
22  2021 A novel tissue-engineered bone graft composed of silicon-substituted calcium phosphate, autogenous fine particulate bone powder and BMSCs promotes posterolateral spinal fusion in rabbits. AFPBP, BMSCs, CM-Dil, SEM, SiCaP
23  2021 A novel, minimally invasive technique to establish the animal model of spinal cord injury. BBB, MEP, SCI, SEP
24  2021 A Review of Ex Vivo X-ray Microfocus Computed Tomography-Based Characterization of the Cardiovascular System. CECT, PC-CT
25  2021 A Review on Multiscale Bone Damage: From the Clinical to the Research Perspective. ---
26  2021 A Synchrotron and Micro-CT Study of the Human Endolymphatic Duct System: Is Meniere's Disease Caused by an Acute Endolymph Backflow? EDS, MD, MRI, SR-PCI, UD
27  2021 A versatile technique for high-resolution three-dimensional imaging of human arterial segmentsusing microcomputed tomography. ---
28  2021 Advances in micro-CT imaging of small animals. PCDs, XPC
29  2021 Age-related site-specific modifications in diaphyseal structural properties of the human fibula: Furrows and cross-sectional geometry. CSG
30  2021 Alpine dwarf shrubs show high proportions of nonfunctional xylem: Visualization and quantification of species-specific patterns. ---
31  2021 An Automated Measurement Method for the Endodontic Working Width of Lower Molars by Means of Parametric Models Using Cone-beam Computed Tomographcy and Micro-Computed Tomography. CBCT
32  2021 Analysis of Drosophila cardiac hypertrophy by micro-computerized tomography for genetic dissection of heart growth mechanisms. ---
33  2021 Analysis of Root Canal Curvature and Root Canal Morphology of Maxillary Posterior Teeth in Guizhou, China. ---
34  2021 Anatase and Rutile TiO2 Nanoparticles Lead Effective Bone Damage in Young Rat Model via the IGF-1 Signaling Pathway. CTSK, IGF-1, NPs, OPG, RANKL
35  2021 Anatomical Study of the Interosseous Ligament of the Tibiofibular Syndesmosis: An Analysis of Osseous Morphology and Attaching Interposing Structures. IOL, IOM
36  2021 Anisotropic Foams Via Frontal Polymerization. FROMP
37  2021 Application of a new system for classifying root and canal anatomy in studies involving micro-computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography: Explanation and elaboration. CBCT
38  2021 Application of machine learning classifiers for microcomputed tomography data assessment of mouse bone microarchitecture. ---
39  2021 Assessment on the Precision of the Orthodontic Bracket Slot Dimensions Using Micro-computed Tomography (Micro-CT). ---
40  2021 Biochemical and Morphological Abnormalities of Subchondral Bone and Their Association with Cartilage Degeneration in Spontaneous Osteoarthritis. AC, BMD, IOD, OA, SB, sGAG, SP
41  2021 Biocompatibility of platinum-based bulk metallic glass in orthopedic applications. BMGs, MSC, Pt, RANK, TRAP
42  2021 Bioinspired Design of Novel Microscaffolds for Fibroblast Guidance toward In Vitro Tissue Building. HDFs, PCL, PEO, SEM
43  2021 Biomechanical Role of Trabecular Microstructure on Peri-implant Strain Based on Micro-CT Finite Element Modeling of Aging Mice. HE
44  2021 Bone formation effect of highly concentrated tricalcium phosphate biocomposite screws in a rabbit osteoporosis model. BMD, BSR, HCCP, OHE, PLGA, Tb.N, Tb.Sp, Tb.Th, TCP
45  2021 Bone loss after severe spinal cord injury coincides with reduced bone formation and precedes bone blood flow deficits. BF, SCI
46  2021 Bone quality analysis of jaw bones in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus-post mortem anatomical and microstructural evaluation. OAD, qBEI, T2DM
47  2021 Bone Regeneration Using PEVAV/beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Composite Scaffolds in Standardized Calvarial Defects: Micro-Computed Tomographic Experiment in Rats. beta-TCP, NFBMD, NFBV, RCM, RGV
48  2021 Bone Sclerostin and Dickkopf-related protein-1 are positively correlated with bone mineral density, bone microarchitecture, and bone strength in postmenopausal osteoporosis. BMD, BV/TV, DKK1, PO, Tb.N, Tb.Sp
49  2021 Borate and boric acid supplementation of drinking water alters teeth and bone mineral density and composition differently in rabbits fed a high protein and energy diet. ---
50  2021 Bovine lactoferrin inhibits alveolar bone destruction in an orthodontic rat model with periodontitis. bLF, BS/BV, GCF, LPS, OF, SD, Tb.N, Tb.Sp, Tb.Th, TRAP
51  2021 Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecule-3 Enhances Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells by Carbon Monoxide Release. ALP, CORM-3, hPDLSCs, RT-qPCR
52  2021 Cementocyte alterations associated with experimentally induced cellular cementum apposition in Hyp mice. dpp, IHC, TEM
53  2021 Characterization of Skeletal Phenotype and Associated Mechanisms With Chronic Intestinal Inflammation in the Winnie Mouse Model of Spontaneous Chronic Colitis. IBD
54  2021 Chronic Pain Causes Peripheral and Central Responses in MIA-Induced TMJOA Rats. CGRP, GFAP, IB4, Iba1, MIA, NF200, NSAID, TG, TMJ, TMJOA, TSN
55  2021 Collagen-Induced Temporomandibular Joint Arthritis Juvenile Rat Animal Model. CIA, TMJ, TNF-alpha
56  2021 Combining Bone Collagen Matrix with hUC-MSCs for Application to Alveolar Process Cleft in a Rabbit Model. hUCMSCs, JWRs
57  2021 Comparative study of bone regeneration using fibrin sealant with xenograft in rabbit sinus: pilot study. PRP
58  2021 Comparison of canal transportation and centering ability of manual K-files and reciprocating files in glide path preparation: a micro-computed tomography study of constricted canals. OGP
59  2021 Comparison of Canal Transportation and Centering Ability of One-G, EdgeGlidePath, and Neolix: A MicroComputed Tomography Study of Curved Root Canals. NiTi
60  2021 Comparison of limited- and large-volume cone-beam computed tomography using a small voxel size for detecting isthmuses in mandibular molars. CBCT
61  2021 Comparison of Obturation Quality after MTA Orthograde Filling with Various Obturation Techniques. MTA
62  2021 Comparison of Post Space Volume Changes Following Fiber Post Removal Using Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Versus Ultrasonic Instrument. CEJ
63  2021 Comparison of the effects of different instrumentation techniques on root surface roughness and cement loss using micro-computerized tomography: An in-vitro study. SRP
64  2021 Compressive Behavior of Al-TiB2 Composite Foams Fabricated under Increased Pressure. Rsd
65  2021 Conditioned medium from mesenchymal stem cells improves condylar resorption induced by mandibular distraction osteogenesis in a rat model. CR
66  2021 Connecting structure and function from organisms to molecules in small-animal symbioses through chemo-histo-tomography. CHEMHIST, MSI
67  2021 Contemporary Clinical Isolates of Staphylococcus aureus from Pediatric Osteomyelitis Patients Display Unique Characteristics in a Mouse Model of Hematogenous Osteomyelitis. HOM
68  2021 Contrast-Enhanced Micro-Computed Tomography for 3D Visualization and Quantification of Glycosaminoglycans in Different Cartilage Types. ECM, GAGs
69  2021 Controlled domain gels with a biomimetic gradient environment for osteochondral tissue regeneration. LMWGs
70  2021 Cornelian cherry extract ameliorates osteoporosis associated with hypercholesterolemia in New Zealand rabbits. BMD, LA, OC, Tb.Th
71  2021 Cortical and trabecular morphometric properties of the human calvarium. ANOVA
72  2021 Craniofacial Phenomics: Three-Dimensional Assessment of the Size and Shape of Cranial and Dentofacial Structures. ---
73  2021 Current clinical applications and potential perspective of micro-computed tomography in cardiovascular imaging: A systematic scoping review. PRISMA
74  2021 Deconstructing the Gestalt: New concepts and tests of homology, as exemplified by a re-conceptualization of "microstomy" in squamates. ---
75  2021 Deferoxamine Reduces Inflammation and Osteoclastogenesis in Avulsed Teeth. DFO, ROS
76  2021 Degenerative Osteoarthropathy in Laboratory Housed Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis. IP, MCP, MTP
77  2021 Deletion of apoE Leads to Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Via Aberrant Adipokines Activation. APOE, CEP, IVD, KO
78  2021 Dentin-Pulp Complex Tissue Regeneration via Three-Dimensional Cell Sheet Layering. BV/TV, DP, HE, IHC, OD, SEM
79  2021 Detection of collagen by multi-wavelength photoacoustic analysis as a biomarker for bone health assessment. MWPA, PA
80  2021 Detection of Lung Nodules in Micro-CT Imaging Using Deep Learning. AUC, CNN, DL, ROC
81  2021 Development and evaluation of a multi-functional organic-inorganic nanotheranostic hybrid for pancreatic cancer therapy. MRI
82  2021 Development of a novel model of intervertebral disc degeneration by the intradiscal application of monosodium iodoacetate (MIA) in rat. COX-2, DRG, iNOS, IVD, LBP, MIA, NF-kappaB, NRF
83  2021 Development of an Innovative and Green Method to Obtain Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solution from Carbon-Based Waste Ashes. AJ P, CA, CMD, DLS, DSC, EDX, FTIR, SEM, TGA
84  2021 Dexamethasone-loaded thermo-sensitive hydrogel attenuates osteoarthritis by protecting cartilage and providing effective pain relief. DDS, DEX, DLTH, DMM, DRGs, IA, IHC, MMP-9, NRT, OA, PCR, PGE2
85  2021 Diagnostic accuracy of endoscopy for the detection of isthmuses of mandibular molar teeth using micro-CT as reference. ---
86  2021 Differences in artificial ligament graft osseointegration of the anterior cruciate ligament in a sheep model: a comparison between interference screw and cortical suspensory fixation. ACL, CSF, ISF, PET
87  2021 Differentiation of benign and malignant regions in paraffin embedded tissue blocks of pulmonary adenocarcinoma using micro CT scanning of paraffin tissue blocks: a pilot study for method validation. HE, ROIs
88  2021 Digital dissection of the head of the frogs Calyptocephalella gayi and Leptodactylus pentadactylus with emphasis on the feeding apparatus. ---
89  2021 Does mini-implant-supported rapid maxillary expansion cause less root resorption than traditional approaches? A micro-computed tomography study. RME
90  2021 Does the rhythm and appliance type of rapid maxillary expansion have an effect on root resorption? ACS, FCAB, RME, SRME
91  2021 Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry Does Not Represent Bone Structure in Patients with Osteoporosis: A Comparison of Lumbar Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry with Vertebral Biopsies. aBMD, DXA
92  2021 DUCT: Double Resin Casting followed by Micro-Computed Tomography for 3D Liver Analysis. ---
93  2021 Effect of alendronate on the femoral metaphyseal defect under carbamazepine in ovariectomized rats. ALN, CBZ, CON, HE, IHC, OCN, OVX, Tracp-5b
94  2021 Effect of Cyclical Microwave Modification on the Apparent Permeability of Anthracite: A Case Study of Methane Extraction in Sihe Mine, China. CBM
95  2021 Effect of Different Bone Grafting Materials and Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Bone Regeneration: A Micro-Computed Tomography and Histomorphometric Study in a Rabbit Calvarial Defect Model. BMSCs, DPSCs, MBCP, SEM
96  2021 Effect of Different Dimensions of Test Samples on the Volumetric Change Assessment Of Endodontic Materials. ---
97  2021 Effect of different resin removal methods on enamel after metal and ceramic bracket debonding : An in vitro micro-computed tomography study. ---
98  2021 Effect of irrigation protocols on root canal wall after post preparation: a micro-CT and microhardness study. PSP
99  2021 Effect of Methotrexate Injection on Orthodontic Tooth Movement: An Experimental Study on Rats. MTX, NiTi, OTM
100  2021 Effect of obturation technique using a new bioceramic sealer on the presence of voids in flattened root canals. ---