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Abbreviation : t-SNE
Long Form : t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 A cross entropy test allows quantitative statistical comparison of t-SNE and UMAP representations. UMAP
2023 BinderSpace: A package for sequence space analyses for datasets of affinity-selected oligonucleotides and peptide-based molecules. PCA
2023 Characterization of diverse populations of sinoatrial node cells and their proliferation potential at single nucleus resolution. GO, KEGG, PCA, SAN, UMAP
2023 Characterization of neuroendocrine regulation- and metabolism-associated molecular features and prognostic indicators with aid to clinical chemotherapy and immunotherapy of patients with pancreatic cancer. GSEA, PCA, ssGSEA, TIDE, TIMER
2023 Chemical Decrosslinking-Based Peptide Characterization of Formaldehyde-Fixed Rat Pancreas Using Fluorescence-Guided Single-Cell Mass Spectrometry. FF, MS
2023 Construction and validation of a prognostic model for gastrointestinal stromal tumors based on copy number alterations and clinicopathological characteristics. CNAB, FGA, GISTs, HR, MSI, TMB
2023 Coupled retrieval of heavy metal nickel concentration in agricultural soil from spaceborne hyperspectral imagery. DR, DWT, Ni, XGBoost
2023 Data-Driven Phenotyping of Alzheimer's Disease under Epigenetic Conditions Using Partial Volume Correction of PET Studies and Manifold Learning. AD, MRI, PET, PVC, RSF
2023 Depiction of immune heterogeneity of peripheral blood from patients with type II diabetic nephropathy based on mass cytometry. DN, PBMC
10  2023 Determination of benzo(a)pyrene in peanut oil based on Raman spectroscopy and machine learning methods. BaP, BPNN, PCA, PLSR, RF, SVM
11  2023 Effect of distance measures on confidences of t-SNE embeddings and its implications on clustering for scRNA-seq data. ACC, ARI, DBSCAN, NMI
12  2023 Explaining and Visualizing Embeddings of One-Dimensional Convolutional Models in Human Activity Recognition Tasks. HAR, XAI
13  2023 FAPD: An Astringency Threshold and Astringency Type Prediction Database for Flavonoid Compounds Based on Machine Learning. FAPD, GBDT, GNB, GPR, kNN, MFSs, ML, RF, SGD, SHAP, SVM, SVR
14  2023 Genomics data analysis via spectral shape and topology. ---
15  2023 Get a New Perspective on EEG: Convolutional Neural Network Encoders for Parametric t-SNE. CNN
16  2023 Identification and experimental verification of an anoikis and immune related signature in prognosis for lung adenocarcinoma. AIRGs, GEO, GO, KEGG, KM, LASSO, LUAD, PCA, qRT-PCR, ROC
17  2023 Identification of a novel defined inflammation-related long noncoding RNA signature contributes to predicting prognosis and distinction between the cold and hot tumors in bladder cancer. BLCA, HRS, KEGG, LASSO, lncRNAs, LncRNAs, LRS, multi-Cox, PCA, ROC, uni-Cox
18  2023 Insight into the Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Heterostructure Based on Machine Learning and First-Principles. DFT, SVM, XGBoost
19  2023 Non-Perturbative Identification and Subtyping of Amyloidosis in Human Kidney Tissue with Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning. DBSCAN
20  2023 Radiomics approach with deep learning for predicting T4 obstructive colorectal cancer using CT image. AUC, CT, dROI, NT4, OCC
21  2023 Rapid identification and drug resistance screening of respiratory pathogens based on single-cell Raman spectroscopy. SCRS-D2O, XGBoost
22  2023 Rheological Properties of Small-Molecular Liquids at High Shear Strain Rates. PCA
23  2023 Single-cell transcriptomics reveals immune infiltrate in sepsis. DCs, DEGs, GSEA, NK
24  2023 Structural Analysis and Classification of Low-Molecular-Weight Hyaluronic Acid by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: A Comparison between Traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning. FTIR, GA, KPCA, LMWHA, LSTM, NIR, NMR, PCA, PLS-DA, RF, SVC
25  2023 Tenofovir alters the immune microenvironment of pregnant women with hepatitis B virus infection: Evidence from single-cell RNA sequencing. HBV, NK, PBMCs, scRNA-seq
26  2023 Tissue contamination challenges the credibility of machine learning models in real world digital pathology. DA, GA, ML
27  2023 Unsupervised Drones Swarm Characterization Using RF Signals Analysis and Machine Learning Methods. ICA, PCA, RF, UAVs, UMAP
28  2023 Unsupervised machine learning framework for discriminating major variants of concern during COVID-19. PCA, UMAP
29  2023 Using feature selection and Bayesian network identify cancer subtypes based on proteomic data. ROC, RPPA
30  2023 Vascular features around the optic disc in familial exudative vitreoretinopathy: findings and their relationship to disease severity. FEVR, VD, VT, VW
31  2022 A change of PD-1/PD-L1 expression on peripheral T cell subsets correlates with the different stages of Alzheimer's Disease. AD
32  2022 A novel signature to guide osteosarcoma prognosis and immune microenvironment: Cuproptosis-related lncRNA. CRGs, CRLncs, GEO, LASSO, OS, PCA, ROC, ssGSEA
33  2022 An interpretable deep learning model for classifying adaptor protein complexes from sequence information. APs, SHAP, UMAP
34  2022 Characterizing the molecular heterogeneity of clear cell renal cell carcinoma subgroups classified by miRNA expression profile. ccRCC, DEGs, PCA
35  2022 Classification of Breast Cancer Nottingham Prognostic Index Using High-Dimensional Embedding and Residual Neural Network. AUC, CNA, GSN, NPI, ResNet
36  2022 Comparison of dimension reduction techniques applied to the analysis of airborne radionuclide activity concentration. PCA, UMAP
37  2022 Comprehensive analysis of lower mitochondrial complex I expression is associated with cell metastasis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma. ccRCC, CI, DEGs, ETC, GSEA, GSVA, mRCC, OS, PCA, PPI, PRCC, scRNA-seq
38  2022 Comprehensive immune cell analysis of human menstrual-blood-derived stem cells therapy to concanavalin A hepatitis. AST, Con A, IFN-gamma, IL, MenSCs, TNF-alpha
39  2022 Construction and validation of a histone acetylation-related lncRNA prognosis signature for ovarian cancer. GSEA, GTEx, HARlncRNAs, HRD, ICGC, LASSO, lncRNA, OC, PCA, ROC
40  2022 DARC: Deep adaptive regularized clustering for histopathological image classification. DARC
41  2022 Data augmentation strategies for EEG-based motor imagery decoding. BCI, EEG, FID, MI
42  2022 Deep convolutional neural networks for construction and demolition waste classification: VGGNet structures, cyclical learning rate, and knowledge transfer. ---
43  2022 Deep learning and radiomics framework for PSMA-RADS classification of prostate cancer on PSMA PET. AUROC, PCa, PET, PSMA, PSMA-RADS
44  2022 Deep learning-based classification of infectious keratitis on slit-lamp images. AK, BK, FK, Grad-CAM, HSK, IK, ROC
45  2022 Detection of lipid efflux from foam cell models using a label-free infrared method. FTIR, LDL, PCA
46  2022 Determining Sex-Based Differences in Inflammatory Response in an Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Model. BBB, CCI
47  2022 Development of an effective clustering algorithm for older fallers. MELoR, PCA
48  2022 DGCyTOF: Deep learning with graphic cluster visualization to predict cell types of single cell mass cytometry data. CyTOF, FA, ICA, PCA, UMAP
49  2022 Discovery of new drug indications for COVID-19: A drug repurposing approach. HAC, OPTICS
50  2022 Ectasia Risk Model: A Novel Method Without Cut-off Point Based on Artificial Intelligence Improves Detection of Higher-Risk Eyes. AI
51  2022 Effective Multimodal Encoding for Image Paragraph Captioning. MEG
52  2022 Environmental risks and sphingolipid signatures in adult asthma and its phenotypic clusters: a multicentre study. NHIRD, PAHs, PM2.5, T2DM
53  2022 Evaluation of feature projection techniques in object grasp classification using electromyogram signals from different limb positions. EMG, LDA, PCA, SRELM
54  2022 Explainable artificial intelligence approach in combating real-time surveillance of COVID19 pandemic from CT scan and X-ray images using ensemble model. AI, CNN, DT, GNB, Grad-CAM, KNN, LR, RF, SVM
55  2022 Explainable Artificial Intelligence-Based IoT Device Malware Detection Mechanism Using Image Visualization and Fine-Tuned CNN-Based Transfer Learning Model. DEX, DL, Grad-CAM
56  2022 Exploring biomarkers and transcriptional factors in type 2 diabetes by comprehensive bioinformatics analysis on RNA-Seq and scRNA-Seq data. DEGs, GEO, GO, KEGG, LASSO, PCA, ROC, scRNA, T2D, TFs
57  2022 Fingerprints of Element Concentrations in Infective Endocarditis Obtained by Mass Spectrometric Imaging and t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding. IE, LA-ICP-MS
58  2022 Fuzzy Information Discrimination Measures and Their Application to Low Dimensional Embedding Construction in the UMAP Algorithm. PaCMAP, UMAP
59  2022 High-Dimensional Analysis Reveals Distinct Endotypes in Patients With Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies. CITRUS, CyTOF, IIM, MEM, PBMCs
60  2022 Identification and Characterization of Short-Term Motor Patterns in Rest Tremor of Individuals with Parkinson's Disease. HC, PD, STMPs
61  2022 Identification and exploration of the pyroptosis-related molecular subtypes of breast cancer by bioinformatics and machine learning. BRCA, NMF
62  2022 Identification and Validation of a Hypoxia-Immune-Based Prognostic mRNA Signature for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. LASSO, OS, OSCC, ssGSEA
63  2022 Identification and Validation of Immune Markers in Coronary Heart Disease. CHD, PBMCs, ssGSEA, WGCNA
64  2022 Identification of coumarin-based food additives using terahertz spectroscopy combined with manifold learning and improved support vector machine. DE, GWO, PCA, SVM, THz, THz-TDS
65  2022 Identification of Prognostic Genes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. GEO, HCC, NMF, TSCs
66  2022 Integrating nonlinear analysis and machine learning for human induced pluripotent stem cell-based drug cardiotoxicity testing. hiPSC, hiPSC-CMs
67  2022 Looseness Identification of Track Fasteners Based on Ultra-Weak FBG Sensing Technology and Convolutional Autoencoder Network. CAE
68  2022 Manifold Alignment Aware Ants: A Markovian Process for Manifold Extraction. MC
69  2022 Novel insight on predicting prognosis of gastric cancer based on inflammation. GC, GEO, GSEA, IRG, LASSO, PCA, ROC, TME
70  2022 Odorant receptors in cancer. ORs
71  2022 Panoramic Manifold Projection (Panoramap) for Single-Cell Data Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization. NLDR, UMAP
72  2022 Pediatric spinal pilocytic astrocytomas form a distinct epigenetic subclass from pilocytic astrocytomas of other locations and diffuse leptomeningeal glioneuronal tumours. DLGNT, LGG, MAPK, PA, WHO
73  2022 Polygenic risk modeling of tumor stage and survival in bladder cancer. GED, UMAP
74  2022 Potential Blood DNA Methylation Biomarker Genes for Diagnosis of Liver Fibrosis in Patients With Biopsy-Proven Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. BDM, NAFLD, TSS
75  2022 Preseason multiple biomechanics testing and dimension reduction for injury risk surveillance in elite female soccer athletes: short-communication. KPCA, PCA, UMAP
76  2022 Prioritizing risk genes as novel stratification biomarkers for acute monocytic leukemia by integrative analysis. AML, FAB
77  2022 Protein succinylation associated with the progress of hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, NMF
78  2022 PyRAT: An Open-Source Python Library for Animal Behavior Analysis. PyRAT
79  2022 Shape-aware stochastic neighbor embedding for robust data visualisations. HD, PHATE, UMAP
80  2022 Similar color analysis based on deep learning (SCAD) for multiplex digital PCR via a single fluorescent channel. dPCR, SCAD, ViT
81  2022 Single-cell RNA Seq reveals cellular landscape-specific characteristics and potential etiologies for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. AIS, CPC, GO, MSC, scRNA-seq
82  2022 Single-Cell Sequencing Revealed Pivotal Genes Related to Prognosis of Myocardial Infarction Patients. MI, WGCNA
83  2022 Spatiotemporal and kinematic characteristics augmentation using Dual-GAN for ankle instability detection. CAI, Dual-GAN, FCN, LSTM
84  2022 Spectral clustering of single cells using Siamese nerual network combined with improved affinity matrix. CNN, scRNA-seq
85  2022 Stain-free Gram staining classification of pathogens via single-cell Raman spectroscopy combined with machine learning. GBM, GN, GP, GS, HCA, k-NN, LDA, SVM
86  2022 The involvement of high succinylation modification in the development of prostate cancer. NMF, PCa
87  2022 The Structure of Social Networks and Its Link to Higher Education Students' Socio-Emotional Loneliness During COVID-19. ---
88  2022 Understanding Attraction, Behavior, and Identity in the Asexual Community. ---
89  2022 Unsupervised classification of voltammetric data beyond principal component analysis. PCA, UMAP
90  2022 User Profiling to Enhance Clinical Assessment and Human-Robot Interaction: A Feasibility Study. NMDS, SARs
91  2022 Using Global t-SNE to Preserve Intercluster Data Structure. g-SNE
92  2022 Very High Resolution Species Distribution Modeling Based on Remote Sensing Imagery: How to Capture Fine-Grained and Large-Scale Vegetation Ecology With Convolutional Neural Networks? SDMs, VHR
93  2022 Visual Clustering of Transcriptomic Data from Primary and Metastatic Tumors-Dependencies and Novel Pitfalls. UMAP
94  2021 A Comparison for Dimensionality Reduction Methods of Single-Cell RNA-seq Data. scRNA-seq, UMAP
95  2021 A Novel Recurrent Neural Network to Classify EEG Signals for Customers' Decision-Making Behavior Prediction in Brand Extension Scenario. BP, EEG, ICA, LSTM, PCA, SVM
96  2021 A t-SNE Based Classification Approach to Compositional Microbiome Data. DT, LR, SVM
97  2021 An Efficient Dual-Hierarchy t-SNE Minimization. ---
98  2021 An integrated deep learning model for motor intention recognition of multi-class EEG Signals in upper limb amputees. EEG, LSTM, SAE
99  2021 Application of Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) in spectral imaging of artworks. UMAP
100  2021 Assessing single-cell transcriptomic variability through density-preserving data visualization. UMAP