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Abbreviation : vhs
Long Form : virion host shutoff
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Expressing GFP-Tagged Virion Host Shutoff (vhs) Protein Uncouples the Activities of RNA Degradation and Differential Nuclear Retention of the Virus Transcriptome. GFP, HSV-1, IE
2022 HSV-1 and influenza infection induce linear and circular splicing of the long NEAT1 isoform. circRNAs, HSV-1, IAV, NEAT1
2021 DPV UL41 gene encoding protein induces host shutoff activity and affects viral replication. DEF, DPV, HSV, pol
2021 Viperin has species-specific roles in response to herpes simplex virus infection. HSV-1
2020 Dissecting Herpes Simplex Virus 1-Induced Host Shutoff at the RNA Level. HSV-1, p.i, WT
2020 Host shutoff activity of VHS and SOX-like proteins: role in viral survival and immune evasion. HSV-1, mRNA
2020 VHS, US3 and UL13 viral tegument proteins are required for Herpes Simplex Virus-Induced modification of protein kinase R. PKR
2019 The herpes simplex virus host shutoff (vhs) RNase limits accumulation of double stranded RNA in infected cells: Evidence for accelerated decay of duplex RNA. dsRNA, PKR
2018 A bimodal switch in global protein translation coupled to eIF4H relocalisation during advancing cell-cell transmission of herpes simplex virus. HPG, HSV
10  2018 Defining the Role of Stress Granules in Innate Immune Suppression by the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Endoribonuclease VHS. cGAS, dsRNA, eIF2alpha, HSV-1, PKR, SGs
11  2018 Epstein-Barr Virus-Induced Nodules on Viral Replication Compartments Contain RNA Processing Proteins and a Viral Long Noncoding RNA. EBV, VINORCs
12  2018 Generation and characterization of UL41 null pseudorabies virus variant in vitro and in vivo. ---
13  2018 Multiple Posttranscriptional Strategies To Regulate the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 vhs Endoribonuclease. HSV-1, PABP
14  2018 Nuclear-cytoplasmic compartmentalization of the herpes simplex virus 1 infected cell transcriptome is co-ordinated by the viral endoribonuclease vhs and cofactors to facilitate the translation of late proteins. ---
15  2017 Deletion of the Virion Host Shut-off Gene Enhances Neuronal-Selective Transgene Expression from an HSV Vector Lacking Functional IE Genes. HSV
16  2016 Equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV1) induces alterations in the immunophenotypic profile of equine monocyte-derived dendritic cells. DC, EHV-1, MDDC, MHC-I
17  2016 Relative Contributions of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 ICP0 and vhs to Loss of Cellular IFI16 Vary in Different Human Cell Types. HFFs, HSV-1, NOKs
18  2016 The Herpes Simplex Virus Virion Host Shutoff Protein Enhances Translation of Viral True Late mRNAs Independently of Suppressing Protein Kinase R and Stress Granule Formation. HSV, PKR
19  2016 The Splicing History of an mRNA Affects Its Level of Translation and Sensitivity to Cleavage by the Virion Host Shutoff Endonuclease during Herpes Simplex Virus Infections. EJCs, HSV, HSV-1, Rluc
20  2015 Tristetraprolin Recruits the Herpes Simplex Virion Host Shutoff RNase to AU-Rich Elements in Stress Response mRNAs To Enable Their Cleavage. HSV, UTRs
21  2014 Nuclear translocation and regulation of intranuclear distribution of cytoplasmic poly(A)-binding protein are distinct processes mediated by two Epstein Barr virus proteins. EBV
22  2014 The herpes simplex virus 1 virion host shutoff protein enhances translation of viral late mRNAs by preventing mRNA overload. 5'UTR, HSV-1
23  2013 Herpes simplex virus 1 ICP22 but not US 1.5 is required for efficient acute replication in mice and VICE domain formation. gC, HSV-1, ICP0, ICP22, M90A, MEFs, VICE
24  2013 Proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines - but not interferon-beta - produced in response to HSV-2 in primary human genital epithelial cells are associated with viral replication and the presence of the virion host shutoff protein. GEC, IFN, NF-kappaB, WT
25  2013 Selective degradation of mRNAs by the HSV host shutoff RNase is regulated by the UL47 tegument protein. AU, HSV-1, VP
26  2013 The virion host shutoff RNase plays a key role in blocking the activation of protein kinase R in cells infected with herpes simplex virus 1. PKR
27  2013 Virus-encoded endonucleases: expected and novel functions. KSHV
28  2012 mRNA decay during herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections: mutations that affect translation of an mRNA influence the sites at which it is cleaved by the HSV virion host shutoff (Vhs) protein. EMCV, HSV, IRES
29  2011 B7 costimulation molecules encoded by replication-defective, vhs-deficient HSV-1 improve vaccine-induced protection against corneal disease. HSK, HSV-1
30  2011 Deletion of the virion host shut: off gene of pseudorabies virus results in selective upregulation of the expression of early viral genes in the late stage of infection. ---
31  2011 Functional genomics reveals an essential and specific role for Stat1 in protection of the central nervous system following herpes simplex virus corneal infection. BBB, CNS, HSV-1, IL-1beta, STAT, WT
32  2011 Herpes simplex virus type 2 virion host shutoff protein suppresses innate dsRNA antiviral pathways in human vaginal epithelial cells. HEK, HSV-2, IRF, MDA5, RIG-I, TLR, WT
33  2011 The virion host shutoff protein of herpes simplex virus 1 blocks the replication-independent activation of NF-kappaB in dendritic cells in the absence of type I interferon signaling. DCs, HSV-1, IFN, KO, RLR
34  2010 Manzamine A as a novel inhibitor of herpes simplex virus type-1 replication in cultured corneal cells. ---
35  2010 Role of herpes simplex virus ICP27 in the degradation of mRNA by virion host shutoff RNase. 3'UTR, AREs
36  2010 The virion host shut-off (vhs) protein blocks a TLR-independent pathway of herpes simplex virus type 1 recognition in human and mouse dendritic cells. cDC, DCs, HSV-1, NDV, pDC, SeV
37  2009 Increased eIF2alpha phosphorylation attenuates replication of herpes simplex virus 2 vhs mutants in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and correlates with reduced accumulation of the PKR antagonist ICP34.5. eIF2alpha, HSV-2, MEFs, PKR, PP1alpha
38  2009 The effect of herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff gene- a new suicide gene- on tumor cells. ARE, HSV
39  2009 Type I IFN response to Papiine herpesvirus 2 (Herpesvirus papio 2; HVP2) determines neuropathogenicity in mice. HVP2, HVP2, IFN, PMDF
40  2008 Deletion of the Marek's disease virus UL41 gene (vhs) has no measurable effect on latency or pathogenesis. MDV
41  2008 Host responses to wild-type and attenuated herpes simplex virus infection in the absence of Stat1. HSV-1, IL-6
42  2008 Selective ablation of virion host shutoff protein RNase activity attenuates herpes simplex virus 2 in mice. HSV, HSV-1, IFN
43  2008 Sequence determination of a mildly virulent strain (CU-2) of Gallid herpesvirus type 2 using 454 pyrosequencing. ORF, SNPs
44  2008 Small interfering RNAs that deplete the cellular translation factor eIF4H impede mRNA degradation by the virion host shutoff protein of herpes simplex virus. HSV, siRNAs
45  2007 Infection of human dendritic cells with herpes simplex virus type 1 dramatically diminishes the mRNA levels of the prostaglandin E(2) receptors EP2 and EP4. APCs, DCs, EP2, EP4, HSV-1, moDCs, PCR
46  2007 Interaction of herpes simplex virus RNase with VP16 and VP22 is required for the accumulation of the protein but not for accumulation of mRNA. ---
47  2007 Replication-competent herpes simplex virus 1 isolates selected from cells transfected with a bacterial artificial chromosome DNA lacking only the UL49 gene vary with respect to the defect in the UL41 gene encoding host shutoff RNase. BAC, HSV-1
48  2006 Herpes simplex virus ICP27 is required for virus-induced stabilization of the ARE-containing IEX-1 mRNA encoded by the human IER3 gene. AREs, HSV, HSV-1, MAPK
49  2006 Packaging of the virion host shutoff (Vhs) protein of herpes simplex virus: two forms of the Vhs polypeptide are associated with intranuclear B and C capsids, but only one is associated with enveloped virions. ---
50  2006 The amino terminus of the herpes simplex virus 1 protein Vhs mediates membrane association and tegument incorporation. GFP, HSV
51  2005 Infection of mature dendritic cells with herpes simplex virus type 1 dramatically reduces lymphoid chemokine-mediated migration. DCs, HSV-1
52  2005 mRNA decay during herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections: protein-protein interactions involving the HSV virion host shutoff protein and translation factors eIF4H and eIF4A. GST, HSV
53  2005 The varicella-zoster virus-mediated delayed host shutoff: open reading frame 17 has no major function, whereas immediate-early 63 protein represses heterologous gene expression. HSV, IE63, ORF17, VZV
54  2004 Functional analysis of virion host shutoff protein of pseudorabies virus. PRV
55  2004 Herpes simplex virus 1 induces cytoplasmic accumulation of TIA-1/TIAR and both synthesis and cytoplasmic accumulation of tristetraprolin, two cellular proteins that bind and destabilize AU-rich RNAs. AREs, ICP4
56  2004 Herpes simplex virus 2 virion host shutoff protein interferes with type I interferon production and responsiveness. HSV-2, MEFs
57  2004 Regulation of the vhs gene promoter of pseudorabies virus by IE180 and EP0, and the requirement of a Sp1 Site for the promoter function. EP0, PRV
58  2004 Role of the VP16-binding domain of vhs in viral growth, host shutoff activity, and pathogenesis. ---
59  2004 The herpes simplex virus 1 UL41 gene-dependent destabilization of cellular RNAs is selective and may be sequence-specific. ARE
60  2003 A subpopulation of tegument protein vhs localizes to detergent-insoluble lipid rafts in herpes simplex virus-infected cells. HSV
61  2003 Effects of virion host shut-off activity of bovine herpesvirus 1 on MHC class I expression. BHV-1, TAP, WT
62  2003 Herpes simplex virus type 2 virion host shutoff protein regulates alpha/beta interferon but not adaptive immune responses during primary infection in vivo. HSV, HSV-2, IVAG
63  2003 Inhibition of TAP by pseudorabies virus is independent of its vhs activity. EGFP, PRV, TAP, WT
64  2003 RNase L activity does not contribute to host RNA degradation induced by herpes simplex virus infection. HSV
65  2002 Herpes simplex virus gene products required for viral inhibition of expression of G1-phase functions. ---
66  2002 Herpesvirus papio 2 encodes a virion host shutoff function. HSV, HVP-2
67  2002 mRNA degradation by the virion host shutoff (Vhs) protein of herpes simplex virus: genetic and biochemical evidence that Vhs is a nuclease. GST
68  2002 Pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus type 2 virion host shutoff (vhs) mutants. HSV-1
69  2002 Therapeutic immunization with a virion host shutoff-defective, replication-incompetent herpes simplex virus type 1 strain limits recurrent herpetic ocular infection. HSV-1
70  2002 Therapeutic vaccination with vhs(-) herpes simplex virus reduces the severity of recurrent herpetic stromal keratitis in mice. HSV
71  2001 Expression of vhs and VP16 during HSV-1 helper virus-free amplicon packaging enhances titers. BAC, HSV
72  2001 Generation of adenoviruses encoding the herpes simplex virus vhs gene: a novel strategy to generate adenoviruses expressing genes toxic to producer cells. ---
73  2001 mRNA decay during herpesvirus infections: interaction between a putative viral nuclease and a cellular translation factor. ---
74  2001 Participation of type I interferon in the decreased virulence of the UL13 gene-deleted mutant of herpes simplex virus type 1. HSV-1, IFN, PK
75  2001 The UL41-encoded virion host shutoff (vhs) protein and vhs-independent mechanisms are responsible for down-regulation of MHC class I molecules by bovine herpesvirus 1. BHV-1, ER, TAP
76  2001 The vhs1 mutant form of herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff protein retains significant internal ribosome entry site-directed RNA cleavage activity. HSV, RRL
77  2000 A vhs-like activity of bovine herpesvirus-1. ActD, BHV-1, GAPDH, HSV, MHC
78  2000 Assembly of infectious Herpes simplex virus type 1 virions in the absence of full-length VP22. HSV-1
79  2000 Disruption of virion host shutoff activity improves the immunogenicity and protective capacity of a replication-incompetent herpes simplex virus type 1 vaccine strain. HSV-1
80  2000 Herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff (vhs) activity alters periocular disease in mice. HSV, HSV-1
81  1999 ICP22 and the UL13 protein kinase are both required for herpes simplex virus-induced modification of the large subunit of RNA polymerase II. HSV-1, RNAPII
82  1999 Picornavirus internal ribosome entry site elements target RNA cleavage events induced by the herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff protein. HSV, IRES
83  1999 The herpes simplex virus vhs protein induces endoribonucleolytic cleavage of target RNAs in cell extracts. ---
84  1999 The virion host shutoff function of herpes simplex virus degrades the 5' end of a target mRNA before the 3' end. HSV
85  1998 Postexposure vaccination with a virion host shutoff defective mutant reduces UV-B radiation-induced ocular herpes simplex virus shedding in mice. HSV-1, UV
86  1998 Protection from primary infection and establishment of latency by vaccination with a herpes simplex virus type 1 recombinant deficient in the virion host shutoff (vhs) function. HSV-1
87  1997 Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) strain HSZP host shutoff gene: nucleotide sequence and comparison with HSV-1 strains differing in early shutoff of host protein synthesis. HSV-1
88  1997 Mutational analysis of the virion host shutoff gene (UL41) of herpes simplex virus (HSV): characterization of HSV type 1 (HSV-1)/HSV-2 chimeras. HSV, HSV-1
89  1997 The virion host shutoff function of herpes simplex virus type 1 plays a role in corneal invasion and functions independently of the cell cycle. ---
90  1996 Human herpes simplex virus (HSV)-specific CD8+ CTL clones recognize HSV-2-infected fibroblasts after treatment with IFN-gamma or when virion host shutoff functions are disabled. HSV
91  1996 The virion host shutoff protein of herpes simplex virus type 1: messenger ribonucleolytic activity in vitro. HSV, mRNase
92  1995 Mutational analysis of the herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff protein: evidence that vhs functions in the absence of other viral proteins. HSV
93  1995 Role of the virion host shutoff (vhs) of herpes simplex virus type 1 in latency and pathogenesis. HSV-1
94  1995 The virion host shutoff protein of herpes simplex virus inhibits reporter gene expression in the absence of other viral gene products. ---
95  1994 Infection of sympathetic and sensory neurones with herpes simplex virus does not elicit a shut-off of cellular protein synthesis: implications for viral latency and herpes vectors. HSV-1
96  1993 Isolation of a herpes simplex virus type 1 mutant with a deletion in the virion host shutoff gene and identification of multiple forms of the vhs (UL41) polypeptide. HSV-1
97  1991 Analysis of herpes simplex virus-induced mRNA destabilizing activity using an in vitro mRNA decay system. HSV-1
98  1991 In vitro mRNA degradation system to study the virion host shutoff function of herpes simplex virus. ---
99  1989 The herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff function. HSV, WT
100  1987 Effects of herpes simplex virus on mRNA stability. ---