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Long Form No. Long Form Research Area Co-occurring Abbreviation PubMed/MEDLINE Info. (Year, Title)
Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score
(215 times)
(106 times)
ANCA (84 times)
AAV (55 times)
CRP (29 times)
1994 Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score (BVAS) in systemic necrotizing vasculitis.
between serum MIF levels and CRP levels and disease activity
(1 time)
Rheumatic Diseases
(1 time)
LVV (1 time)
MIF (1 time)
MPA (1 time)
2009 Increased serum levels of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) in patients with microscopic polyangiitis.
Birmingham vasculitis score
(1 time)
(1 time)
ACR (1 time)
ANCA (1 time)
CHCC (1 time)
2009 HLA-DR in Brazilian patients with polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) and microscopic polyangiitis (MPA).
Biventricular assist support
(1 time)
Pulmonary Medicine
(1 time)
--- 1991 [Biventricular assist support using centrifugal pump in cardiogenic shock following coronary bypass grafting--a case report of long survival].
biventricular assist system
(1 time)
Pulmonary Medicine
(1 time)
--- 2010 Cibenzoline intoxication necessitating implantation of a biventricular assist system in a patient with severe cardiomyopathy.